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The Home Design Institute (HDI) Paris, a leading educational firm providing professional training in interior and landscape design, announced today the results of a survey of nearly 250 participants on their feelings and perceptions after moving from a smaller home to a larger one.

The data was comprised of students that took a free interior design course at HDI and that indicated they had moved to a larger primary residence in the last two years. Participants were asked a number of questions concerning their relocation.  An overwhelming majority, 68%, indicated that they felt happier after living in their larger home for six months, citing a variety of reasons including increased comfort (79%), more space for individual family members to utilize (77%) and improved relationships between family members (44%).  Less than one-third of all respondents were less happy after living in a larger home for six months; of those respondents, the most cited reason was having to pay larger bills (73%).  The full responses were:

After 6 months, 32% of respondents felt less happy after moving to a larger home citing:

– Larger bills (73%)

– More homework (52%)

– Increased distance between family members (37%)

– Decreased sense of security at home (23%)

– Higher repair and maintenance costs (22%)

– Difficulties with managing a larger property (18%)

After 6 months, 68% of respondents felt happier after moving to a larger home citing:

– Greater comfort at home (79%)

– Availability of individual spaces for each family member (77%)

– Home has become cleaner (54%)

– Improved relationships between family members (44%)

– Opportunity to create a calmer, individual workplace (38%)

“It was really fascinating to see the strong feelings of the respondents in this survey,” commented Ilian Petrov, Founder of the Home Design Institute Paris. “We were not expecting so many respondents to have the same answers, but it turned out that many of the participants felt the same way.” 

Data indicates that worldwide, people are living with more space per person, and it is a reasonable conclusion to think the pandemic may have exacerbated this trend with the desire for larger spaces as individuals and families spent more time at home. Another result of this prolonged home time was skyrocketing demand for interior designers and home improvement contractors. Petrov said that HDI’s free Interior Design Fundamentals course has become more popular than ever. The class is an introductory-level course designed for people who are looking to start as independent interior designers.

Founded in 2014, the Home Design Institute (HDI) Paris is a leading educational company that operates primarily in Eastern and Western Europe. HDI has more than 10,000 students that have successfully completed the program and gone on to pursue their dream profession.  For more information please visit:

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Home Design Institute Paris Releases Survey Data on Impacts of Moving to a Larger Home