The Victorian style lends itself well to any bedroom setting. It is warm and inviting without feeling stuffy. The nod to a slower paced time in history is actually quite relaxing when compared to many of the modern contemporary designs. Whether you are decorating a guest bedroom or the master bedroom, the following suggestions will help you create the look you are after.

Wall Coverings and Flooring

You can achieve an old fashioned look on the walls by using modern wallpaper. Search online for ones that recreate vintage patterns. Victorian style coverings use ornate designs and busy patterns to add beauty to the room. Consider wood plank floors with a large accent rug centered under the bed. Click here for inspiration. Consider modern vinyl options that give the impression of real wood for a less expensive option.

The Furnishings

The Victorian era saw dark wood furniture pieces with petite legs and ornate carvings. You can purchase new canopy beds in this style along with dressers and bedside tables. You could also search online auction sites and local flea markets for actual vintage items. These are often less expensive than if you purchased them through an antique dealer. Incorporate family heirlooms too.

The Trimmings

The finishing touches will bring the entire room together. Begin with the window treatments. Victorian style is often represented by using many heavy layers. Lace curtains covered with velvet drapes are ideal. Top them off with a matching valance. The bedding should be made with elegant fabrics that resemble the silks and satins of the day. Use lighting fixtures that look like they have candles rather than light bulbs for illumination.

By incorporating these design ideas into the plan for your bedroom, you will be able to easily create a Victorian feel in the room. This beautiful style relies on ornate furnishings and elegant trappings to bring a warm and inviting feel to the space that is perfect for any bedroom setting.