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Reviewing the Powis Parker Fastback 9 Tape Binding Machine

Powis Parker makes some of the most popular binding machines on the market including their terrific Fastback 9. It’s a tape binding device that’s ideal for shorter documents (not longer ones, unfortunately) and there are a number of great supplies you can use with it. It even operates quickly. Let’s take a look at this product’s strengths and weaknesses so you can discover if it’s right for your bookbinding needs.


  • The Fastback 9 is perfect for binding shorter documents because it’s compatible with narrow and medium Fastback binding strips. You’ll be able to bind books that contain between 10 and 250 pages, so it’s great for office and school use.
  • This machine can bind books that are both 8.5″ and 11″ long. It can also handle A4 and A5 paper if your prefer working with those kinds of sheets. The paper’s weight can be anywhere between 20 and 32 lb.
  • One of the best things about Powis Parker machines is that they can complete the job quickly.
  • The Fastback 9 doesn’t require any warm-up time and it can bind a book in as few as 35 seconds. That’s up to 3.5 times faster than traditional punch-and-bind devices.
  • This is a good device to use if you want to be able to edit your documents at a later date. As long as you bind your work with a standard Lx strip, you’ll be able to update your book in the future.
  • This machine is compatible with most Fastback supplies including Lx strips, hardcover HeadBands, and more. If you want to print anything on the spine of your document, the Fastback FoilFast printer can help you out. This is a terrific machine to use if you want to get creating when binding your documents.
  • This unit has a nice, small footprint due to its dimensions of 19.5″ (width) x 11″ (height) x 13″ (depth). It’s small enough to fit on most work surfaces alongside your other office devices. Plus, this machine has an attractive contemporary appearance so it will look great anywhere.


  • This device isn’t compatible with wide strips, so you can’t use it to bind really long documents. You should consider whether you’ll need to put together lengthy documents before investing in this product.
  • The Fastback 9′s warranty only lasts for six months whereas warranties for most other binding machines last for a full year.

Overall, the FastBack 9 from Powis Parker is a terrific product and it would be a great choice for any workplace that needs a tape binding machine. This device is perfect for assembling short and medium-length documents and it’s very helpful that it can accept a couple of different paper sizes. It’s great that this machine doesn’t require any warm-up time and that it can bind a book in less that a minute. There’s a wonderful selection of supplies you can use with it as well, with the exception of wide strips. If the FastBack 9 sounds right for you, take a look at it today so you can make great-looking documents.

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Profit Instruments – Just A Google Sniper Ripoff?

So if you were seriously looking on the web for some details on Profit Instruments without doubt you’ve come across numerous sites all singing the praises of Ritoban Chakrabarti and the fantastic fresh course. I was pretty interested myself to see if this program had some worth.

This is a review, Click Here if you want to visit the Profit Instruments website.

It is very tempting to just jump on board and agree with everybody else that Profit Instruments is all you need to become a prosperous web marketer rapidly. I’m not going to do that.

Firstly, what is contained in the course and is it really worth your money? The Profit Instruments training course is not low-priced. It presently costs about $197 so no one ought to hurry into buying it.

Ritoban makes a lot of money from the procedures he teaches with this course and now probably will make a lot more from offering the manual. So what does it teach?

Keyword research aimed at distinct products. Obtaining a high search volume keyword that people often type into Google and picking one which has a modest amount of competition.

Great guidance and a incredibly profitable approach to follow however, not exactly unique.

Obviously the course is a bit more in depth than that and in addition it contains the typical degree of “course padding” to really make it appear good value.

There is a guide to help you learn how to purchase a domain name, setup a WordPress blog etc etc. All of this information is widely offered over the internet.

So who is Ritoban Chakrabarti and just how did he discover this particular “secret” of website marketing? If you sift through everything you may get the actual tale. He is one of many who purchased a procedure called Google Sniper which was made not so long ago by an British guy named George Brown.

Google Sniper instructs how you can choose a keyword with a large amount of month-to-month searches on Google yet has not a great number of competing web pages. Eh, looks a little familiar. Ritoban ordered this course and simply applied its lessons towards physical products, specifically product names in the preferred keywords.

