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Being Our Own Worst Critics

So here’s a question for you: is it easier now for a plus sized woman then it has ever been before? I mean, is it more acceptable to have a little junk in the trunk then it was, say, ten years ago? With companies centered around plus sized clothing and plus size swimwear, are women able to find ways to look good without having to fit into previously defined ideas of beauty?

I know, I know, pretty heady stuff for a fluff piece, right? But I started thinking about this the other day when I was looking for swimsuits for the upcoming summer season. Now, I’m not really a plus-sized woman by definition, but I’m also not what you would call stick thin. Because of this, I have always had a little bit of a body image problem. I come from the age when women in magazine ads were rail thin. You know, the Twiggy era. The thing that I always found interested about that age is that I never met a single man who was into that look. Men don’t like rails, they like women with some meat, at least the ones I’ve known. Because of that, I always found it weird that women are set to this standard that men really don’t set them too themselves.

Because of this disconnect between men and women, we have a tendency to become our own worst critics. There is nothing more terrifying than having to pick out a new bathing suit for the summer, even though the only opinion we are really using is our own. Answer me this: when we are trying on different bathing suits do we ever ask our husband’s opinion? Not typically, because we feel too embarrassed to do so. Wouldn’t it make it so much easier to have someone else’s opinion when it comes to what bathing suit looks best on us? Yes, but we do don’t because ultimately we have decided that we are the best judges of how we look, even though we have a bad self body image. That’s a little weird isn’t it?

Unfortunately with that thought in mind I can’t really end this piece by saying “We just have to break through the barrier and feel better about ourselves” can I? We really have no one to blame but ourselves, even though we are really not to blame ourselves, if that makes sense. I’ll say this though, next time you’re trying on your bathing suits, ask your man, or woman, for their opinion. Chances are, they will be much nicer then you’d imagine… or that you would be on yourself.

About the Author

Author Kim Green knows her husband loves her no matter if she wears plus size swimwear or not.

Unique Fine Writing Pens & Gift Pens – An Excellent Promotional Product Listing

There are various vendors on the Internet that offer customized promotional pens. The choice ranges from ballpoint to fountain, plastic to enamel, silver to gold pens. These online suppliers will take your message and print it onto your desired pens at a very reasonable cost. So for more information on printed promotional pens, marketing and advertising items and products check out the top suppliers online today.

Promotional pens act as a clever advertising tool. There are several types of promotional pens available in the market and almost all of them can be purchased in bulk for a very low amount. This is definitely their biggest advantage. Most promotional gift pens are screen printed in one ink, though additional colors are also available. This reduces the cost naturally. Pens embossed with your company’s name and logo can be distributed in crowded places like malls and baseball games and with hours hundreds, perhaps thousands of people will know about your brands name.

Fine writing pens can be easily used as ‘added benefit’ along with other sales and advertising packages. Moreover, they can be freely distributed among the employees to increase their loyalty towards the firm. They can also be enclosed in shipping consignments to keep the name of your company always fresh in the minds of the clients. Promotional pens are often distributed at promotional shows, conferences and symposiums and are used as mass marketing tools.
There are various vendors on the Internet that offer customized promotional pens. The top quality listed pens are Pens-Twist Action, Pens-Transparent Barrel or Cap, Pens-With Grip Section, Pens-With Highlighter, Pens-Lacquered Finish, Pens-Roller Ball, Pens-Multi-Color, Pens-With Light, Pens-Gel Ink, Pens-Ballpoint-Plunger Action, Pens-Ballpoint-Twist Action, Key Holders-With Pen, Pens-Clip Action and more.

Print4Half.Com works with the intention to bring high – quality, low-cost design printed writing pens to global market and to other customers. As a small business we know firsthand the importance of providing quality printed designs writing pens for all your personal & office needs. The goal is to provide an online supply of quality writing pens as promotional gift items to customers that are easy to use, high quality, with affordable price.

