The Spring Home Improvement show has drawn good attendance this weekend at METRAPark.

“The thing I love about the spring show is that the weather can be snowy outside and then you come in here and it looks like spring,” said Mark Hedin, promoter for the show. “Spring is sprung. You know within the air. People are anxious. They’re excited. And so far the crowds have been crazy good.”

Mark Hedin 3-5.jpg

Mark Hedin, Home Improvement Show promoter.

KTVQ photo

He said the basketball tournament at the arena adds to the number of people at the home show.

A METRAPark adivisory board member also said the attendance looks great this year.

Hedin and his family have been running the shows for 39 years. He says it’s important to plan for projects and says hat advice is even more crucial this year.

“Just before we went on camera, I was talking with my Buddy Rich Marble who owns Billings Nursery along with his wife and son,” Hedin said. “He had to order early and get it here. And he said not only that, but the freight has tripled from what he used to pay. I would say you know, 80% of everyone out here is facing challenges.

The Spring Home Improvement Show finishes Sunday, running from 10am to 5pm at Metropark’s Expo Center and Montana Pavilion.