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TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 8 RS Grande-Date GMT Singapore

TAG Heuer created a special Grand Carrera Calibre 8 RS Grande-Date GMT for the Singapore Grand Prix last year. The Grand Carrera for Singapore is limited to 150 pieces and you can buy this watch only in Singapore

In line with the unique night race format, this special Grand Carrera will be developed specially for Singapore, available only in a limited edition of an all-black bezel, dial and indexes to signify the night race.

As part of a meaningful collectible, each exclusive timepiece will be presented together with a limited edition book titled “Snakes and Devils”, compiled and authored by motoring enthusiast, Eli Solomon. The book pays tribute to the history of the Singapore Grand Prix.

The TAG Heuer Grand Carrera: a premium Avant-Garde series inspired by the motor-racing heritage and featuring unprecedented sophistication, performance and precision. It is powered by the TAG Heuer Calibre RS movements, the first mechanical line of movements engineered with Rotating System indicators.

“We are very excited to have created this limited edition for Singapore,” says Mr Jean-Christophe Babin, President and CEO of TAG Heuer. “It commemorates an important milestone in racing history with the very first night race in Singapore.”

Mr Babin continued, “Singapore is one of the key important markets for TAG Heuer where the sales per capita is one of the highest in the world. With our rich brand history with motor racing and F1, I am very happy and excited that Singapore will be hosting one of the most spectacular and exciting Formula 1 races. With the inaugural F1 race in Singapore, many Singaporeans will get the opportunity to see first hand the superior skills, professionalism and talent of our brand ambassadors, Kimi R?ikk?nen, defending Formula 1 World Champion and Scuderia Ferrari driver and Lewis Hamilton, 2007 World Vice-Champion and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes star taking on the streets of Singapore at night.

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Promotional Pens: Custom Imprinted Personalized Promotional Pens

Many stylish promotional ballpoint pens are available in a wide range of attractive vibrant colors, which makes for a versatile corporate gift which would be ideal for any number of promotions. They are used for multiple purposes with different custom printed patterns.

Despite being in the digital age, a printed promotional pen will always make for a useful corporate gift. If you’re looking for a modern, stylish and cost effective promotional product to market your business with, then the Print4Half’s printed promotional pen would make a great choice.

The printed promotional pens that we show on our website are just a selection of our favorite corporate writing instruments. If you have a specific printed pen in mind that you can’t see, let us know and we will find it for you at the best possible price. We believe promotional writing instruments make excellent corporate gifts for a number of reasons. Whether you’re looking for a luxury promotional pen that will really turn heads, or a cheaper budget printed pen as a trade show giveaway, pens2order has all the answers. Our multi designed pens include pens with highlighter, pens – roller ball, pen with clip action, Multi- color pens, pens with light, pen with key holder, miniature pens, Markers & Highlighters, ballpoint stick pens, pens – clip action, gel ink pens, husky pens, miscellaneous pens and more with excellent print.

Print4Half.Com offering promotional custom printed Cheap Writing Instruments [Pens] at half the price and with a greater quality. Promotional products [Printed Writing Instruments like Pens] are performing a major role in brand awareness, new customer generation and new product introductions. Printing on these Writing Instruments [Pens] should exhibit greater attraction to get an attention from the people. As a small business we know firsthand the importance of receiving quality imprinted promotional pens for all business and personal needs. The goal is to provide an online printing of excellent promotional pen sticks to our customers that are easy to use, high quality, at customer pleasing price.

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The Perfect Gift for Female Physicians, Physician Assistants & Nurse Practitioners

A Delayed but Welcomed Response
After virtually ignoring the growing number of female healthcare professionals who are increasingly making their mark in many medical practices over the last few years, a few uniform suppliers have introduced lab coats and scrubs tailored specifically for female clinicians (Physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners). The softer lines and tailored silhouette flatter the female figure, while the classic styling still distinguishes these clinicians from other healthcare professionals.