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Jibin Kates


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Seasoned Sales Reps Know That Promotional Products Help Seal the Deal

The sales reps who generate the dollars in your company, the road warriors who spend their professional time in front of customers, know the reality of what it takes to keeping them happy – the right products at the right price and a bit of schmoozing are all important factors, but there is nothing worse for a sales person than visiting a customer empty handed.

Do you have the right promotional products in place for your sales force?

You know the routine of a sales call like the palm of your hand. You spend days on the road and have mapped out your customer visits for the week. Your lap top is charged with the latest presentations; your briefcase with sales contracts waiting to be signed and you’ve got your most dazzling white smile on to open doors and win business over. But is that all?

And any seasoned Sales man or Sale woman will tell you, that promotional gifts go a long way to make customers happy. Customers around the country are tired of seeing glossy brochures and hearing buzz words or uninspiring product descriptions.

The bottom line to sales is a good business relationship and a good price. And a good relationship often starts with a gift.

And the Sales reps have known this for years. How many Sales Cars out there are driving around the country the trunk stuffed with promotional Products?

And there can never be enough. Sales people agree that they if you’re seeing a new client, first impressions are everything and likely you have harassed a secretary for weeks to get a meeting penned in. So when you step into the office for the first time, you want to show her you appreciate her help – a perfect opportunity for a promotional product – like a set of branded Wine Glasses, a Ceramic Mug or why not a Tote bag.

So what if it’s a customer you haven’t seen for a while but you know him like a friend – do you still need to Promotional Products? All the more reason to bring something special! Perhaps your customer just had a birthday, got engaged or married? Perhaps your customer just became a big fan of mixing Martinis for the Poker Nights he’s been talking about. A fancy set of Martini Glasses will go a long way!

And then there’s that entire back-office that keep your business coming -customer service reps who put your products in the system, the buyers and the sellers – all key people who keep your business growing – and whose relationship you can improve by a Promotional Gift or Promotional Product.

If you’re like 50% of the American Work force – calling on clients, new or old – show them that you care just a little more than the rest, and show them that you appreciate what they do to keep your business going – fill up your trunk with Promotional Products – there is more to it than just key chains and mugs. A whole world of upgraded, first class promotional Products are available out there.

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The sales reps who generate the dollars in your company, the road warriors who spend their professional time in front of customers, know the reality of what it takes to keeping them happy – the right products at the right price and a bit of schmoozing are all important factors, but there is nothing worse for a sales person than visiting a customer empty handed. Do you have the right promotional products in place for your sales force?

Does Google Conquest Worth the Hype?

On 25th of November, Tuesday, renegade internet marketer – Alex Goad is going to launch his new, upcoming internet marketing product called the google conquest.

As a buyer of Affiliate Payload and a member of Players with Money inner circle membership, I know google conquest is going to be another top draw quality product just like the former products launched by Alex. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really a great fan of Alex Goad but really his teachings and other marketing concepts are truly mind blowing. Once you have his materials in your hands, you just have to “proof read” every single detail in his teaching lessons and judge them for yourself. Most importantly, study every single aspect of his teachings and implement them on your online business in order to see the results.

Personally, I don’t like to endorse too many product launches as it seems that almost every 24/7, your email inbox is going to be filled with product launch emails from some gurus or “wannabes” marketer coming out with the next “must buy” product of the year which promises the sky yet failed to produce the desired results that every marketers can only secretly wish for.</r>

However, there is an exception with Alex’s google conquest system.

Why? Because Alex Goad has worked incredibly hard and invested nearly 200K to make this system to near perfection for everyone else, so that any newbies with no prior internet marketing experience can start to earn their first paycheck within the first month. Besides, in google conquest, Alex will provide personal coaching and monthly blueprints to keep you on track of your own business. I must agree with one of the many pro-Alex Goad marketers who states that “the scale of the launch will be unprecedented, and Google Conquest is the biggest attempt to date”.

