Home Workspaces 

Have you said this to yourself, “I’ll probably go back to the office in a few weeks.” 

Well, you’re not alone. Fast forward two years later + many of our clients are still working from home. 

While some clients will eventually gravitate back to the office, the necessity for a workspace that’s separate from the rest of your home is likely here, in some capacity, for the long haul. 

And that’s because it comes as no surprise that having work to clean up each day, projects spread across the entire dining table or kitchen counter isn’t likely to be a very productive workflow. 

Not only has the surface area been an increasing pain for clients but the necessity for a professional backdrop with proper lighting for video calls has too.

Nonetheless, home workspaces have certainly been at the forefront of people’s minds.

Outdoor Rooms

Interior design has expanded outdoors… even in the Pacific Northwest *wink* 

Spaces designed for cooking + eating (outdoor kitchens and dining rooms) to comfortable outdoor living rooms, the backyard, and quite honestly the side yard have been increasingly popular spaces we’ve designed for clients.

From playing host of small gatherings in those warm months to spending an evening with the kids by the fire. Outdoor rooms have provided yet another way for clients to reimagine their homes. 

Organizing Everything

Along with maximizing functionality, automating aspects of home maintenance + incorporating health + wellness into home design, many clients have expressed a desire to have what they need and get rid of the clutter.

At Elegant Simplicity, we believe that organizing is the foundation to creating home and that part of defining + ultimately maximizing the functionality at home is determining what you need in each area. Hence the philosophy, “everything you need + nothing more.” *wink*

While our homes have literally become sanctuaries as a result of the global pandemic, home design has shifted towards being as intentional about every square foot of our homes as possible. 

Home design for many of our clients has become about investing in not only what they want from an aesthetic perspective from their home but also in making decisions with clarity and intentionality around what they need for each area in their home.

In other words, since the pandemic began home design has revolved around the functional necessity.

Not to worry boo — we’re here. If you haven’t already, check out our4 Days To A More Beautiful + Functional Home and when you’re ready to begin your transformational journey —let’s chat.


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