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Egyptian Jewelry And It’s Beginning

The jewelry industry has probably existed since the beginning of civilization. Man’s earliest need, beyond food, shelter and clothing, was that of attracting the opposite sex and establishing a place of importance within the primitive society.

This led to the importance of being different, even before the first words were uttered. What started with leaves, twigs, stones of various colors and shells and even bones has now culminated into a prosperous industry that uses precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, alloys and gemstones to accentuate beauty.

The very first established and recorded civilizations was that on the banks of the fertile river Nile. The “Gift of the Nile” or Egypt, has a special place even in contemporary history because of the influence it has had on world events that have rippled down till today. The pharaohs and their extravagant lifestyles are still the dream of many of our celebrities.

The civilization was unique in every aspect including lifestyle, beliefs, festivals, gods and even jewelry! The very first established jewelry making industry in Egypt thrived around 3,000-5,000 years ago! The people were known to give great importance to luxury and rarity to prove their social status. They preferred the workability that gold offered over other metals that were accessible to them via extensive trade practices.

The Egyptians acquired much gold from the deserts of Africa and Nubia. This they captured as spoils of war and the tributes from defeated nations. Jewelry in Egypt symbolized power within the community. They wore and flaunted their jewelry when alive and even in death! This fact and the exquisiteness of their jewelry comes from archeological evidence on excavating the famous tombs of the rich pharaohs.

The Egyptians used gold jewelry with settings of colored glass and precious gems. They had access to gemstones from the world over, however their preference for the colors they could create in glass is amply seen in the recovered jewelry. They went to the extent of actually creating a glass formulation to replicate nearly each gemstone.

According to their ‘Book of the Dead’, each color used in jewelry making denoted something. The color of the jewelry was very important to them. According to the book, a necklace of Isis around a mummy’s neck should be red in color to symbolize the need for blood, while green jewelry stood for plenty and fertility.

Egyptian jewelry was designed via customization demands made by royalty, in large workshops that were attached to the temples and palaces. The Egyptian men and women wore elaborate gold and silver designs for the popular religious ceremonies, which were practically on a daily basis.

Jewelry-making was a significant craft. The designs live on today in the world market dedicated to the replication of the multitude of gold, silver and semi-precious stones and artifacts. The demand for embellished gold figurines, close-fitting collar necklaces, jewel-headed pins, ankle bracelets and heavy multi-strand necklaces is ample proof of this.

Jewelry in Egypt was set with brightly-colored stones, real gemstones and glass replicates in the form of leaves, spirals, cones, and bunches of grapes. Egyptian jewelry demands the use of a wide variety of sophisticated metalworking techniques.

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Emerging Technology Involving Credit/Debit Cards

With an increasing trend in online shopping and transactions happening across the globe, there is an imperative need for a plastic card, which will be safe and secure to use. We need to address online fraud, more so in cases where card not present (CNP) transactions like a telephonic order. Every day, millions of consumers use the plastic currencies to make or receive payments across the globe conveniently and quickly. Is it safe and is it getting better?

Visa has a two-fold responsibility – to protect the information of the cardholder and to transfer value in a safe and secure environment devoid of fraud and theft. These transactions may be online or made in person. Visa Europe partnered with EMUE Technologies Pty Ltd to develop a stylish and powerful solution to address the growing cases of CNP fraud. They have been addressing these issues with initiatives like CVV2, and verified by Visa. They are testing a new Visa card with the help of MBNA (UK), Corner Bank (Switzerland), Cal (Israel) and IW Bank (Italy). This card has a built in computer that will generate a one-time password in a random manner. This new design has incorporated a microprocessor, a 12 button key pad, 8 digit number displays and a battery lasting a minimum of three years. It is a fully ISO compliant card, authentic and user friendly. This card can also be deployed for identity card purposes as well.

The card holder is given a pin number secretly. The individual is required to enter the pin into the card. This will then generate a number randomly and is displayed. This will remain the security code (CVV code) for all transactions and is generated only once. The validity and secrecy is maintained with only the individual having access to the PIN number.

Issuing banks have been given an unchallenged method in preserving the integrity and security during online, telephonic, personal transactions and a much safer method in cases of fund transfer. Thus, they ensure that the individual does not have to share his credentials with any other source that cannot be trusted upon.

For now, let us just wait and watch the response gained as these are monetary transactions before stepping in for action.

About EMUE: EMUE Technologies is a privately held Australian firm with a vision to address issues regarding authentication in an attempt to mitigate theft. They have partnered with Deloitte Touche Tohamatsu in 2006 to help roll out of the products and services. They are leaders in providing secure access.

