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2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Own Kitchen

With an increase in the number of people willing to DIY themselves into a new home, it’s important not to get too caught up in the renovation process of your house before you take into account the sheer amount of work you’ll need to do. Here are two major reasons why you should hire a pro when it comes to creating your dream kitchen.

Structural Integrity

Professional contractors and design companies are trained in architectural elements of your kitchen are secure and that the structural integrity of your cabinets and walls are protected. Finding a company specializing in custom cabinetry Tampa knows and trusts is a great way to avoid the headache that will come with trying to get elements of your kitchen to square up as an untrained layperson. Hiring a professional contractor, especially when it comes to new cabinets or heavy granite countertops, is a way of ensuring that you don’t fall prey to novice mistakes that can cause issues with plumbing, structure and cabinetry.

Professional End Results

Whether you’re trying DIY your perfect kitchen or you’re looking to sell your house soon, the investment you make into renovating any part of your home will be worth a lot less if you don’t get professional end results. Gaps in flooring, unfinished splash or even an obviously amateur paint job are surefire ways to make a poor impression on prospective buyers or dinner guests. If you’re not a trained contractor, dishing out a little extra cash to make sure the job is done right the first time will actually save you money in the long run, as well as achieving the look you wanted.

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, it may be tempting to try DIY repairs or renovations. While your enthusiasm is important, really make it worth your time and money by giving the professionals a chance to knock it out of the park for the best possible result.…

Best Tips to Decorate the Baby Nursery

The decoration of a baby’s room is not limited to the choice of the safety equipment or the furniture. It is essential to think of the different elements so that the newborn feel comfortable and serene in his world. That is whyyou must consider the paintings, the lighting and other parameters while decorating the space of your little one. If you are expecting your little angel, here are some ideas to help you decide.

Choose the Right Painting of the Nursery

The choice of the painting for the room depends on the sex of your child. However, if you do not want to change the color when your baby grows up, it is advisable to opt for a neutral tone. You can go for beige that canbe associated with any other colors. You can also bet on pastel and soft colors likeblue or mauvewhich are perfect to optimize the comfort of your baby. On the other hand, studies have shown that the little one is much more sensitive to bright colors. So, opt for a softand appeasing color for the walls and add some vivid decorative details. It is better to choose organic paints to preserve the baby’s health and wellness.

Decorating the Nursery: Give Priority to Safety

We all know that safety is an essential point in a child’s room. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that you maximize the security part regardless of the elements you want to install in this room. There are actually standards that you must consider for the floor, paint, toys, light bulbs and carpets, so never neglect it. Before choosing furniture or other items, make sure that they meet the safety standards. For example, if you buy a painted bed, you have to verify the quality of the paints. Your baby will be in direct contact with these objects and products, so you must ensure that it is totally safe for your child. It is the same for the mattress. You have to prioritize an anti-allergenic mattress. You can even buy an organic and reliable polyplank foam insulation to enhance the safety level in the room.

Which Floor to Choose for the Baby?

When it comes to choose thetype of floor for the baby nursery, most parents think of pink carpet for a little girl and blue carpet for a boy. It’s time to forget about that kind of choice. The most important thing is to give your little angel something comfortable and aesthetic at the same time. Know that the carpet is not suitable for baby rooms. It is a solution that is both difficult to clean and can quickly become a nest of microbes. This can encourage infant allergies. Parquet is then a better alternative.…

Making Your House Your Home

When you have a space to call all your own, it’s natural to want to make it feel like your own. Choosing everything to make you feel truly at home means making a lot of choices. Color schemes, textures, aesthetics – it’s all open to be made just the way you like. Here are some favorite styles to consider when creating your personal masterpiece.


From carpet to wood to synthetics, there are an endless array of choices in this category alone. Floors are a design element that isn’t changed as often as others – so you want to make sure to get quality products that you love. A unique choice like Provenza floors offers the long-lasting quality of wood flooring and the custom-made craftsmanship that is sure to impress. Build your style from the ground up with high-caliber flooring to add character and quality to your space.


Color palettes can really make a room pop. Adding elements of a color scheme throughout your new space can carry your theme from room to room for flow. Alternately, you can have different looks for different rooms and contrast them against each other. You can paint walls, add accent pillows, or even invest in a bold piece of furniture to amplify your chosen color palette.

The Little Things

Floors and colors are immediately noticed and hard to miss – but don’t forget the small details, too. Simple tasks like updating or switching out drawer pulls and outlet covers make a big difference in the styling and consistency of your design. These little items may slip your mind, but they can make a wonderful artistic addition to any room.

