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Auto Traffic Tycoon Review

Is Auto Traffic Tycoon a scam? Making money online is certainly no easy task despite all the overhyped comments that you might be seeing from so called ‘gurus’ claiming to have the best system for making money online. This software program makes use of the concepts of affiliate marketing, which is certainly one of the easiest and most powerful ways for any individual to start earning money from home on the Internet.

What Can The Auto Traffic Tycoon Software Program Do For You?

This new software system is capable of automating many manual tasks which had to be done manually before, such as creating niche sites and then getting new people to visit the site every day. Even though users can run this software and let it set up their online business automatically, users will still be provided with exercises that serve to help them understand the processes that are actually going on behind the scenes. The software itself had been under development over past couple of months and has only recently been finalized.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Auto Traffic Tycoon Software to Make Money?

The biggest benefit that I am seeing from this software tool thus far is its capability to do advertising for its owners. Its traffic generation methods are certainly not fancy but rather the normal efficient ones that would require many hours a day to implement manually. Beta testers have also reported seeing new traffic results on their sites within the first 2 days since they started testing it.

The total costs that were spent developing this tool amounted to more than $40,000 in total and is aimed at leveling the playing field for the benefit of its users. Also, I have found that there are actually 3 full time support staff handling my queries and therefore I always had my queries answered within a day.

How Do You Know If Auto Traffic Tycoon is Not Just Another Scam?

There are certainly many online scams today that are still selling old methods but touting them as new. Besides the fact that the buyer has wasted his or her money, he or she will actually be learning outdated methods that do not work anymore, costing more time that could have been better spent learning something else.

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Is Auto Traffic Tycoon a scam? Visit to read a FREE report about this Website Traffic Software to find out the truth and get a complimentary FREE Auto Traffic Tycoon Bonus Download!

Swimwear Styles for You This Summer: Things to Consider Before You Buy

If you are going to hit the beaches, the pool, the lake, the ocean or wherever this summer it probably won’t surprise you that you may need one of these, you guessed it…. a swimsuit. Now before you run off to the mirror to take a look at that insatiable masterpiece we call the body you will probably want to relax, take a breather and prepare yourself for the image you are about to behold. In order to find the perfect garment to wear we have to be realistic. There are multiple styles of swimwear to fit multiple types of bodies. Too much to the left or the right could mean disaster!

Let’s consider some different styles for different types of bodies. The Maillot pronounced my-oh is a one piece swimsuit. This style is good for women who want to cover up or hide slightly bulging tummies or love handles. The skirted version of the Maillot helps to hide a bit more thigh or stretch marks around that area. There is also the keyhole style that may expose a bit more skin for those who want to be a bit more daring without feeling over exposed. This style is gaining popularity rapidly as it brings some much needed sexiness to the one piece.

The Triangle Top Bikini is the traditional bikini with two triangles with the halter neck and panty bottoms. This style can be good for women with boyish figures who want to give the illusion of having curves. Then we have the Tankini. It is similar to a tank top with a bikini bottom. If you are looking for a modest two piece suit then this is perfect for you. It will also hide those slight belly imperfections. There are many other styles to choose from, which are normally variations of the looks mentioned above. Tube top and strap bikinis are two other popular styles though strapless is not recommended for women with bigger busts.

Fortunately or unfortunately our male counterparts are stuck with less variety, but they can make up for it with vibrant colour. Colour is almost as important as the style; a rich hot pink swim suit can be ghastly on pale skin, but can complement darker skin tones beautifully. Think carefully about what colours suit your eyes, skin tone and hair before you splash out on a swimsuit.

Ideal fabrics are a cotton/lycra mix. Lycra provides a good fit while cotton ensures comfort especially when you might be wearing swimwear all day. Be careful about sizing, if the swimsuit is cutting into your skin or parts of you is falling out of it you probably need a larger size. As a matter of fact…you will need a larger size. When it comes to swimwear it’s better to remember: DON’T WEAR IT IF IT’S NOT WORKING! We should be rational human beings, with an eye for keen judgment of what looks good and what does not flatter your body. Though such thoughts can somehow elude us at times and wrong decisions can be made, this is what are friends are for, to tell you the truth.