He started to be very skilled and successful at doing that and has re-named the entire procedure Profit Instruments.

He learned his trade through the use of Google Sniper which is still available for just $77 so you really have an option. Buy the product that taught Ritoban or buy his variation on it for $197. Google Sniper is a wide program that can be applied to promoting e-books or physical items – both are covered while Profit Instruments concentrates on physical products although it can also be used for digital products.

The option is yours. Purchase from the new guy for $197 or get George Brown’s Google Sniper original lessons for just $77 which are still as useful today as they were when they came out about 18 months ago. George now earns over $100k each and every month and is very well regarded in the internet marketing industry even though he is still only 19 years old! Many people have finally reached their dreams of becoming an online success by using his well laid out strategy.

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Offline Commissions Review – Make Money Online by Boosting your Web Traffic

Are you looking for ways to make money online by boosting your web traffic through the use of the Offline Commissions software tool? This program is basically all about making commissions by increasing the web traffic that you get to your sites. Written by Adam Generale and Jacobo Benitez who has also created many other high quality Internet marketing products, it is mainly about driving traffic from offline sources and then using the high conversion strategies of Jacobo to allow you to build your own lists.

1. How Exactly Do You Make Money Using the Strategies of Offline Commissions

After you have built your own lists, the entire process of driving your subscribers to your vendor sites in order to generate commissions becomes much more automated. The fact is that there is a lot of potential customers you can find both in the online and offline world, and the competition on the offline world is definitely much lower than that of the online world.

Of course, marketing offline will be seen by many people as being more troublesome and should incur more costs, but that is not true if you know how to do it right, which is a skill that this course has taught me.

2. Should You Really Spend the Time and Investment for Getting Traffic from Offline Sources Using Offline Commissions?

Through my own research online, I have discovered that the most successful Internet marketing gurus actually use a mix of offline and online strategies to make money and maximize the efficiency of their online businesses. Once you have gotten the contact details of people such as their email addresses or phone numbers, this system then takes care of most of the marketing and selling work for me while I continue to optimize my sites and increase their conversion rates.

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Reviewing the Standard PS-P61 Corner/Side Stapler

If you own a Standard collator, you probably already know that there are some great accessories available for it. One of the must-have ones is the Standard PS-P61 Corner/Side Stapler. Here’s a look at what this product has to offer and why you should get it for your workplace.

  • The PS-P61 is designed for use with the Standard QC-S300 and QC-S30 collators. It’s not a standalone unit, so you should consider a high-capacity electric stapler if you’re looking for such a device.
  • This stapler can fasten sheets of varying sizes from 7.1″ x 10.1″ all the way up to 11.8″ x 17″. It’s perfect for letter- and legal-sized documents that measure 8.5″ x 11″ and 11″ x 14″ respectively. Also, this device can process different paper weights ranging from 16 to 67 lb. It will be able to process 20 lb. bond paper with no trouble at all.
  • One of this product’s drawbacks is that it has a fairly limited stapling capacity. It can only staple up to 10 67 lb. sheets at a time, so it’s not ideal for very thick documents.
  • The PS-P61 has two stapling modes. It can either staple your documents in the corner or on the side. If you choose to fasten your work on the side, the device will staple it in two locations instead of one.
  • This device works quickly so you’ll be able to get your documents fastened in a short amount of time. It can process as many as 840 sets in one hour if you choose to staple your work in the corner. If you want them staple on the side, the machine can fasten up to 720 sets pet hour.
  • Instead of regular staple strips, the PS-P61 utilizes cartridges. The cartridges contain 5,000 staples so you won’t be needing to reload the machine constantly.
  • The PS-P61 is a large device that measures approximately 44″ (width) x 22″ (depth) x 23″ (height) and weighs 170 pounds. However, it sits below the collator so it won’t take up a large amount of space.
  • Like Standard’s other collating equipment, this stapler comes with an all-too-brief 90-day warranty.