Creating a home out of a house is an adventure and it should stay that way. Major reconstructions aren’t always necessary – sometimes easier updates can make all the difference in the look and ambiance of your space.…

Combatting Tickborne Diseases

As the weather turns warmer and people spend more time outdoors, tick control becomes more important. Ticks spread diseases that can make humans and pets ill. Learn about these common tickborne diseases and how to properly control ticks in your environment.

Diseases Caused by Ticks

Since a tick feeds by taking in a blood meal, when it attaches to a person, it can spread bacteria through the feeding process. Some tickborne diseases go unnoticed as they do not cause severe symptoms, but others may require medical intervention. Diseases spread by ticks vary based on where you live, but the following are the most common tickborne illnesses in the United States:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Colorado Tick Fever
  • Babesiosis
  • Ehrlichiosis

Mild symptoms to look for after a tick bite are fatigue, headaches, fever and, sometimes, a rash. If recognized early enough, most of these diseases can be treated with a round of antibiotics.

Best Ways to Prevent Tick Bites

Before traveling to an area where ticks are suspected, make sure to spray yourself with an insect repellant that is known to keep ticks at bay. Ticks tend to live in tall grasses and shrubbery so stay close to clear trails to decrease the chances of stepping into their habitat. It is best to wear light-colored clothing that completely covers the legs and arms. By wearing light colors, it is easier to locate any ticks that may have attached to you. Once inside, check your entire body, plus your pets, for any ticks. Ticks must be latched onto a host for several hours before they can transmit disease so early removal decreases your chances of catching a disease.

By following a tick control protocol, including tick repellants, adventures in the outdoors can be less hazardous. By properly preparing, you can prevent the spread of common diseases to you and your family, including the furry members.

Three Ways to Combat Odor in Your Home

Everyone wants their home to smell fresh, clean and inviting both for themselves and for their guests. However, even a tidy home can start to develop some unpleasant smells over time. Pets, children and general wear and tear can cause odors that linger in your home, even if you clean on a routine basis. Unfortunately, household fragrances can only mask the problem, and may cause irritation or headaches to more sensitive members of your family. Here are three ways to combat that lingering, musty smell in your home without just covering it up.

Clean Your Rugs and Carpets

The soft, deep fibers in rugs and carpets can hold on to dirt and moisture for a long time, even if vacuumed frequently. A thorough steam cleaning college station can help remove what’s been trapped deep down on your floors and can help your home smell fresher immediately. In addition to smelling better, this cleaning can also remove stains and help your home look brighter and cleaner.

Eliminate Moisture

Moisture is often the source of unpleasant smells in the home. If your home feels damp and musty, consider installing dehumidifiers throughout the house or hanging up charcoal pouches to pull the excess moisture from the air. Be sure to air out your kitchen and bathroom frequently. Wipe up spills promptly, allow tubs and sinks to air dry fully and be sure your towel racks or hooks have enough space to spread your towels and washcloths out.

Keep the Air Moving

Stagnant, stationary air can quickly become stale. Try to keep your HVAC system fans running frequently, even if they aren’t heating or cooling your home. Run fans to keep the air in your home circulating and more comfortable. Be sure to open your windows from time to time to help run fresh air through your entire house.

With just a little extra time and effort, you can have your home smelling fresh and clean again.

Tips for Cleaning Out Your Garage

Are you tired of parking in the driveway because your garage is jam-packed with junk? Maybe you’re in need of more space for a workshop or home office? Whatever the reason, cleaning out your garage can be a difficult task – especially if things have been piling up in there for years. As overwhelmed as you may feel every time you take a peek in there, it’s not an impossible task to conquer. All it takes is a plan and efficient execution.

Image result for Tips for Cleaning Out Your Garage

Clear a Space Near the Garage

Before you begin hauling things out of the garage it’s a good idea to clear out some space around it. You can put a few blankets down on your front lawn or move your cars to the edge of the driveway so you can use the space in front. This makes it easier to pull things out and sort them.

Rent a Dumpster

If you have a ton of things in your garage that you really have no use for, you’ll want to have a way to discard of them immediately. If not, you’ll end up putting those things right back in the house to take up space. Renting a dumpster allows you to throw away everything from old tools and wood to televisions and children’s toys. Anything you don’t want to keep (or sell at a yard sale) should be thrown away. As dumpsters can cost a few bucks, you may want to look into unsecured personal loans online to see which you qualify for to cover the costs.