Lastly, not only you’ll be getting the much sought after Google Conquest Automated Blogging toolkit (powered by WordPress), you will also be getting another 5 unique Business-In-A-Box package for you to resell. Overall, the google conquest system is definitely a complete learning package that comes with automated tools and ready made business products. With this system, one can seriously think of generating day job killing income in no time at all, provided you follow the system blueprints and implement them accordingly. No success is ever achieved without proper planning and execution. Period.

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In my blog, I continue to talk about Alex Goad’s traffic generation tactics that are not often talked about but used everyday by underground and mainstream marketers to make an absolute killing online. You can find out more about this secret google conquest method here.

The Magic of Lingerie Confidence

Holding daily stress at bay with a smile and a bubbly bounce in your step becomes effortless when you feel fabulous in your clothes. We’ve all experienced the rush of stepping out in that new suit or dress. If only the perfect new outfit were a possibility for every gal each and every morning! A more achievable way to tap into your beauty confidence magic on a daily basis is to simply know that you are dressed to impress underneath your clothes!

For a dose of every-day lingerie mood-boosting mojo try a matching bra and panty! There is a style for every frame, cup and derriere. For every style there is a seemingly limitless combination of patterns, fabrics and trims. Your matching bra and panty can be as unique as you are deep down. Are you really a silky tigress? Do you just feel kittenish today? Step into that exotic bra and panty set before you moderate your inner self with a yet another less than new, oh-so-tasteful selection in outerwear. So you’ve had the blouse for a few seasons and the skirt is just a dull, corporate appropriate colour… So what? You’ve got the exquisite feel of silk and stripes against your skin all day long. File your claws and hold your tail high as you stealthily make ready to pounce on your day!

Toss your pantyhose collection! Or at least tuck it neatly in the back of your lingerie drawer. You are about to exclusively wear stockings and garters. Yes, even under slacks. Tummy bulge is a very real concern, but the switch to stockings and garters you will leave you more aware of your posture. Tuck your tummy and sit up straight. Pull your shoulders back and away from your neck. Your spine and your waistline will thank you. And for the transitional times don’t forget the redeeming properties of teddies featuring control panels! The idea is to feel good and sensual in your own body. If you don’t address the causes of your insecurities you will never feel significantly better than you do right now. Let your inner light shine brilliantly! And for those gals with good bodies and a tiny, stubborn belly bulge – there is nothing wrong with you! Flat abs are lovely but so is a modest goddess bulge! For those who doubt the truth of this, look to Marilyn Monroe. Need I say more?

Another fun and any-day style lingerie boost can be had by wearing anything sheer under your clothing. A sheer bra and panty or a sheer slip, chemise or mini dress worn under your work clothes can cause you to have a constant and persistent awareness of how pretty you are even if you aren’t displaying it fully. Pretty ladies smile all the time and smiles attract all kinds of possibilities, don’t they?

Special occasions come with special undergarments. The fundamentals such as pantyhose, slips, bras and panties, camisoles, and so on receive a Cinderella upgrade for the day. You may find yourself wearing a corset or bustier, a strapless bra, a garter and stockings, a teddy, a richly made slip or chemise… And doesn’t it make you feel wonderful? Ordinary and every-day underwear have no place under formal or evening wear certainly, but how would extraordinary lingerie worn under your work clothes feel? Like a secret you can barely keep? Like a smile you can’t suppress? Like floating through your day inside of your own little patch of sunshine? Furthermore, how would it effect your evening and your time spent with your lover or significant other? Feeling good in your skin can give you a powerful charge. Eight or nine hours of “battery” reserve can excite your love life physically and emotionally. And bonus! You’re already wearing something that will tantalize your partner’s sensibilities!

You don’t need to spend a lot to feel the magic of lingerie confidence! One of the most versatile and inexpensive options outside of the basic and every-day is the bodystocking. These are hosiery garments which extend from your toes to your shoulders. Some have sleeves, some merely have straps. Just like stockings and hose, the bodystocking is available in a wide variety of patterns, colours and opacities. Most bodystockings can be had for $20 (US) or less.