The Standard PS-P61 is a must-have accessory if you own a Standard collator such as the QC-S30 or QC-S300. This device will make it easy for you to staple your documents after they’re collated and you won’t have to process your documents by hand which will save you a lot of time. (Think of how long it would take you to staple more than 700 documents. It would take forever, but with this document it will take you an hour. ) It’s great that this product works with paper of various thicknesses and weights even if the stapling capacity could be improved a bit. (The warranty could be better too.) But overall, the PS-P61 is a welcome addition to Standard’s lineup of collating equipment and it’s something you need to own if you own one of the company’s collators.

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Go for United World Capital Real Account Contest

United World Capital has launched its brand new contest, and this time it’s all about competing
for real!

What makes a contest attractive is that everyone has an instinct to compare their skills to others’, assess and further develop them. There’s always an inner drive for being among the best and even more than that, space for self-improvement and more knowledge about a certain topic.

After the ongoing popularity of its No Restrictions Demo Contest, United World Capital launched its Real Account Contest, the name of which already suggests the idea it is based on. While the Demo Contest is perfectly fit for novice users keen on learning the tricks of the trade, the new contest is ideal for professional traders and for clients having perfected their skills with a demo account.
The Real Account Contest is open for all individuals and legal entities who register with After the verification process clients who open a trading account with UWC, should open a non-interest bearing Contest LITEForex account, and instantly apply for the contest.

The Real Account Contest runs within a 2-week time frame, and applicants can register for two different groups depending on their initial deposit. Contest series are run with a minimum number of 15 traders in each contest group.

The contest offers 5 winner placements based on the calculations of rating received after the contest ends. The first 5 accounts with the highest percentage are the winners. Prize amounts are deposited on winners’ trading accounts in the form of a bonus, and any profit from this bonus can be withdrawn without any limitations.

United World Capital encourages traders from all over the world to become verified clients and go in for the contest. It is through this contest that the saying “Practice makes perfect” will prove to be true.

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United World Capital Ltd is a privately-held group of companies founded in 2008, providing high-standard added value financial services within the regulatory framework of CySEC and FSA.

How To Get Your Presentation Top Favorited Online

At BuyAPresentation, we post ppt or pptx presentations online regularly. We frequently get featured on AuthorSTREAM and Slideshare a few times and have won a presentation contest on Slideshare. Very few presentations actually make it to the top favourtied. Presentation templates in Winnipeg was really fantastic.So, we analyzed the top presentations online averaging over 3000 favorites and here are the results on what audience online like and conclusions on how to make your next presentation top favorited:

1. Title Slides Look and Feel: Simplicity tops
About 70% of the top presentations (14 of 20) use large text in the title slides. Even if used, the title slide carries a small or subdued picture. Presentation Content and not the first slide is king.

2. Popular Topics: Technology and Marketing
Given that these are presentations shared on a social media, it is probably not surprising that presentations related to Technology are the most popular. Marketing (technology in marketing) is the other broad category which is popular. Presentation Background for marketing professional is different.93% of top favorited presentations are related to Marketing, Social Media or Presentation Skills. Some tags in the top presentations: PowerPoint Tips, Social Media, Marketing, Trends, Technology, Future, Creativity, Design.

3. Expertise matters, advertising is ok at the end:
In relation to the popular topics selected above, it is also interesting to note that the authors of the presentations are some sorts of experts in their field. Almost all presentations (9 of 10 presentations) are posted by people who represent their company and would like you to buy a book ( Eg: Brain Rules for presenters) or to market their company (Shift Happens). This also shows that it is alright to talk about and sell your company or product at the end of the presentation.

4. Coverage: Number of slides matter:
Top presentations have at least 45 slides based on PowerPoint templates or more with the average number being 90 slides. The number of words per slide averages 17. The range for number of words per slide however is quite wide as some presenters have used a lot of text for some slides (like a document).