Advancements in Fit, Finish and Function
Some of the more innovative uniform manufactures are sizing their lab coats and scrubs using standard women’s apparel sizing as opposed to the typical (XS-XXXL) sizing typically found in most unisex lab coats and scrubs, enabling a more tailored fit. Instead of using poor quality fabrics that don’t feel good against the skin, pill and fade after a few washings, the best of these “clinician” style lab coats and scrubs are made of beautiful fabrics that are soft to the touch, yet vastly superior in durability.

Utilizing the latest high-tech fibers and fabric treatments, these high-end scrubs and lab coats are resistant to almost every type of stain, wick moisture away from the body and keep the clinician fresh, even during a 24-hour shift. The very best of these brands offer detailing, features and finishing that rival the finest clothing lines available in ready to wear. The result is a medical uniform that not only fits the woman’s body, it flatters it.

A Gift that Recognizes High Achievement
Now, female clinicians can wear lab coats and scrubs at, to and from work without the embarrassment of a shapeless, androgynous appearance, which is a common cause of frustration. If you are looking for a holiday gift for a very special female Physician, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner, these new high quality lab coats and scrubs are an ideal option to consider. Perhaps the best way to give a gift like this is in the form of a gift certificate. This allows you to avoid having to guess the clinician’s size and, in the process, spoiling the surprise. As, most clinicians typically want their name and title embroidered on the garment, a gift certificate allows the recipient to completely customize their selections: choosing the size, style and color of the garment, as well as the embroidery – exactly the way they want it.

Most high quality scrub and lab coat manufacturers can be found online. Some of the leading companies are:,,

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Kimberly Green is a personal shopper who is exploring the wonderful world of gender sensitive clothing, including lab coats, for one of the most important occupations in the world, medical care. Highlighting womans lab coats, clinician Scrubs,and the fine manufacturers of these items.

Extreme Acai Berry Supplement: Gain Health In Healthy Way

In the present scenario, Extreme Acai Berry is most effective and exceptional weight-thrashing supplement. It is not a new product, since people know its greater benefits for many years. The great part of the product is that it is completely natural and has no side effects. It consists of many vitamins including B1, B2, B6, C, E, calcium, phosphorus and a lot more for better performance. Many people have gained exceptional results using it in their daily diets. It is a more effective natural way to reduce extra weight and to look slim-trim. If you desire to get rid of over weight, don’t hesitate in using it. It would bring a new-definition of health and beauty to you!

If you watch Oprah, and many more celebrities, they take the acai berry in their diets without any break. Oprah gained immense overnight reputation using it at the advice of famous Dr. Perricone. Nowadays, people have started paying attention towards their physique and beauty. Anyone suffering from over weight can reduce extra weight without any problem or side effect. It consists of no chemical and hence, results better than other products. The main thing is that it is not found everywhere except the green-fields of Brazil.

The Extreme Acai Berry is a better anti-aging supplement, which can lower the process of aging because of its high concentration of antioxidant anthoryanin, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids. It supports antioxidants in higher quantity rather than other fruits including blueberries, grapes and even pomegranates. It is not only this, polyphenols is also found in sufficient amount to enhance its results in the body.

In addition to this, Acai Berry is at a halt fairly new supplement and it can keep on gaining name and fame in coming years. It is also more beneficial in heart problem, cancer, and other diseases. One dose of Acai Berry keeps away from diseases! Improve your power with it and avail plenty of benefits to fit your body in every aspect. It is well known way to boost your metabolism naturally, which doesn’t create overexcited oron edging.

The additional benefits of the Extreme Acai Berry are many; it is a better cleanser for body and reduces excess waste, which we carry around with us every time. It also has double-constructive outcome of lifting up your immune system by purifying the cadaver of impurities, which affect your protection power against diseases. Since, it can cleanse the body from inside out and enables users to look better on the outer surface as well. Overall, it may bring your lost charm and beauty in a natural way; therefore start taking Acai Berry on a regular basis to gain health in a healthy way and feel good. However, a medical recommendation would be advised before doing so to avoid any negative repercussions.

