While there are plenty of ways to restore a lawn after pest damages, it’s likely that you don’t want to deal with the hassle. Therefore, it’s best to know and then identify the signs of lawn pest infestation. You can then deal with the problem by calling a lawn pest control company before it gets out of hand. 

To learn about some signs of this problem, read on. 

  1. Visual Signs of an Infestation 

The most obvious sign of an infestation is seeing the pests themselves. The best visual confirmation of a pest is to see living specimens. However, you may also find dead bodies, body parts, eggs, and so on. 

Before you call a pest control landscaping company, however, make sure that the insects you see are harmful. There are plenty of insects that are actually beneficial to plants. Therefore, you can harm the health of your lawn by getting rid of them. 

There are plenty of guides and other information that can help you better identify which insects are worrisome. Read them thoroughly so that you’re able to recognize these pests and their leftovers on sight. 

  1. Damage to Plants 

Often, you can find signs of animals gnawing on plant parts. Be sure to examine your plants as part of your regular landscape maintenance routine. If you see what looks like bite marks on leaves or stems, consider hiring pest removal services. 

However, sometimes you won’t see these signs. Some pest species only feed on the roots of plants. Therefore, you may only notice their presence when your plants have died or are in poor health. 

In this case, make sure that you rule out any other causes of poor plant health first. Once you’ve done this, you can search for pest signs or assume that they’re the reason for your plants’ suffering. 

  1. Injuries 

Many lawn-killing pests, such as fire ants, also cause injuries to animals and people. You can learn how to identify these and then use them to confirm the presence of these pests. 

For instance, you may notice insect bites or stings after you’ve been performing your usual lawn maintenance activities. You can then match it with different insects. If you find your injuries come from harmful insects, start looking for lawn pest control products. 

  1. Other damages 

As well as damaging your lawn, many pests will cause other damages. For example, pillbugs may eat wood and cause root damage. Thus, you may notice holes in some of your landscape design features. 

Be sure to learn some pest damage signs other than injuries to grass. Then, you can use this to confirm that you have a pest problem on your hands. 

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In addition to these bits of advice, don’t discount those of your local lawn pest control expert. Many of them will answer your questions if you call and ask them. With this advice and theirs, you will gain the upper hand on those pesky pests. 

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