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A house on the real estate market in Stone Mountain, Georgia, for $475,000 offers a bizarre living room feature that’s managed to tickle the fans of a popular social media site that takes aim at unique homes for sale.

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While most homes come with fireplaces, this particular fireplace stands out of a crowd for a couple of reasons:

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Living room Screen grab from Zillow

Beyond that, the four-bedroom, three-bathroom resident has a retro vibe, comparable with that in an “Austin Powers” home, the listing on Zillow.com says.

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Some rooms make a lot of use of mirrored disks, including the fireplace itself and over the bed in an arch in one of the bedrooms.

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Other features include a built-in scoop couch, breakfast bar, a griddle and grill, subzero refrigerator, floor-to-ceiling windows, an indoor garden and even a “built-in fountain window feature,” the listing says.

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The home stole the show of Zillow Gone Wild as folks commented on the home’s retro features and its general vibe.

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“Beautiful unique retro home. I would get rid of the carpet and update the kitchen – but wouldn’t change much else,” one fan said.

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“I don’t want to buy the house, but I very much want to throw a few back with the folks who designed this, preferably in that carpeted fire pit room; are they taking bids just for that?” another asked. “They really should.”

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“Honey, should we update this kitchen with this inheritance money?” someone joked. “Nah … Let’s put some exterior landscaping in the bedroom and a fire pit in the living room, and while we are at it, a water feature would be nice.”

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“If you like teal carpet and yearn for a home with all the romance, class and ceiling mirrors of a 1960’s Las Vegas hotel suite, this house is for you,” one person expressed.

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“I expected a better kitchen…I’m disappointed that it didn’t match the rest of the house,” another said.

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“I love the main living area of this place so, so much,” someone gushed. “The rest of it needs about 98.79% fewer mirrors.”

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“It has all the elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air and carpet,” another joked.

And finally…

“I would brave the infinite trip-and-fall hazards to live in a house like this.”

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Stone Mountain is about 19 miles northeast of Atlanta.

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