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Christopher Schwebius is an entrepreneur who seeks out sharply defined, specifically focused topics to research. Upon finishing his research he provides relevant, un-biased information to his readers based on his discoveries and/or personal experiences.
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Types and Uses of Domestic Heating Oil

Basically, when we talk about domestic heating oil prices, numerous questions arise in one’s mind. These questions can be how to use it in daily routine work and how to preserve it safely for long period of time. The answers of these questions are very simple, yet tricky to understand.

Innumerable suppliers are available online that can help the person, facing this problem to deal with the situation that arises with oil prices. Though, the responsibilities for preserving oil are wholly handled by the people like the owner, the installer and the oil company.

These people take all necessary steps for maintaining the tanks, in which domestic oil has been preserved.
oil is mainly flammable liquid oil, also known as crude oil. This oil is used for the purposes of fueling boilers and building furnaces. Substitute for kerosene, it is also highly demanded in residential complexes. In the market, there are various types of heating available and all have different uses.

Heating oils are the versions of domestic heating Prices. Heating oil #2 is mainly known as the cleanest and most expensive form. This oil has the capability of vaporizing at low temperature and is widely used in residences. Heating #4 is a hybrid of both heating #2 and #6 and has the capability of combustion. This combustion can be done even in the absence of a heated storage system. This type of oil is commonly used in large commercial boilers and power plants.

Last, but not the least, Heating #6 is the dirtiest form, thus least expensive. Commonly used for residential purposes, this oil can also be used for creating asphalt.
Home heating New York is also the most common home heating method largely used nowadays. This oil is demanded in small areas and it’s completely in reach & distributed by more than 200 small as well as medium companies. At last, New York home heating is an essential fuel for either common household or commercial complexes to keep them warm throughout the winter season.

Still the prices of domestic heating oil are higher, other options are easily accessible where one can avail a discount or also save with bulk purchases. Also, the energy costs of New York home heating oil are rising high, consumers must have to search for competitive priced cheap oil from the most reliable suppliers.

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Corporate Diwali Gifts:Variety of thoughtful gifts available online

Deepawali or Diwali is like a national festival for the whole country, it is widely celebrated among the Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists. Specially in northern parts of India, it is celebrated with great pomp and joy. As it is a festival of exchanging gifts among our loved ones, gifts of various kinds help us to express our love, respect and gratitude.

Nowadays, there are innovative Diwali gifts available to express your best wishes towards the people you love. Business associates and enterprises usually go for Diwali shopping just to corroborate their business into an established business house for the coming days. Diwali gifts stabilize this bond between business associates and clients.

Gifts like chocolates, sweets, decorative items, etc. are some of the common gifts given away during this festival. Corporate companies give away Diwali gifts and bonuses to motivate their employees. For corporate India, Diwali is the one and only festival where business partners and corporate class can build good relationships with their clients and employees by pampering them a little bit with the innovative corporate Diwali gifts starting from traditional dry fruits to electronic gadgets according to the mood of the situation and idea behind giving gifts to the respective persons.

Corporate diwali gifts may include gold or silver coins of god of wealth Lord Lakshmi and god of good fortune called Lord Ganesha, modern artefacts of renowned artists, silver made photo frames, digital cameras, PDA phones or calculators, I-pods, handy-cams, MP3 Players, DVD Players, cordless phones,projectors etc. Any one can also consider home appliances as gift items like steam iron, juicers and mixer grinders, toasters, microwave ovens coffee makers, rice cookers, electronic kettles etc. Corporate gifts are really used as a successful promotional tool for the company associates, it includes office stationery and custom stationery like leather covered diaries, note pads, flat cards,’thak you’ note cards, desk top calendars, fancy file folders and many more, and these items can be availed in various sizes and shapes and it also can be customised as per the client requirement.

When you go online, you can find a wide variety of ideas for Diwali gifts. Whether you wish to gift to a loved one, relative or a business partner, you would gifts of all categories. These gifts can be ordered online and they would be delivered right at your door step. The festival season is going to come. So, start planning your gifts right now.