Visa Europe became independent of the new global Visa Inc. in the year 2007. The new global Visa Inc. restructured and listed in the New York Stock Exchange in the year 2008. They have begun trading publicly with one the largest initial public offering in the U.S. A membership association was formed and operated by approximately 4600 European member banks in the name of Visa Europe. Together, they operate electronic payment network in a global manner by facilitating global commerce. They transfer information and value amongst financial institutions, merchants, consumers, and governments across 170 nations and territories.

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A Review Of The JET JMS-12SCMS Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Most professional woodworkers, or anyone interesting in woodworking, knows the name JET when table saws come to mind. And this has been true for many years. What’s not well-known is the fact JET has been selling dual bevel compound miter saws for the past two or three years.

The lineup consists of two models: the 10″ JMS-10SCMS and the 12″ JMS-12SCMS. The features of the two models are nearly identical so we’re just going to talk about the JMS-12SCMS here.

How Buyers Rated This Saw

It was difficult finding buyer reviews for the JET miter, telling me just how unknown it is. But of the six or seven I did find, all but two gave it a solid five star rating. The remaining two gave it four stars, one didn’t like the dust collection bag – a normal complaint with miter saws – and the other didn’t care for the plastic handles and control knobs.

“Accurate right out of the box” is what a couple of buyers said and another was especially impressed with the 60 tooth blade that comes on the JMS-12SCMS.

Make Your Job Easier With These Features

The unique features of this saw will help you do your work faster and easier and with more precision. And some to make it last longer, with less maintenance and cleaning. First off, the controls are all up front, even the bevel lock. To unlock and lock the bevel setting on most miter saws you have to go to the trouble of reaching around to the back, and that’s time consuming. With the Jet miter saw, that’s history.

And then there are the swing-out arms to give additional support when you’re cutting wider stock, that I’ve never seen on any other saw. Also, there are wheels on the edge of the clear blade guard to make it glide smoothly over wide boards.

The JMS-12SCMS also has a green laser, not the usual red, to help you make precision cuts in any lighting conditions.

One obvious difference in the JMS-12SCMS that you notice as soon as you see it is the power train. The motor is mounted out of the way, directly above and to the back of the blade. The manufacturer points out that this gives you greater cutting capacity but I think it’s important to point out it also gives you better visibility; the motor housing won’t be blocking your view of the cut area or casting a shadow on it.

JET made this motor location possible by using a belt drive, instead of the gears most manufacturers use, and as a bonus, it’s also quieter. And with the belt inside a sealed housing, dust getting into it is not a concern. The same can be said for the slide rail system, by the way.


As mentioned by one buyer and referenced above, the dust collection bag leaves a bit to be desired. However, this is a common complaint with most miter saws. Most professional carpenters connect their saw’s dust chute to a shop vac or some other dust extraction system for this reason.

One other possible problem I noticed in the specifications is the JMS-12SCMS has a 5/8″ arbor, where most 12″ saw blades come standard with a 1″ bore. Meaning, to replace the blade, you’ll probably have to buy a reducing bushing and these aren’t readily available at the big stores like Home Depot. I do know of one online blade dealer that sells bushings and if you order your blade through JustSawBlades they’ll have the bushing thrown in free. They also handle some 12″ blades with a 5/8″ bore.


It’s surprising to me that such a good sliding compound miter saw hasn’t made a bigger impact on the market, especially since it carries the name JET. The JET JMS-12SCMS is a well thought out and precision machine, like their well-known table saws, but it’s actually more competitively priced, right in the range of Milwaukee, DeWalt and Makita.

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Diesel Generators Selection Criteria!

Once again, you are sitting in the dark wondering where the candles and torches are; wishing you had bought one of those diesel generators after that last black out. Rummaging through the cupboard to get a little light back into your life, you promise yourself to check out the price of diesel generators as soon as the power is back on.

Most of today’s world is completely dependent on electricity of some sort; whether you are connected to a power grid or you use a generator. Power grid outages are more common than ever before and while electricity suppliers work quickly to get the power back on, the reality is most of us would find a diesel generator handy. Most homeowners have always thought diesel generators were priced out of their reach. This is not necessarily so. You need to look at diesel generators as an investment in your future. Weigh up the differences between the different fuel types, sizes and brands before deciding what is right for you.

