CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Low-income families struggling to find housing are on a growing waitlist for new affordable developments.

Corpus Christi Housing Authority is working to build homes for families in need. The City of Corpus Christi also approved a $3 million investment in the ALMA at Greenwood affordable housing project.

“There’s no one single answer to address the housing issues in Corpus Christi,” said Gary Allsup, CEO of Corpus Christi Housing Authority. “Affordable housing at the lowest level, the lowest income level is so important. We have about 15,000 people on our waiting list right now waiting for a Section 8 voucher.”

The City of Corpus Christi is doing its part to help meet that demand as well.

“The city over the years has put about 15 million dollars into different affordable housing projects,” said Jennifer Buxton, assistant director of Corpus Christi Neighborhood Services. “And you would be hard-pressed to find one of them that does not have a waiting list.”

ALMA at Greenwood is an 11 building, 152-unit apartment complex scheduled to be built by December 2023. The City plans to use it to provide a much-needed housing option. CCHA works with six individual builders to make affordable homes in neighborhoods across Corpus Christi where people need them most. 

“Us building these homes at the affordable price point really and truly gives more people that opportunity,” said Tony Wilson, director of development for Thanksgiving Homes. “They’re elated because they own a home. Home ownership is so vital and the fact that you even play a small part in that makes you feel good. It definitely makes you want to go out, build the next one.”

CCHA has built 60 affordable houses in the last few years. They have 15 currently under construction and 15 more to be completed in the future.

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