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SEO Business Box Review

Daniel Tan’s SEO Business Box is creating waves right now. This is an online SEO course that contains text-based information and various other resources that people can use to implement and enhance the search engine optimization of their business website and increase its prospects. Due to his previous bestsellers like Backlink Syndication and Rank Mover, Daniel Tan has created a good name for himself already. And judging by the reception of the SEO Business Box, this product is poised to be a bestseller as well.

The SEO Business Box has been designed for one express purpose; to enable people to earn an online income. If you have an online business and want to bring it to the presence of the Internet buying cognoscenti, then this product can help in great measure. It tells you exactly where you must popularize your website so that it reaches the people who matter. By using simple and sophisticated devices, it tells users how they can enhance the visibility of the website on the search engines.
The major bulk of the SEO Business Box is text-based information. It tells webmasters about various search engine optimization techniques that include article marketing, blogging, link building strategies, using autoresponders and the like.
The course is dispatched over the Internet in a friendly PDF format. There are links available to other information resources on the Internet, including video resources. Though the SEO Business Box itself has almost everything that a user would need, these additional resources prove to be of valuable help. A highlight is some legal documents that are included in the package which tell people what they must do to keep their online businesses completely legitimate.
The SEO course takes people all the way. They learn how to brand their product suitably so that the name proves catchy for the market as well as for the search engines. It covers topics right from registering domain names and web hosting to using applications such as autoresponders. If someone wants to set up an online company using SEO as its backbone, then this is the one product that gives it all.
Another feather in the cap of this superlative product is that it teaches people how to build links for their business websites in a very high volume. More links mean more traffic from interested people, which easily translates into more business. Daniel Tan speaks about two of his self-developed concepts, Link Acceleration and Link Velocity, both of which can build an amazing number of backlinks to a business website, thus giving it the online visibility it needs to become a topnotch business.
We recommend the SEO Business Box to anyone who has an Internet business and want to use the power of the search engines to add an important leverage to their online presence. The instructions are clear and there is no beating around the bush, but what’s most important is that the course directly takes you where the big money lies.

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Rent at your home – home for the Road

Real estate rental market is filled with its own home. Rental houses are a fantastic way to buy their own homes without relating to mortgage companies or banks. Over the past 20 years, the industry has helped millions of individuals and families get into homes they want without any worries.

Rent your house idea is growing rapidly. Some choose to try out the neighborhood before fully commits to purchase the home, and some are still undecided in their final recruitment. The overall consensus shows that rent their home can be a great solution.

What you pay for your rental home now? Stop paying your landlord every month so that he can at home. You can rent to rent your home that you want and make their lease payments on time … and properly recording them … You can actually improve your credit to get a mortgage … perhaps down to zero.

The best part about this is that the rent your home, you live at home, you want to buy while you work on fixing your credit up. The program works well for individuals in various situations, including those with bad credit, people who have gone through bankruptcy, divorce, and simply can not meet the strict requirements of banks and lenders.

Rent your house to offer a great way to build equity in the house before you even own it! When you choose to lease, lease option your house, you’ll need in advance loan, usually at least 0.25% and 10% of the overall price of housing. All of this deposit money into your property. Signed contracts are usually just a regular bike with the option to purchase the asset at a predetermined amount of time in the future. While your monthly rent is usually slightly higher than what you would pay the rent situation is probably about the same as you would pay if you could get a zero down mortgage. So if you have the right to get their loan payments you will not experience any shock.

Even if your house is rented, in many cases, maintenance is your responsibility to find a buyer. You will be responsible for all the regular house maintenance including things like broken windows, clogged-up drains, painting / wallpapering, broken appliances, and lawn work. All repairs for the overall house remain the owner of responsibility until the purchase is final.

Another great feature of the rental home is that with these programs, your future purchase price is fixed for the deposit payment, regardless of future value estimates. This process also helps to prepare the responsibilities of home ownership to the lessee. So from the very first day when taking care of your home as if it was your day, you can use the home value appreciation of the benefits is still in front of you even own your own home.

Any way you look at it, rent the home is an immediate answer and a reasonable alternative to conventional loans.

