Some people think that fire sprinklers are costly and run the risk of damaging property and causing excessive water damage. Other people think that they are well worth the risk in the event of a fire. Having a trustworthy sprinkler system can protect life and valuables. These two reasons alone are why you should consider getting your 5 year fire sprinkler certification California from a professional company such as Below are some other benefits of having a sprinkler system.

Less Water Pollution

When you have a fire, the sprinklers can put it out quickly and efficiently. They typically reduce the amount of water needed to fight a fire by 90 percent. The sprinklers near the fire are the only ones that will activate. If the fire begins to grow, other sprinklers will then come on.

More Affordable Property Insurance

There has been much research conducted that shows fire sprinklers save a lot of damage to homes and businesses that catch on fire. Most insurance companies will offer savings to customers who have properly installed and maintained fire sprinkler systems on their premises. In order to maintain these savings, the sprinkler systems have to go through their annual inspections.

Less Downtime After Fire

When a fire breaks out in a residence or business, the damage and cleanup to get back up and running can be long. When a sprinkler system is installed, the damage and cleanup after a fire will be minimal. The downtime will be significantly reduced. Without a sprinkler system installed, a fire can quickly spread and damage an entire building. With working sprinklers, the fire will be contained in one area.

Aside from the valuable protection that a fire sprinkler system adds, it can also raise your property value. While it can be costly to initially install in a brand new building, the protection will far outweigh the costs over the years, especially if a fire does happen. You will be glad you chose to have a sprinkler system in this instance to protect your business, home or belongings.