Your front door says a lot about you and your home, so it’s well worth spending the time on making the right choice. This can not only boost the kerb appeal but also add to the value of your home in the future – if you take heed of the following tips.

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Know your budget

Whether you’re browsing Dublin windows and doors shops, trawling through the London branches or scouring the internet for bargains, you should have a clear budget in mind. This should be based on the following factors:
Upfront price versus long-term benefits

Estimated life-span
Maintenance needs
Weather performance and protection
Energy efficiency
Included features
Additional costs such as painting or staining, hardware and accessories
Any remodelling requirements
Read more about setting budgets for renovation projects at the BBC.

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Choose good materials

When ordering from the likes of or other online or bricks and mortar retailers, consider the materials that the doors are made of. This will affect their performance and should be an important consideration when deciding which one will best meet your requirements. This is the time to weigh up your performance and aesthetic requirements against the amount you want to spend on your new front door.
Wood is a very popular choice thanks to the classic appearance offered. Considering wood will open the door to a range of aesthetic options, however, and you will have to think about everything from the type of wood you want to the panels, styles, embellishments and any decorative glass you might want. Just be aware that wooden doors are usually more expensive than other materials.
Steel doors are often a very affordable option and premium varieties are hugely durable, offering dent, cracking and warp resistance. There is also the choice of choosing an insulated core which can boost energy efficiency.

The size of your entryway may play an important part in dictating the type of front door you need. Ask a professional for help if you’re unsure about how to measure, to make sure you get the right door for your needs.

The style of your door must complement your home’s design whilst reflecting your own personality. You could go for a traditional wood panelled door to reflect classic tastes or add decorative glass elements to show off your artistic style.