A bed bug infestation can be a frustrating, scary and overwhelming event. You may wonder how you will ever get rid of these vile creatures that cause you to itch all day and night. If you are struggling with bed bugs Fort Myers, take action by washing all linens, contacting pest control and eliminating the root source.

Wash All Linens and Pillows

Pillows, sheets, blankets and comforters are obviously reservoirs for bed bugs. If you discover that you have an infestation, wash all pillows and linens in hot water and dry on the highest temperature setting. The goal is to kill all living bugs as well as the eggs that they have laid. Cleaning a mattress can be much more difficult, but vacuuming the mattress as well as washing the mattress pad can help disrupt the colonies.   

Contact Pest Control

In order to fully get rid of the bed bugs, you will need pest control services. A pest control specialist can help you decide what the best course of action to take in fully eliminating the infestation. This may include pesticides or other remedies. Cleaning alone is not enough; you must fully annihilate the colony of bed bugs.

Eliminate the Source

Once you have rid your home of the bed bugs, you must eliminate the source in order to avoid this infestation happening again. If you travel often, be sure that you are not transferring your bed bugs back home. As soon as you return home from a trip, launder all clothing in hot water — even if you did not wear those clothes on your trip. If possible, launder your bags as well. If this is impossible, avoid unpacking your items on or around your bed or carpet. 

Bed bugs can be a source of extreme frustration, but with the right steps, you can rid yourself of the pesky bugs.