Now that we have been informed about what to look for when buying swimsuits, finding where to shop for one can be a chore in itself! Luckily, with the internet it can be easier than it has ever been to find the best swimsuit for you. There are so many good brands and styles of swimwear to choose from, and we can buy items from around the world without ever leaving our homes, this is due to the convenience of buying swimwear online . Online swimwear retailers have a great variety of swimwear to choose from, along with substantial quality and designer brand names. They go out of their way to ensure you know what size to get and some even have returns policy’s so that you are never left with something that you don’t want or that doesn’t fit. Wear your swimsuit with pride and comfort this summer. Happy Shopping!

About the Author

M. Cusack is a freelance writer for Australian-based Sauvage who specialise in lingerie and swimwear online . Sauvage delivers internationally and stocks a variety of designer swimwear labels. With sizing charts and information available, buying swimwear online has never been simpler.

Dahle 10560 High Speed Letter Folder Review

For a small paper folder, the Dahle 10560 High Speed Letter Folder is one choice of many. This durable little machine is designed to be compact and lightweight but still offer quality performance. With a variety of fold styles and rapid fold speeds, this efficient device will increase productivity. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the Dahle 10560.


  • This machine is designed to fit neatly atop a desk or table A desk stand and large metal catch basket are included for added functionality. At 21 pounds, it is still light enough for easy transport from one surface to another.
  • A free training video on CD called “Setup and Operation” is also included to aid you in configuring your device. The CD will work on both a Mac and a PC.
  • Four different folds are produced by the manually adjusted fold plates. They include a single or half fold, the standard “C” trifold for letters, a “Z” fold often seen in bills, and a double parallel or engineering fold.
  • Fold settings include a straight on and off switch as well as a continuous mode option. The motor is rated for up to 4000 sheets an hour, though this is not advised.
  • This device can fold standard letter, A4, and legal size documents. The feed tray has a capacity of 50 sheets of 20lb bond paper, though it accepts as light as 16lb bond. An additional manual feed folds three loose or stapled sheets together at once.
  • Dahle provides a 90 day warranty on this device.


  • This machine is rated for low volume use. Though the throughput can be as high as 4000 sheets per hour, it is recommended for only a few hundred folds per day for maximum longevity. That recommendation is based on a Monday through Friday work week and equals out to about 3200 folds per month. If your needs exceed this, we strongly recommend that you invest in a higher rated machine.
  • Heavier items, such as cardstock or glossy paper, cannot be folded by this device. Many offices don’t use large amounts of these items and won’t be affected by this. However, if your company does need to fold high quantities of these mediums, there are paper folders available that offer that specific capability.
  • Standard 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper is the smallest this machine can fold. Again, many offices only use that size paper and won’t mind this limitation. Businesses needing a wider range of folding sizes will want to look into a higher model.

As you can see, the Dahle 10560 is best suited for the light duty needs of a small office. Small size with functional design offer an efficient way to fold a variety of items from fliers to brochures to letters. The increased productivity resulting from this machine will save your business time and money; eventually it will pay for itself. Churches, clubs, small businesses and schools would all benefit from this device. The Dahle 10560 High Speed Letter Folder is a great option for your next light use paper folder.

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If you’d like to purchase the Dahle 10560, you should really visit They have this product available at a great price and they also have a wide selection of other Paper Folders. Plus, you’ll get free shipping on all orders over $75.00.Check it out for yourself now!

Tube Fool Review

What is Tube Fool?

Tube Fool is a youtube marketing software and certainly its kind of unique product in the market that can generate huge traffic to your youtube videos to earn good amount of money online. Everyone needs traffic and certainly FREE traffic to their offers to make money, this is what tube fool is going to provide you.

This software was sold in December 2010 with dominating video course and the people who buy that are having great success with the software. Mar has refined it further and have added some new functions and options that made this software a must have application for video marketing.
How exactly Tube Fool Works?
Tube fool is a unique piece of software that will help you to get more view on your youtube videos. The software allows you to easily search users and videos so that then you promote your own videos using this software automatically.

There are four ways on Youtube by which you can search for users that might be interested in your videos:
1. By other users friends – This function search for a video and then software extract all of the users that are friends of the video you have searched.
2. Buy other users subscribers – This involves retrieving the list of subscribers of a particular users channel.
3. By user channel commentators – This function will allow you to extract the list of commentators of a particular channel videos. Theses are really very targeted users for your offer and are active one, so really a powerful stuff.
4. By keyword – This involves giving keywords and the software will find users channels that have a reference to your keyword.
I was just testing all of the above ways to get the list of users and I was amazed to see the speed of the software. Because in about 1 minute I was able to have a 500+ people list.