Pull and Sort

You have a clear path to pull things out of the garage and a dumpster to discard of anything you don’t want. Now it’s time to start pulling and sorting. Get the family to pitch in with this as you can knock it out a lot faster. Perhaps start an assembly line placing one person in front of the dumpster and another in front of the keep or sell pile. Hand things out of the garage accordingly communicating where you’d like each item to go until you’ve removed everything.

Clean Up

Once your garage is empty it’s time to clean the space up a bit. You’ll need some cleaning supplies like sponges, mops, buckets, and cleaning solutions. Start by sweeping and dusting the entire garage to get rid of the accumulated dust and dirt. Then, wash down the walls, shelves, and any other surfaces in the garage. Lastly, mop the floors and let the garage air dry.

Get Organized

Now that you have a clean and empty garage, you can organize it in a manner that’s best suited for you. You can add shelves and hooks to store your household tools and equipment or begin your renovations to turn it into a home office or workshop.

Staring at your garage when it’s flooded with items you’ve accumulated over the years is overwhelming. You feel like it’s an impossible task to complete. However, it’s quite the opposite. To tackle …

What Does a Deaerator Do?

Water carries dissolved gases that can cause serious problems for commercial boiler systems. Deaerators are used to remove dissolved gases, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and ammonia, from feed water. These gases cause corrosion in the pipes and internal systems of the boiler. This corrosion can necessitate extensive repairs and cost plant owners and operators significant money. Kansas city deaerator supplies can be found to deal with the situation.

How Do Deaerators Work?

It is crucial to remove dissolved gases from the water that feeds steam boilers. If oxygen, carbon dioxide, ammonia and other gases are left in the feed water, these gases will cause pitting and corrosion of the metal pipes and components, reducing the life of the system.

Deaerators heat the water to a saturation temperature, and then reduce the pressure and vent off the gases. They distribute the feed water over a large area. This can done horizontally or vertically, depending upon the design of the particular system.

Types of Deaerators

Spray-type deaerators have a tank containing a series of spray nozzles to deliver the feed water into the deaerator system. The nozzles spray steam that removes the gases, which then escape from vents at the top of the system. The water is sprayed over perforated trays and the treated water flows into the boiler system from there. These mechanisms are common in large, municipal power plants as well as oil and gas refineries.

Additional Chemicals

Chemicals called oxygen scavengers are sometimes added to the previously treated feedwater to remove any remaining portions of the gas that the deaerator missed. Different chemicals are used depending upon whether the system runs at low pressure or high pressure. Some of the chemicals can be dangerous and oxygen scavenging is a controversial step in this important process.

Deaeration is a complicated, but necessary process to keep expensive equipment running smoothly.…

Mengapa Seorang Wanita Harus Mengkonsumsi Suplemen Ketika Hamil?

Selama kehamilan, asupan makronutrien wanita perlu tumbuh secara signifikan. Makronutrien termasuk karbohidrat, protein, dan lemak. Misalnya, asupan protein perlu ditingkatkan dari 0,36 gram per pon (0,8 gram per kg) yang direkomendasikan untuk wanita yang tidak hamil menjadi 0,5 gram per pon (1,1 gram per kg) dari berat badan untuk wanita hamil.

Hasil gambar untuk Mengapa Seorang Wanita Harus Mengkonsumsi Suplemen Ketika Hamil?

Namun, persyaratan untuk zat gizi mikro, yang meliputi vitamin, mineral, dan elemen pelacak, meningkat bahkan lebih banyak daripada kebutuhan zat gizi makro. Oleh karena itu Anda harus pintar dalam memilih multivitamin ibu hamil paling lengkap.

Suplemen yang dianggap aman selama kehamilan

  1. Asam Folat

Folat adalah vitamin B yang memainkan peran penting dalam sintesis DNA, produksi sel darah merah dan pertumbuhan dan perkembangan janin. Asam folat adalah bentuk sintetis dari folat yang ditemukan dalam banyak suplemen. Itu akan dikonversi menjadi bentuk aktif folat, L-methylfolate, di dalam tubuh.

Disarankan bahwa wanita hamil mengkonsumsi 600 ug folat atau asam folat per hari untuk mengurangi risiko cacat tabung saraf dan kelainan bawaan seperti langit-langit mulut sumbing dan cacat jantung pada bayi. Meskipun folat yang cukup dapat diperoleh melalui diet, banyak wanita tidak makan cukup makanan kaya folat, membuat suplemen diperlukan.

