By: Chalon Handmade

The dreaded feeling of wet floors can make small rooms feel large. Knowing how to layout the floor plans to maximize the available space can help avoid such a predicament in your bathroom. The dreaded feeling of wet floors can make small rooms feel large. Knowing how to layout the floor plans to maximize the available space can help avoid such a predicament in your bathroom.
You can achieve a lot even with your compact bathroom, transforming it into something that is comfortable and exudes style. You only need to know how to maximize the available space. Popping into your local luxury bathroom showroom should give you loads of ideas very quickly.
In most home designs, the smallest rooms are often the bathroom. Homes with en-suites tend with have the bathrooms fitted even in the narrowest of spaces. Some are incorporated into loft conversions just to ensure that the room in the corners is put to use.
Innovative bathroom designs can help transform that small room in your home into a practical and attractive place irrespective of your bathroom’s design and space.

Storage And Space

The bathroom can quickly be full of chaotic scenes more so for a large busy family. Toothpaste everywhere, hair gels on the mirror, cosmetics on the shelves and windows, powder in the sink, the list is endless.
You can address such chaos by installing a cleverly planned storage in your limited bathroom space. Install wall cabinets at a high position so that you make use of the vertical areas and have some products out of the children’s reach. Floating shelves can also suffice as long as you support them on firm concealed brackets to have a practical solution with a neat presentation.
You can use tiered wire baskets to hold the towels and have several wash bags that you can use one at a time in your bathroom. Hooks on the door or wall can also come in handy; you can use these to hang robes and damp towels.
Do not go for a floor-level radiator to help warm up the room. Consider investing in a heated towel rail that you can mount at a safe and convenient place and have it running with ease.
Take out the bathtub if it is rarely in use and install a square shower cubicle. You will have to part ways with the option of having a bath, but you gain something that comes with a vanity unity or a large storage cabinet.
But you can still consider working with a combined bath and shower installation. Nevertheless, the shower opens up the room creating more space that you can work with to add extra storage and make the room feel decluttered.

Reflection And Light

Are you thinking of making the bathroom a bit more lit? You can achieve this by leveraging your windows and mirrors which have reflective surfaces that will offer an easier way of making use of natural light.
You can create an illusion of depth and height in the room. A wall mirror, for instance, can be placed above a vanity unit to give is some depth and an elegant look. Also, large-mirrored cabinets can help make the room appear wider.
A glass screen for the shower space allows light through brightening it up and giving it an airy feel. A frosted glass pane on the windows can replace the blinds you need for privacy since they also allow substantial light into the bathroom.

Tips And Tricks

You can make the room feel more spacious and better lit by installing a neutral wall and flooring with a neutral hue. Dark surfaces only make the dimensions of the bathroom feel shrunk.
Plain vinyl flooring is an excellent option that avails the opportunity to install a floor with not breaking lines thus achieving fluidity on the surface. Vinyl is a durable material that is also easy to clean and maintain hence an ideal choice for the bathroom.
If your bathroom has been without tub and you desire the experience of bathing in one, you still can squeeze a tub into the room. You may have to look at suitable alternatives to that of a full-length tub so that you work with something that fits.
For instance, you can install a compact corner bathtub that will see you utilize those awkward angles or unused corners in your bathroom. Roll top baths are yet another fantastic option since they are designed to fit into corners; the perfect thing to consider especially if you are obsessed with getting a freestanding bath.
From the above, you can tell that you can make your small bathroom into a roomy space that adds value to your home. All you need is to make use of innovative ideas and practical bathroom design tricks.