Now once you have the list of lot of users related to your niche you will try to attract them to your videos in three different ways.

1. By sharing your video to the user list
2. By subscribing to the user channels you gathered
3. By processing friend requests to the list of targeted users you collected
People are making six figure income with youtube and mind it they do all of the above listed tasks manually. Now imagine how much you can earn from youtube when you will have a software to do everything for you.

Tube fool doesn’t involve making any money directly but it helps to automate almost all the youtube marketing process that can save lot of time. I used it and I was amazed with the speed of the software. You can perform different tasks in minutes that might take you days to do it so really a powerful stuff.
So I recommend you to buy tube fool software if you are serious about youtube marketing and want to earn good money from it.

About the Author

Are you looking for an honest Tube Fool Review ??I’m guessing yes…. and you will be glad to hear that you arrived at the right place. It is my goal to present the most in-depth and accurate details on the course as an actual Tube Fool Review user.

20 Minute Payday System Review

Would you like to find out more about 20 Minute Payday and how it really works? This system is all about teaching beginners how to build their own online Internet business based on solid fundamentals that would ensure the creation of long term residual income streams. There are several key areas of building online businesses that need to be mastered in order to have a fully functional online income stream, and these are all clearly stated in the PDF instructional manuals of the system.

1. Why Do You Want To Start Using 20 Minute Payday?

Basically, you must firstly be very sure about how you want to get your business going by having a clear mission statement in your mind as you go about doing this. Without this clear statement, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed by information sometimes and not have the conviction and determination to continue with your business.

2. Does The 20 Minute Payday Course Really Work?

Most people would quickly say that they want to start learning how to build an online based business because they want to make more money, but you should definitely think beyond that and think about what you want to do with this new income stream. I know that was how I managed to finally get my business of the ground with this 20 minute a day system, and this system definitely works if you put all its steps into place.

3. How Do You Create An Online Income With 20 Minute Payday?

With consistent application of the steps in this course, many members have proven that it is possible to create a consistent 5 figure income from this online business. The main idea is that you will be promoting other people’s products for commissions in a process known as affiliate marketer, and you will become the affiliate in this process.

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Is 20 Minute Payday a scam? Visit to read a report about this Online Income Business System to find out the truth and get a complimentary FREE 20 Minute Payday Bonus Download!

Magic Submitter

All Internet Marketers knows that the secret to high rankings in Google and other major search engines are high quality backlinks from popular sites, videos, RSS feeds and articles. Apart from the aforementioned other advantages include free advertising, viral marketing, boosting personal and business credibility and getting continuous traffic for years. Magic Submitter software claims to make the process of submitting to major article directories, blogs, video directories, RSS feeds and much more fully automated and most importantly hassle free not to mention time effective.

Magic Submitter also claims submitting to over twenty seven blogs is a breeze and there is no need to worry about numerous captchas to be filled in as the software uses a secret formula to alleviate this hurdle. It stands to reason that the whole sign up process to various article and blog directories is also automated with Magic Submitter. Apart from the product providing a person with top sites to submit to one can also add additional sites using the software’s design features.

Alexandr Krulik is the man behind Magic Submitter. He also developed Magic Article Rewriter which creates different versions of a single article and by submitting an article using this software Magic Submitter turns an article into a unique version suited for each directory being submitted to. Membership to the Magic Submitter Club also entitles a person to learn how to position content in the market to stand out and get noticed, how to find the right sites to post content to, how to keep up to date on “hot” sites out there and how to manage a complete marketing campaign. The package includes mentorship and coaching so a person should never be in the dark using the software. Lastly it must be mentioned that the price offered for the monthly subscription claims to be for a limited period only.

(c) Reviewed Best 2009 – 2010

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Interested in the online money making industry. Writes articles and reviews on the subject and products.

Blast for Traffic – Find Out the Shocking Truth About Getting Traffic

Here’s my latest blast for traffic review. Read this before buying into the program.

Do you want a blast for traffic to your website or blog?