If you’ve never tried one before because it seemed an inconvenient or impractical garment, rest assured that very few bodystockings are manufactured with a crotch. In fact, it’s rather difficult to find a bodystocking which isn’t crotchless for purchase. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

For an extra bit of naughtiness: try your next date in a bodystocking but without the panties. It will be difficult to keep your mind off of being intimate with your partner!

The tantalizing feel of fine spun hose can encase not only your legs but your midriff, chest and arms. And how much fun is it that what appears to be a tank or long sleeve shirt to the casual onlooker is actually part of your lacy, frilly, girly lingerie arsenal? Indulge your closet exhibitionist with a touch of hose in all the wrong places!

Confidence is a kind of magic that attracts positive experiences to you. Concentrating on having more confidence is a difficult way to actually experience confidence. It’s much easier to affect a change by doing things that make you feel genuinely good such as a fresh new hair cut or donning inspirational clothes or underclothes. Indulging your sensuality through sexy, fun and expressive lingerie will give you confidence which requires no concentration to maintain. You will probably stand taller, move with greater grace and fluidity and attract smiles, attention and good will without even trying. Make a promise to yourself to work some confidence magic with lingerie today! Every woman deserves to feel fabulous! Life is just too short to be down on yourself and closed off to all of the wonderful possibilities this world has to offer you. Enjoy your life right now!

About the Author

In addition to her freelance projects, Wynter Stark is a copyright writer for Touch of That Lingerie. A student of both fashion and life, her approach to both is all about the journey.

What’s Going on with Facebook Marketing Right Now?

Facebook marketing is the new trend that is sweeping the world right now. With morethan half a billion active users of this website, it has become more than just a social networking website. Today, this is an entire market that online entrepreneurs are tapping into for seeking their business profits.

However, even within the arena of Facebook marketing, there has been a sea of change recently. People are using newer and different methods of bringing their products out into the open through this social networking portal, and this is only facilitated more because of applications such as FB Maxed 2011. These applications give people several options to effectively showcase their businesses to their group of people on Facebook and even attract other people from their target niche to their business profiles.

One of the recent trends that entrepreneurs are involved in right now is posting theirbusiness websites on their Facebook profiles. This was not possible until lately, but nowby using new iMarket features, applications like FB Maxed are making that possible.You can post your website on your Facebook profile now, and make it interactive aswell.

This applies to webpages of considerable lengths. The entire webpage is taken in and displayed on the profile. People are able to embed videos and add some ecommerce features as well.

The biggest potential of Facebook is that people can build networks. For business persons, it means that they can build their list of leads, which they can look upon as prospects for furthering their business. Now, these new Facebook profile pages that allow websites also allow all those opt-in features that help people to build their lists.

You can convert all your Facebook visitors into a potential lead database that you can promote your product to if you so wanted.

Earlier, with the Facebook Markup Language that was used, there were several restrictions on how Facebook could be used by entrepreneurs. Recently, this markup language has taken a backseat and people are using new options like HTML5, which isgiving a new leash to the limits that people can use their Facebook profiles to.

It is a wonderful world of opportunities that has been created. At present, more than 50% of the people who shop online regularly have Facebook profiles. Hence, it is only but logical that entrepreneurs use this platform to give the boost to their business that they are looking for. Recent trends indicate that entrepreneurs are not allowing any such opportunity pass.

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Republished with author’s permission by Janice M. Sears

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The Wiggly Worm Honest Review – is this the best make money online e-book?

The Wiggly Worm details the methods Samantha used when she first started out in Internet Marketing to generate quick cash when needed.


Samantha Milner is one of the UK’s top Internet Marketers. She sells on the internet at and also runs a variety of free mentoring which can all be accessed from If you want to know more read her About Us page on her website or subscribe to her Ezine through her websites.