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Push Button Cash Site Review – Is Push Button Cash Site A Scam?

Is Push Button Cash Site a scam? In today’s fast changing Internet marketing world, anyone who wishes to be successful with making money online needs to be continually updated on the latest happenings in the community and be aware of the new strategies and tools being developed by other experts.

Even though it is certainly possible to generate a full time income today, I have found that from my experience, more than 90% of all Internet marketing strategy guides today are outdated or just scams that do not work at all in any circumstances.

How Long Does it Take to Setup Push Button Cash Site Software?

This software tool basically takes about three to five minutes to set up at the most, after which you ensure that all variables are entered correctly before pushing the ‘button’ to start making the software work. It then goes out onto the web and starts implementing the traffic getting strategies that have programmed into it.

What Can You Expect to Achieve When You Use Push Button Cash Site?

The whole aim of using this software tool is to create as large an income online as possible using the traffic generation techniques provided. Another important feature is that all the traffic strategies are completely free, thus there is no need to worry about constantly trying to keep your sales above your costs. As a user, you will need to indicate to the software which site or specific webpage you intend to drive traffic to and the program will automatically source out the best sources for you.

Does Push Button Cash Site Really Work, and What Are Some Other Strategies that Can Make Money Online?

So far, beta testers have reported increases in their site traffic stats and sales commissions, proving that this tool really does know how to identify the best traffic sources to make money from any niche market you are targeting.

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Forex Fortune Signal – Does It Truly Works As What It Claims?

In the world of Forex trading, the exact timing is the very essential. Most traders can earn millions or lose even more upon his untimely actions. That is why it is essential to the traders to be alarms or have indicators to get updates about the possible opportunities and probable pitch points. That’s called Forex signal or alerts. Essentially Forex signal or alert is a communication or intimation to the trader indicating the proper time to buy/sell as well as the suitable price to pay.

These Forex signal provider entities get requisite professional know how in this field and allocate much of their time and resources to acquire an understanding of the nature and operation of Forex market. Mostly such signals and alerts are provided by trained experts, either individual or companies. Now the question is which of those Forex signal really works? Those essentially assist traders taking buy/sell decisions.

In selecting the best Forex signal, it is best to look at first those created by experts and professionally trained people like Forex Fortune Signal.

Because of the continuous requests from several traders, Forex Fortune Signal is developed by Kishore M. He is an international acclaimed coach on Forex Trading and was featured in a wide network of news media like Bloomberg, BBC, ChannelNewsAsia and several other major papers and trading magazines. He has over a decade of experience in stocks and forex trading and has coached countless students to successful forex trading.

Kishore M was also the creator and man behind the enormous success of his Instant FX Profits & QuantumFX Pro online courses, which was launched a couple of years ago. He committed a huge success from his previous courses launched, that’s why individuals cannot await with this another system to be launch. The Forex Fortune Signal provides highly proven results and accurate daily forex signals.

All daily signals are produced based on Kishore’s really own 5 highly profitable trading strategies such as; Pip Maximiser strategy, Pip Divergence strategy, Instant Pip strategy, Pip Retracement strategy, and Quantum Pip strategy.

Forex Fortune Signal providers render Forex business quite a bit easy for traders, especially those who are relatively new within the business. It provides you with insight as to what’s going on in the Forex market without the necessity to monitor Forex trends throughout the day. If you are self-employed or employed by another company, Forex trading is likely a part-time endeavor for you.
With this, you don’t have to sit at the computer and monitor the Forex market all day. Forex Fortune Signal can be delivered to you throughout the day about the heads-up on what’s going on within the market. You can receive the signals, and then decide if you want to purchase or sell.

You tried all kinds of systems & courses but none of it works well for you? Now, Forex Fortune Signal is the smarter way to make consistent profit from forex market fast without spending a lot of your time and effort. So, don’t miss it. Check some other reviews for additional information before you decide it.

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Nancy Sebastian – One of the successful students of Mr. Kishore. One who prove that Forex Fortune Signal is different from other forex system.