This is a review article about a popular site that may help you. Although, you may not really understand it until you read this short piece. I will make it meaty and straight to the point. Let’s go…

Fact is: Nowadays, reading an honest review about any internet marketing product online is very difficult. People are just out to exploit your hard earned cash instead of giving you the information you need so you can make up your mind on whether to buy or not.

Let me Cut Through all those numerous crap you have read about this and really guide you if you are serious about getting targeted traffic that will convert into repeated customers.

What is Blast For Traffic?

It’s an email marketing company that deals on permission. That means you have access to millions of targeted double opt-ins you can send your marketing offers on a daily basis easily. You can also use one of the pre-made email templates to deliver pretty broadcast messages to hungry recipients.

Does Blast For Traffic Work?

It works but not in the exact way as presented on the homepage. When you read the sales copy, the owner guarantees you will send out your message to over 70 million people daily – but this is not realistic to me because of the result I got. I’m currently a member and I’m using this service.

My Unbiased Experience

I’m 2 weeks old using blast for traffic system to promote my website and e-cover site and I have had positive results. Although, the first day I sent out a broadcast, I got 1103 visits to my websites and converted about 451 to customers. 44 people ordered for my e-covers and my mailing list expanded. So far, I have made about $5,220 in direct sales from my site in 2 weeks of using blast for traffic system.

Will It Work For You?

It depends on a lot of factors. If you have the notion that you will attract 70 million buyers, that is a BIG marketing hype and I advice you erase it from your mind right now. But truly, if you work at it just like I did, you will be able to attract handful of targeted traffic to your site. Maybe, much bigger than mine! To enjoy the full system and get massive response for your emails, use their pre-made template.

Click Reading and Visit Blast For Traffic Homepage to grab AMAZING BONUS GIFTS worth $330.

All in all, if it worked for me, I’m confident it will do the same for you. My goal this year is to quit all the numerous traffic generation means that waste my precious time. I want to focus on this unique one and work on it with maximum beam. I hope you do the same too – watch your sales and credibility boom significantly.

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Reviewing the Akiles Finish – @ – Coil M Electric Coil Inserter

The last step in putting together a document bound with coil is inserting the spine into your document. It’s possible to insert these by hand, but it takes much less time if you have the right machine. One machine that can you lend you a hand is the Akiles Finish-A-Coil E1. Let’s check out the strengths and weaknesses of this device.


  • The Finish-A-Coil can bind documents with coils that are up to 50 mm in diameter. The 50 mm ones are the largest supplies on the market and can bind a book containing as many as 440 pages. The smallest coil has a diameter of 6 mm and can bind 30 sheets together, so you’ll be able to bind documents of all sizes.
  • This machine features a full-length EDPM roller. The roller is 11-3/8″ long and is operated by foot pedal which allows you to keep your hands free. You can adjust the settings to get the right one for the particular coil you’re using for your document. Plus, this roller is durable and is built to last. Both the roller and crimper (more on that in a moment) can be adjusted at the same time so you can keep things moving.
  • The Finish-A-Coil has crimpers built right into it. It will crimp any coil so long as it’s 50 mm wide or less. Like the roller, this feature is operated by the foot pedal. And best of all, you won’t need to wrestle with manual crimpers, so you’ll save yourself some time and frustration.
  • Selecting the right spine for your book won’t be very hard because the Finish-A-Coil has feature that allows you to measure the book’s thickness. When you have this number, you can then pick out your coil and bind your book.
  • One of the most innovative features this machine has to offer is its automatic mode selector. To use this feature, you can just set that machine on “Auto” and it will then either insert a coil or crimp one based on what its built-in sensor tells it to do. It makes using this machine incredibly easy.
  • This machine won’t take up too much room even if space is limited in your work environment. It has measurements of 14.5″ (length) x 10.5″ (width) x 5.75″ (height) and it only weighs 18 pounds.
  • The Finish-A-Coil has a one-year warranty so your purchase will be protected if you experience any trouble with it.


  • The Finish-A-Coil isn’t capable of punching your documents, so you’ll need to have a punch handy. Pre-punched paper would also be a good choice because half the work would already be done for you.
  • Plastic combs and wire spines cannot be used with this machine. They require completely different equipment.

Although the Akiles Finish-A-Coil has a couple of drawbacks, overall this is definitely the machine to use when you need to bind your documents with coils. Get this great machine for your office today so you can take advantage of its great features.