After reading The Mega Marketing Launcher I was intrigued by her unique income generating methods and had to know more. This led me to purchase her e-book “The Wiggly Worm.” This e-book tells you how Samantha generates quick cash injections when she needs them.
In the e-book Samantha discusses how to:

• Create your income on eBay!

• Get your own income stream set up and earning you thousands in 24hrs!

• Tap into the eBay niches whilst you sleep!

• Why you should always go back to your roots with Digital Products!

• How to generate quick cash injections with Physical Goods!

• How to generate quick cash injections without any product!

The Wiggly Worm begins with Samantha telling you why you need quick cash injections. As she puts it there are some of us who do not have savings and “There are often financial emergencies and unexpected bills that require a sudden cash injection to rectify.” She then goes on to explain how you can generate these quick cash injections in 24 hours. She then sums up the e-book and outlines why it is so easy to set it all up.

As expected I found this e-book to be a very interesting read. I feel some of the methods Samantha uses are very good and some are not so good. To conduct this review I will outline my favourite cash injection below and how effective I think it is.


At the moment I have not implemented the ideas from The Wiggly Worm. The reason for this is that I do not require any quick cash injections at the moment and also I am pursuing more long-term money making methods. However, I could definitely see myself using some of the ideas in the future, especially the creating your own niche products. Next time I end up at a car boot sale (although I don’t go very often) the car boot sale method will prove a nice little earner.

About the Author

You can find out more about Samantha Milner’s Wiggly Worm Method at her website:

Head over to to reserve your COPY now!

Buying Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Persons with limited mobility would experience great difficulties in accessing commercial buildings and business places if it were not for commercial wheelchair stair lifts. These accessibility devices allow wheelchair users to access the different floor levels of commercial establishments safely and easily.

Buying Commercial Wheelchair Lifts-Key Points to Consider

Wheelchair lift models can be installed in a variety of commercial facilities such as hospitals, schools, churches, office spaces and many other public places. While buying commercial wheelchair lifts, it is necessary to analyze the accessibility requirements of the users, the available models and their features. To buy a wheelchair stair lift model to suit your needs, consider the following factors:

Brand and Quality: Branded commercial wheelchair stair lift models excel in quality, and ensure steady performance and durability. Savaria Concord, Adaptive Engineering and ThyssenKrupp Access are leading names in commercial wheelchair stair lifts. These companies offer a wide range of portable wheelchair lifts, vertical platform lifts and inclined platform lifts.

Safety Features and Controls: Before finalizing a particular wheelchair lift, check whether it has the necessary safety features. Good brands offer models with non-skid platform, emergency alarm and stop button, under panel obstruction sensors, safety brake. It is also important to check whether the controls of the device are easily accessible and simple to handle. You can choose from wheelchair lifts that are hydraulic, electric-powered and manually-operated.

Warranty Options: New and used wheelchair lift models of established manufacturers come with proper warranty.

Range of Choice: Established suppliers of accessibility devices would have an extensive collection of commercial wheelchair lifts. Buying from a reputable dealer enables you to select the model that can best serve your purpose, after comparing the features and functionalities of the device.

After-Sales Support: Reliable dealers ensure excellent after-sales support. They offer trouble-free installation, as well as perform timely inspection, repair and maintenance services.

Buy from an Experienced Dealer

Spending a few minutes on the web would help you to obtain information about the established dealers that offer premium models of commercial wheelchair stair lifts. Searches on web-directories and yellow pages will provide a detailed list that can help locate an experienced dealer.

About the Author

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts – DAY Elevator & Lift is a popular wheelchair lift company providing a range of wheelchair stair lifts to meet the varied requirements of people using wheelchairs.

HDTV Antenna Facts

Because the reputation of over-the-air (OTA) HDTV grows, HDTV antenna turns into an vital element of your house amusement method. Off-air Television antennas have already been place aside for many a long time in favor of contemporary satellite and cable tv technology. The comeback of off-air HDTV antennas has to do with an incredible high quality of HDTV broadcasts. Forget about noisy analog pictures; snow, ghosts, all that belongs for the past. HDTV broadcasts high quality is normally superior to the high quality with the exact same HDTV programs obtained by way of a compensated satellite subscription. Not just the high quality is far better; OTA HDTV is totally free of charge. To pick up HD signals you may need a HD antenna.