The big expensive diesel generators are the ones that supply backup power to schools, hospitals and businesses; and in emergency situations. But there are diesel generators for domestic use that are a lot more affordable. Diesel generators cost more than other types initially, but you will be rewarded with more reliability and power output if you keep up the recommended servicing for the life of your generator.

Diesel generators are much more reliable than other fuel types if they are used correctly. They like to work hard, so starting your diesel generator for short periods of time will do it more harm than good. A diesel generator is designed to work at around 75% of the maximum load. These machines are known for their staying power where others fail. It is unlikely you will have had to do any major work to a diesel generator by the time another comparative fuel type needs a complete overhaul or replacing. But you must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for preventive maintenance to keep your diesel generator in top working order. There is nothing more frustrating than buying something to do a job it is not suited for ��” make sure you do your research. It is important you take a look at what you need your generator to do as it will cost you more in the long run if you don’t buy the right generator in the first place. Buying a diesel engine is about cost-effectiveness over the long term so don’t be fooled by cut-price specials at local discount or hardware stores.

Diesel generators come in all sizes from 1 kVA to 10 kVA for portable ones; from 8 kVA to 30 kVA for small commercial businesses and households; and anything up to 2000 kVA for hospitals, big buildings and manufacturing plants. Choosing the one that suits your needs at home is quite easy. Add up the output of all the appliances in your household that you want to run. Then add about another 20% to allow for appliances like air conditioners that regularly start up and run. Do get advice from your local supplier.

Many people associate diesel generators with old, dirty noisy machines. These days manufacturers have designed their diesel generators to be environmentally friendly and relatively maintenance-free. Another advantage of diesel generators is they are tougher and more reliable than their competitors and use up to 50% less fuel than gas powered generators. No matter what you need a generator for you will find one that meets your needs.

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Diesel generators have many advantages over other back-up power sources.
But, before you splash on a new diesel generator for your home or business, make sure that you know how to select a set that will exceed your expectations.
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Personalized Name Art, A Great Gift Idea!

An interesting gift idea is to offer your loved one an attractive letter art framed centerpiece which is ideal for a home or office addition. If you have never heard of word art before that is possibly because it is a very unusual gift idea that is bound to fascinate the receiver of the personalized name art piece designed specifically for them

Curious and unusual alphabet photos are used to create a visual representation of a name design, which is generally the name of the person for whom the gift is intended. The strange framed alphabet pictures make up an eye catching mosaic that is bound to catch the attention of anyone who walks into the room.

Name gifts have become very popular over the last few years, but most of the personalized name art available is very mass produced with a generic name stamped onto a run of the mill object. This gives no opportunity for individuality in so-called personalized gifts.

Letter art is the opposite with highly individual names in photo form that are created as a one-off piece of name art, with a one off name design that is unique to that personalized name art gift and not mass produced without a thought for the individual who will receive the alphabet photos memento.

Name design with alphabet pictures says that you have taken the time to consider your special gift, and that a lot of highly professional and craftsmen like effort went into producing a fine piece of personalized name art.

The gift that you give says a lot about you and your relationship with the receiver of the gift, choosing something that is a highly personalized gift shows that you have not just run into a store and purchased anything that took your eye. A letter art gift is intended to last a lifetime and be always present and on view for everyone to enjoy.

If you want to truly please your loved one with a gift that says that you took the time to pick out something special then choose a word art name design gift that says that you are thinking of the person. Not only that every time they look at this framed name in photos it will remind them of you and the care you took in preparing their personalized name art.

Take a moment to consider if an original name art alphabet pictures gift would make the receiver happy that someone has taken the time to consider a beautiful and long lasting personalized gift that will live with them for many years to come.

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Take a moment to consider who’s next on your gift list. What word or name would be just right for them? Visit Alphabet PIX today and give a gift they will love for years to come!

Taking The Wedding Back

There is a point in the preparation of any wedding where you want to throw your arms up in the air and just scream “That’s it, I’m done.” It’s the first time in the six or seven months leading up to the wedding where the idea of just running off to Vegas seems like anything but a joke. This is typically around the time where you’re debating whether to get a mustard sauce or a honey mustard sauce for your appetizers, and trying to decide whether a titanium ring will clash with cufflinks that the groomsman is going to wear. The thing is that this is an important moment in any wedding: this is the moment where you take a deep breath and realize that a wedding is for the bride and the groom and everyone else, no matter how much they want to input, can just butt out of the equation.