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If you’d like to purchase the Akiles Finish-A-Coil E1, visit They have great price and all the Coil Binding Supplies that you’ll need. Plus, you’ll get free shipping on all orders over $75.00. If you’d like to learn more about these types of products, read all about them at


One of the fundamental problems, according to Dogploma, when it comes to dog obedience training is to establish what causes certain behavior characteristics in a dog. By eliminating the causes and not the symptoms can have a long lasting effect on a dog’s ultimate behavior. The program claims to be made up of various training techniques from different reputable dog trainers therefore it offers different ways to train a dog to achieve the same result. The lessons claim to be simple, easy to understand, reliable, effective and most importantly fun. There is no requirement to have any previous experience in training dogs whatsoever.

Dogploma claims to show exactly which posture to adapt and which voice commands to use in order to avoid any misunderstanding on the part of the dog which counts for a large part why certain training techniques are ineffective. The program claims to be different in the sense that certain training techniques work sometimes but few work all the time. Time and money are two things a person does not have much of when it comes to dog training and Dogploma claims to save on both.

Dogploma claims the program is not only suited for dog obedience training but can be used to train dog tricks, advanced tricks, dog health and any other dog behavior related aspects. The guide claims to be an actual step by step program and not just a book with pictures and loose sentences that nobody can understand. Another important factor of this program is the fact that it is presented in various formats. These include an e-book, video and ipod tutorial the latter enabling a person to do lessons in a park for instance and not being house bound. The lessons are presented in plain English and a person can actually see and hear what to teach. Several bonuses are included in the package.

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Interested in the online money making industry. Writes articles and reviews on the subject and products.

Money Making Ideas | Fleet Street Publications in south africa

“EP publish ideas – Useful ideas. Ideas, information and opinions that make people more independent financially, physically and intellectually.”
For the past ten years Fleet Street Publications has been dedicated to researching and sourcing life-changing ideas and information. And today we are South Africa’s largest publisher of business, investment, health and lifestyle tips and advice. Simply select your area of interest and discover the many publications, special reports and products we produce. You are sure to find the solution to every one of life’s questions, whether it relates to your investments, your health, your business or perhaps your nextbusiness opportunity. Explore our site by selecting your area of interest below. Investing Share Tips Trading Tips Property Personal Finance Read more … Business Personnel Business Finance Health & Safety Read more … Biz-Op & Lifestyle Entrepeneurial Success Personal Success Read more … Natural Health Anti-Ageing Arthritis & Joint Health Cancer Diabetes and Weight loss Heart General Health Read more …
How do you actually write “Mr … was lazy and unreliable” in a legally correct way when giving a reference? And in such a way that the employee cannot sue you later! Believe it or not: Even a “!” in the wrong place may be the reason that you lose a case at the CCMA. The frustrating thing is, it’s exactly such petty errors and similar loopholes in the labour law that mean employers lose 51% of all CCMA cases. These technicalities don’t apply to references only, but also to written warnings and dismissals. But how do you dismiss correctly? How do you make a dismissal stick, even if it goes to the CCMA? Simply read on, for your own benefit, to see how you can successfully effect dismissals that are 100% legally watertight and will hold up at the CCMA. You’ll find a selection of the most important issues surrounding dismissals, taken from the Labour Law for Managers loose-leaf service. We show you how you can justify your dismissals and protect your business completely. 29 experienced labour law consultants give you hands-on advice on the right strategy for making your dismissals stick. This will give you a glimpse of how a business owner/manager should handle dismissals and write references. The comprehensive Labour Law for Managers loose-leaf service gives you all the details you need for maximum protection in labour-related problems. You will find, for example: Information on the problem areas managers have to handle in the workplace daily, and appropriate solutions Valuable advice for employers, based on the ever-changing legislation Sample contracts, dismissals and warning letters, etc. Numerous practical checklists How can you benefit from this practical handbook? FREE: See for yourself how valuable this product is to you as an employer. It’s clearly different from other jargon filled, technical products on the market. And you can order it today for a free 14-day trial. You will definitely find it worthwhile, even if you have a labour lawyer. It’s simpler, faster and much cheaper to look up something than to wait until your lawyer calls you back. Of course, during these 14 days you can also check how good your lawyer really is… I wish you all the best in your investigation of these new labour strategies.

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