To opt for the most effective HD antenna adhere to our step-by-step HDTV antenna selection guideline. Following you figure out what sort of TV antenna you’ll want to choose up HDTV broadcasts within your region, use our HD antenna search engine to uncover the particular antenna designs of the needed type and read consumer critiques.
What exactly is HD antenna?

Also often referred as HDTV antenna, HD antenna is often a regular TV antenna utilized for HDTV reception. There is certainly nothing unique about HD antenna. Associating higher definition expression having a TV antenna is just a marketing and advertising spin that takes advantage from the fancy buzzword to increase the old-fashioned unit sales.
How much to invest on HD antenna?

By the time the topic of HD antennas at any time rolls around, most individuals discover on their own more than a previously established budget. Substantial definition appropriate televisions can easily run into the 1000s of dollars, using the cords and cables taking another bite out of the spending budget. The excellent news is that HD antennas are considerably less difficult around the budget. Generally, a top quality outdoor directional antenna may be found in $50-$100 collection. And once the differences among the excellent antenna as well as the junk are that tiny, go for the top! Immediately after you might have currently spent a good deal of funds to the HDTV set, you would like to obtain one of the most from it.

Indoor vs. Outside

If whatsoever feasible, out of doors antennas are suggested, specifically in the event you reside in a region that may well be remote in regards to broadcast towers. Even so, should you reside in an urban region or one that’s significantly saturated with broadcast signals, and then an indoor HD antenna could perform completely well. Indoor tv antennas will also be encouraged for anyone who may not feel comfortable with accessing their roof and setting up the actual antenna. Moreover, indoor HD antennas don’t get the environmental punishments that out of doors antennas get, so the indoor variations normally last lengthier.

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hdtv antenna is popular these days. Check out the author’s site to get all the details.

Best High Ticket Product Creation – What are high ticket information base products?

What are high ticket information base products? These are the highest form of information products that allow experts, gurus, and coaches to share their knowledge to their target market. Examples are one-on-one coaching, teleseminars, advanced group coaching programs, webinars, etc. These are preferred by people who have great buying powers as they offer them all the information they need in as little time as possible so they can improve the quality of their lives or learn new sets of skills in no time.

Who can offer high ticket information products? Anyone, including you, can create these products as long as you have valuable information to share that can potentially help online users.

Here’s how you can advance with high ticket product creation:

1. Choose your audience. You will need to target a hungry crowd that does not mind spending thousands of dollars on information products. You may connect with people who are spending $5,000 on their golf memberships or $7,000 just to get access to membership only sites. For more details, get to know their needs and demands. If you are able to offer these people with what they truly need, you can be assured that they’ll spend their precious dimes just to get ahold of your products.

2. Choose your topics. When deciding on your topics, keep the needs, demands, pressing issues, frequent questions, aspirations, and areas of interest of your target market. Remember, in order to convince these people to buy your products, you will need to offer them something that will interest them.

3. Do your research. To easily give your clients great value for their money, make sure that you do an extensive research and never leave any stone unturned so you can offer them with in-depth, complete, and detailed information that can help them better understand your main topic.

4. Improve your communication skills. Whether you are launching one-on-one coaching or teleseminars, it is very important that you can translate your thoughts and ideas into words and that you know how to effectively get them across. For more details can hone your communication skills by attending relevant seminars and by practicing on a regular basis.

5. Solicit feedback. Make it a habit to ask your customers on what they think about your presentations so you can easily figure out the rough edges that you need to work on to better serve your future clients.

By the way…do you want to learn exactly how to create a high income online business by meeting the needs of people in your niche through coaching, consulting, and teaching online classes?

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