  1. Zat Besi

Kebutuhan akan zat besi meningkat secara signifikan selama kehamilan, karena volume darah ibu meningkat hampir. Zat besi sangat penting untuk transportasi oksigen dan pertumbuhan serta perkembangan janin dan plasenta yang sehat.

Anemia selama kehamilan telah dikaitkan dengan persalinan preterm, depresi ibu dan anemia bayi. Asupan yang direkomendasikan dari 27 mg zat besi per hari dapat dipenuhi melalui sebagian besar vitamin prenatal. Namun, wanita hamil dengan kekurangan zat besi atau anemia membutuhkan dosis zat besi yang lebih tinggi, dikelola oleh dokter mereka.

  1. Vitamin prenatal

Vitamin prenatal adalah multivitamin yang diformulasikan khusus untuk memenuhi peningkatan permintaan akan zat gizi mikro selama kehamilan. Mereka dimaksudkan untuk diambil sebelum konsepsi dan selama kehamilan dan menyusui.

Studi pengamatan menunjukkan bahwa suplemen vitamin prenatal mengurangi risiko kelahiran prematur dan preeklampsia. Preeklampsia adalah komplikasi yang berpotensi berbahaya yang ditandai dengan tekanan darah tinggi dan kemungkinan protein dalam urin. Vitamin prenatal harus memenuhi kriteria sebagai multivitamin ibu hamil dengan DHA tinggi.

Decorating Your Home Cheaply and Easily

Do you ever look around your house and cringe at the idea of inviting guests over? Maybe you need a few things to give your home that special oomph, both for visitors and for your own happiness. Here are some easy tips for making your abode the best it can be without spending a bundle.

Eyes to the Wall

Posters, portraits, paintings, mirrors, fun clocks… just about anything you can put on a wall is bound to give your abode a little extra character. Mirrors in particular, are great for reflecting light, giving your home some extra, uplifting illumination.

Lights, Camera… Well, Just Lights

There’s no need to break the bank with pricey chandeliers: you can buy perfectly affordable, visually appealing ceiling lights from online distributors and furniture stores alike. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try out really eye-catching designs, like bamboo lattice and spider pendant lamps, and also consider some floor lamps, which can really light up a room. You can even go a step further and try out some uniquely shaped light bulbs (ever seen one of those brain-shaped ones? Talk about thought provoking!).

Heavy [Handcrafted] Metal

Items made from handcrafted metal can be a beautiful addition to the household, whether it’s a table ornament or a stainless steel screen for your fireplace. They can even be used for gate entrances, warmly welcoming your guests before they’ve even made it to your front door.

Spruce up Your Furniture

Add some life to your tables with a colorful tablecloth (make sure it’s easy to wash!) and make those sofas and chairs look even more appealing with some creatively designed pillows. Even a stylish lampshade (which you can buy or even make yourself) can really bring out a room’s “je ne sais quoi.”

If just thinking about some of these things around your house makes you smile, then get to it! You’ll feel good on the inside and even better when your friends complement your eye for décor.…

Prepare Your Home’s Exterior for Summer

After a long winter, you’re likely ready for some summer sun and fun and spending more time outdoors. However, after months of being dormant, the area around your home likely needs a little sprucing up before you can be ready to entertain guests and lounge outdoors. Follow these easy tips and you’re home will be ready for long, lazy summer days in no time.

Clear Clutter

After months of being neglected, you’ve likely accumulated some clutter in your yard. This is especially true if you have pets who use your backyard to go to the bathroom. Take some time to rake up excess leaves, pet droppings, and other debris so your yard looks clean and fresh.

Repair Boards

In the winter time, boards tend to come loose from wind. Repair any loose boards you may have on your steps, decking, and other spots around your hard. If you have areas that have seen excess wear, such as your fence, you may want to hire professionals to handle your fence repair columbus ohio, so you know it’s done properly.

Prep Your Pool

If you don’t own a pool, then you’re already one step closer to completing your summer to-do list. However, if you’re a pool owner, you know that there’s a lot of work involved in getting yours ready for the summer months and that it’s best to start early so you can maximize your time with it. Clean our excess leaves and other debris, give your liner a good vacuum or your tiles a good thorough scrubbing, and refill it before treating it.

Plan Plants

If your landscaping is simple or you have plants that come back ever year, then you simply just have to check to be sure that they have the space they need and the right soil to grow and thrive. If you plant new flowers every year, then you should start planning what your landscaping will look like.

These simple tips can help your home be ready for summer. Complete these items and you’ll have more time to enjoy the sun.…