I didn’t mean for that last sentence to sound so mean, but having multiple people making decisions on a wedding day will only lead to a lot of drama and even more hurt feelings. Most wedding’s run into difficulties when advice is taken by other parties. How do I know this? Because I’ve gone through it. When I got married to my husband we were young and naïve and decided that we needed the help of our parents to plan our dream wedding. Well, after a few months, we realized that our dream wedding had turned into their dream wedding, with more issues arising from the fact that each parent had a different idea of what exactly a dream wedding should consist of.

There came a point where we found that we needed to make a decision: either take it over ourselves or just be miserable at our own wedding. It’s not that the ideas that our parents had were bad, it’s just that there were too many of them. We found ourselves having to combine all the ideas into a wedding that began to look increasingly unattractive to us. So with about four months to go until the wedding we decided to take back control and do our own wedding. We hurt a few egos and had to make some tough phone calls, but in the end we were able to put together a wedding that we wanted.

So when you hit that point where you feel like your wedding is skidding away from you, the best decision you can make is to take a step back and look at what you really want in your wedding and what others are making you do. It’s one of the smartest things you can do.

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Kimberly Green loves the fact her husband chose one of the new titanium rings for their wedding.

Why Movado Watches Are Such Hot Luxury Watches

Movado brand luxury watches are ones which have a look all of their own. While some other watches may look similar to their counterparts, the Movado watch is one which exudes uniqueness. When many hear the name Movado they ultimately think of the trademark museum dial watch with the black face and single crystal located at the 12 o’clock spot on the watch. Although this is a popular style of Movado watch, it is only one of many which consumers opt for. Regardless of the specific style of Movado luxury watches, there are a few distinct reasons why this brand of watch is such a hot ticket item these days.

A Watch for All Occasions

Even though there are many styles of Movado watches available to purchasers, most of these luxury watches are designed in such a manner that they can be worn almost anywhere. The interchangeable feature of the Movado brand watch makes it the perfect style to wear to the office during the day and out to the club or restaurant at night. Since many individuals like to have one specific watch to suit many different occasions, this feature of Movado watches is extremely desirable and one important reason why Movado brand watches are such hot luxury items.

Styles for Both Men and Women

Certain watch manufacturers may target one gender over the other when offering various watch styles. In other words, some luxury brand watch manufacturers offer more watches for men than they do for women or vice versa. One of the wonderful things about Movado is that many of their styles of watches have both a male and female version. This makes it a great option for couples who are interested in purchasing matching watches.

Movado Watches Are Reasonably Priced for a Luxury Brand of Watch

An additional reason why Movado watches are such hot luxury watches relates to the fact that they are quite reasonably priced within the category of luxury brand watches. Many of the Movado style watches can be purchased for between $1,000 and $2,000 retail and even less than that if purchased through accommodating online sellers. Although these watches are considered to be luxury brand items, one does not have to spend a fortune in order to be the proud owner of one.

Movado Watches Are Durable and Attractive

Last but not least, Movado watches are durable and attractive items. Many of the styles are comprised of stainless steel yet still retain an attractive quality. One usually wants their watch to be able to stand the test of time yet look like an elegant timepiece. When shopping for watches, consumers often keep these two features in the back of their mind when looking at the various options with regard to luxury brand watches. Many settle on the Movado brand of luxury watch as it is one which will be durable and still be pleasing to the eye. This is just another one of the many reasons why Movado luxury watches are a true crowd pleaser and a hot ticket item with regard to watch sales.

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An introduction to straight and curved stair chair lifts

As the stair lift has become an inevitable part of modern buildings and residences an introduction to straight and curved stair chair lifts is essential. A stair chair lift is a mechanical gadget with a chair, designed for straight or curved stairways. Stair lifts have become one of the most supportive innovations of modern science as they provide old and physically challenged individuals with practical mobility solutions. Most stair lifts are equipped with various advanced features such as folding armrests, adjustable seats, covered tracks and power backup facility.

Offering the physically challenged maximum mobility

The foremost advantage of a stair lift is that it enables easy floor-to-floor mobility ensuring the old and physically challenged individuals can freely move about in their homes without taking the risk of using the staircase. Stair lifts are incorporated with various advanced technical systems such as automatic sensors, emergency brakes, remote control, seat belts, speed governor, rack and pinion drives and wraparound arms ensuring the safety and comfort of riders. Besides helping people with floor-to-floor mobility stair chair lifts could also enhance the value of residences.

Reliability and flexibility assured

Whether your stairway is straight or curved, the new stair lift can be easily installed. The chair can be folded up when not used, resulting in effective space management. Stair lifts are therefore quite a practical solution and applicable for, chiefly residential, but also commercial purposes.

