OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) Some people with special needs in Owensboro have until tomorrow before they lose their housing services. This comes after the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services ordered D&S Residential Services in Owensboro to close.

“I received word that they were asked to quit providing services by the state,” recalled Tammy Maglinger, who is guardian for her uncle. She learned through his case manager that he would lose housing services provided by D&S Residential, whose office is on Triplett Street in Owensboro. Maglinger says her uncle was able to find new services, but the change wasn’t easy.

“He is in a great home, with a loving family, but when you have a disability like my uncle Larry, and you’re 62 yeras old, change is really hard. Moving out of his home for 15 years is very difficult,” she said.

Kentucky CHFS officials say the decision to order D&S to close in Owensboro was due to the facility not being able to meet basic requirements to assure public care and safety. 60 to 70 were affected by the closure, but most clients found new services. The closure takes affect this Saturday. Groups like Puzzle Pieces and Bridges of Kentucky worked to find new housing services.

“Several of them are having to move back in with family, or move in to a different city, or change homes, so we are seeing the impact of what that looks like on their emotional health, not only on the surface, with having to move,” said Amanda Owen of Puzzle Pieces.

In a statement, officials with Sevita Health, the parent company of D&S said this week they continue to work closely with the state to find services for those affected.

(This story was originally published on April 8, 2022)