Architecture plays a big role in everyday life and that role is huge. It is part of the houses designed to be marvelled at. It is part of the wonder of the many historical buildings around the world. Whether old or new, architecture is everywhere in everyone’s lives.

Today, there are many architects that have made the way for innovative designs and pioneering structures. The most ingenious from around the world are described below. Take a look to see more about the top 5 architects of today.

1. T?m Wright

While being responsible for one notable building, it is a little challenging to think of him as one of the greatest of today’s architects. Yet, as the person responsible for designing Dubai’s Burj Al, it is clear this one building is all it took to put him at the top of the list. “The skyscraper is luxurious and noted for its many amenities as a hotel,” admires an architect in Bracknell. It is a highly recognized building and has the tallest atrium in the world. It has its own helipad and a tennis court on the roof. This is enough to put Wright on a list of historic architects.

2. Z?h? Hadid

Hadid is the only woman to win the Pritzker Price. She is prominent not only in Great Britain but around the world. She is the designer of the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati. This is thought of as the most innovative building in America from the Cold War era. She is also the designer of opera houses, libraries, and public transit structures.

3. Fr?nk Ll??d Wright

As one who is thought of as the best architect ever, he still has his place in modern times. He was a visionary when it came not only to design but to the construction of those designs. He never attended any formal schooling and was a true natural. He did study under another architectural legend, Louis Sullivan. Wright is known for using natural and organic elements to create his prairie like buildings. He is believed to have the best design concepts in buildings for over 150 years.

4. E?r? S??rin?n

Born in Finland, he began his career while working with his father who was an architect. This is where he became acquainted with designers like Charles Eames. Famous for the newly designed Eames chairs, Saarinen was a keen observer of the style and came up with his own ideas in the Organic Design in Home Furnishings which Eames also participated in. He moved away from furniture and eventually became an architect in his own right designing the iconic TWA terminal at JFK.

5. Norman Foster

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s big fans, this British architect began as an associate of the inventor of the geodesic dome. As an apprentice of Bu?kmin?t?r Fuller’s, he began to note the way he made triangular patterns which he found most impressive. He designed his buildings with similar features, especially when creating their facades.

In 2004, the Gerkin building, formally known St Mary Axe in London opened as a major skyscraper in the financial district. It has a tapered point and has now become as notable for London’s skyline as the Eiffel Tower is for Paris.