Curved stair chair lifts are custom-made and therefore more expensive than straight stair lifts. Leading manufactures like ThyssenKrupp Access, Bruno and Savaria Concord provide various affordable and reliable models of stair chair lifts for comfortable indoor and outdoor transportation. Cosmetic variations in seat fabric and color of seat upholstery are also offered together with excellent installation and maintenance services.

This account, an introduction to straight and curved stair chair lifts, will help you in selecting the right stair chair lift for your home taking into consideration your budget and requirements.

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Stair chair lifts are great accessories for physically disabled people. The stair lifts that Day Elevator & Lift offers can safely and smoothly take you up and down the stairs. DAY has both straight stair lift and curved stair lifts.

Instant Income Cash Machine Review – Is Instant Income Cash Machine A Scam?

Do you want to find out more about the new affiliate program system called Instant Income Cash Machine and whether or not it really works? This newly released course is created by Sean Gallagher, a professional online marketer and coach who has helped thousands of clients start earning their own income streams from home.

Sean strongly believes in creating residual online incomes rather than simply making one-off sales, thus members will discover that he strongly emphasizes on building lists through autoresponders and leveraging on them to ensure maximum residual income in the long term.

1. What is the Main Emphasis of Sean Gallagher’s Instant Income Cash Machine System?

Some of the lessons that he have already provided for his beta testers including teaching them how to build their own responsive lists, offer free content like newsletters and videos and send the best crafted email responses to their lists. The email responder is definitely one of the most powerful weapons of Sean’s system, and he really puts a lot of emphasis into ensuring that his members get ‘list building’ done right. Once set up, I am able to make money at any time of the day as long as my servers and auto-responders are running.

2. What Are Some Other Important Skills You Will Learn From Instant Income Cash Machine?

Other than learning how to build your own lists, members will also need to learn the process of getting free traffic from the best traffic sources such as the Google search engine. Organic traffic visitors will be the main source of visitors to your websites, thus it is necessary to fully understand Sean’s latest tricks for getting his sites to the top of the search engines. In order to do so, one needs to have a lot of understanding of the niche that he or she is promoting to and do some keyword research to find out about the phrases that they will be using to search for your sites or blogs.

3. Are There Any Other Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Websites?

Another way to get new visitors to your websites daily would be to get use pay per click advertisements. However, this method requires a daily expense budget to be set aside and needs to be carefully monitored. Most of the time, beginners usually end up losing money and given the stricter guidelines set by Google, it is becoming much more difficult to get results to pay per click advertisements.

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Earth 4 Energy Reviews

Even though the global economic critical moment is almost over, we still have to keep on saving. With future economic situation is unpredictable and environment is getting worse and worsen, the time is right to start save our earth from home. There are many programs in market nowadays. One of the best and less cost programs is Earth for Energy. Earth for Energy is a program which shown people how to create a home made solar panel and wind turbine from parts that are easily available at any local shop. You can start right a way once you grab this program.
Benefits of Earth 4 Energy
1- A simple step by step guide has made Earth 4 Energy program easy to understand and make it possible to do it yourself at no labor cost.
2- The Earth 4 Energy kit shows the procedure of finding all necessary parts and putting them together with less than $200 unlike those contractors whom charge you an about $1000-$2000.
3- Short period of time required to build your home-made free energy. Its will took not less than three days depended on the parts and individual capabilities.
4- You can save up 80% electricity bills on using free energy that was built by yourself with Earth 4 Energy kit.
5- With follow the guide correctly you will be able to eliminate any hazard during the building process, since the guide was written by professional environmentalists.
6- Easily finding the parts as Earth 4 Energy kit has shown all the necessarily in details.
The results vary from person to person, because everyone uses a different amount of fuel or consumption of electricity at their home. But it is sure that you will get back your investment after following this guide and the kit within a few days.
What is Unique about Earth 4 Energy?
Two most important aspects are to save money and save earth. Save money by not appointing any commercial agent or contractor to build your home generator. You can save earth with less usage of fuel-powered generator or other generators that harmed environment. You can breathe better air by using the free energy.
Other Features
There are three bonuses offered at this site currently. One of the bonuses is the list of the special parts with links everything you need to home-made free energy easily built. The list contains specialized parts in an easy to read spreadsheet. With this, you won’t spend hours searching in the Internet.
The Earth 4 energy is available for download at $49.97. The owner of the product offers an eight week or equivalent to 56 days trial. If the manual doesn’t help you to generate home-made electricity, you can request for refund by email and the owner guaranteed to 100% refund your money.

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