10+ Ridiculously Cool Smart Home Gadgets (Our 2021 Picks)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have everybody waiting for the notification ping that the sales as begun. The year has been tough and everybody deserves a good deal. 

Instead of mindlessly scrolling for Black Friday deals on items you don’t need, you may perhaps opt to read along and get some ideas to upgrade your home with some smart home gadgets.

Here is a list; 

  1. Smart kitchen appliances

This is a very general subtitle because there are a lot of smart kitchen appliances that may interest you.

Some interesting Smart home to turn appliances that may interest you include; smart water purifiers, digital coffee makers, digital air fryers, programmable food processors, sensor trash cans, smart mugs, smart toasters, and many others.

You can find these smart gadgets on Black Friday deals on home appliances from many e-commerce stores.

Be smart too and remember to read reviews so you may not end up paying for counterfeit or poorly performing ‘smart’ kitchen appliances.

  1. Smart humidifier

The seasons are changing and you may need a smart humidifier for your home. 

Compatibility with smart Home assistant devices, or the ability to adjust immediately levels, or perhaps an automatic shut off when the humidity level is up to standard is a good criterion to have in mind when shopping for a smart humidifier. 

  1. Video doorbell

If you don’t already have one, smart video doorbells are some of the items that will be up for Black Friday in many shops.

It would be nice to have an internet-connected doorbell so that when somebody knocks on your door you can easily communicate with them regardless of your distance. 

Motion sensor video doorbells are also a feature to look for in case you’re up for a smart gadget this Black Friday weekend. 

  1. Smart lights

The nerve-wracking walk from the power switch to your bedroom must have had you wanting a smart light bulb for your house. 

The Black Friday season is your time to grab a boatload of them for your home. Smart lights are now you to control not just the colour but the on and off switch from your smartphone.

You can control some smart lights with your home assistant or get your hands on some secure home security smart lights with motion sensors that automatically turn the lights on. 

  1. Robot vacuum cleaners 

I presume we have all seen a robot vacuum cleaner from videos or at least have heard of them. Deep Black Friday season many of them will be on sale and this is your chance to grab one for yourself.

Robot vacuum cleaners for smart vacuums are computerized to clean floors by themselves. 

They are equipped with the technology of map navigation and high-powered sensors to move around the house. 

  1. Home assistant

This holiday is a time for you to get that smart speaker you’ve been eyeing earlier. online stores will be running exclusive sales on them and it also makes a perfect gift to someone you hold dear.

The most notable smart speakers include Apple’s Siri assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Google’s home series.

  1. Thermostat

If it tires you to get up from your comfy corner to adjust your room temperature then a smart thermostat might be a good investment this coming winter season.

You can automatically program that room temperature from your phone or computer and with some, you can make a daily schedule.

  1. Smart kettle 

Wouldn’t it be nice if this winter season you could command your smart kettle through your assistant to start heating water for your morning coffee?

Of course, smart kettles are more expensive than regular kettles but with a good Black Friday deal, you can get one for a lower price if not cheaper than a regular kettle.

  1. Smart plugs 

If you have kids at home then you may probably want to consider getting a smart plug. Smart plugs turn on and off automatically from a quick click on your smartphone.

Some smart plugs or automated with voice commands and you can control them with your home assistant.

  1. Smart camera

Lastly, top your home security with a smart security camera. a smart camera allows you to view anything that goes on in your home from your smartphone or computer wherever you are. some smart cameras also detect motion and send alerts.