5. Design: Few pictures, more diagrams and visuals
Typically most of the presentations use few pictures and a lot of visuals and Diagrams. By visuals, I mean play with text (small/big, different font sizes, styles) to highlight a point. A lot of the presentations use loads of diagrams like process flow, data graphs etc. This makes the presentation more interesting to read and understand.
All top presentations also have one important feature in common. They do not have standard presentation template or background colors. The backgrounds are usually white and they make use of a range of colors and different slide formats. Some presentations use visual cues – for example all slides with rules have a standard look.

6. Structure: Clear story
All presentations use a clear and simple structure. They are designed for reading online and are complete in themselves i.e. can be understood without a presenter. A typical structure used is as follows:
• Agenda or Introduction to topic
• Definition
• Current situation with examples
• Reasons why it is important to change / know the information
• 3 to 5 clear Guidelines with examples
• Summary or Conclusion
This structure makes it easy to read the presentation right through and understand why it is posted. The clear rules and statistics probably make the presentation useful enough to be shared with others readers.

7. Components: Quotes, Statistics, Examples, some humor and engagement
All presentations have these components – quotes from consumers, authority figures, statistics (even if they are approximations), examples that can be verified and some element of humor through pictures. Some presentations try to incorporate some amount of interaction and engagement by addressing the audience, for example, “Did you know…” or “Here is a quiz..”

Some other things to think about:

• Ratio of views to favorites: Around 0.6% of people who view the presentation mark the presentation as favourties. So the trick is to first get enough people to visit and share the presentation. Most of these presentations are very popular on Twitter, Facebook, Buzz and are embedded in hundreds of other sites.

• Should it be Downloadable: If you are wondering if your presentation should be marked downloadable to be more popular, it is not required. 2 of top 5 presentations are not allowed for download.

• Takes time and repetition: All the presentations evaluated have been around for a while – 1 to 4 years. Many have multiple presentations by the same author on almost same topic.
If you are looking for presentation templates with professional design and lots of diagrams and charts for your presentation, I recommend you visit

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LongTail Treasure: Tails of Success

LongTail Treasure: Tails of Success
Brought to you by,
Jason Mueller/ Internet Marketer

Across the internet there are many courses designed to aid internet marketers in their endeavors: many of them are linked to an affiliate who gets paid for subscriptions to his or her course but there are a number of free resources from affiliates such as these. Generally these people are those who’ve made SO much money in a short amount of time that they feel no ill will towards those who are hesitant to pay for an e-course. Instead, they provide appetite-whetting tid-bits of great information in free courses while keeping some major money-making secrets for those who sign up. A vast plurality of new coming internet marketers can get IMMENSE knowledge from just these starter courses. That is why LongTail Treasure is perfect for the soon-to-be master internet marketer.

Todd Alan is an internet marketer who reported his success after countless, fruitless attempts at earning online in a free course called “LongTail Treasure”. Alan describes how he earned $7,000 in just 60 days in a logical step by step writing style that is broken into nine lessons and two question and answer videos. In his courses, Todd describes the processes of his own learning process while beginning his endeavor to make money online, his campaign outline, how to refine products and keywords used in a campaign, how to build a Squidoo lens with relevance, how to promote that lens, how to get articles written quickly and cheaply, how to earn with cheap traffic, how to blog for money and lastly how to make best use of a mailing list. In Todd’s introduction there are six key points that he makes known which aught to be pre-known to readers.

First, “he’s not a super affiliate or guru”. Second, “His total expenses for what he did came to about $200. He could have done it for $0, if he already knew what he was doing.” Third, “the tools he did spend money on… served to make the work easier and the rewards faster.” Fourth, “None of the tools mentioned in his guide are mentioned for the purposes of selling them. They’re mentioned because he used them and can’t tell his story without telling the audience about them.” Fifth, “the best way to really learn something at a deep level is to teach it to someone else.” Lastly, “Almost all of what he needed to know he learned… from people he met.” Todd’s enormous success aught to be viewed as a byproduct of hard work, constant networking and the inability to give up.

In short, Todd did not break the mold upon his first internet money making endeavor. He followed suit with what others did and he made a few mistakes of his own. What is important to remember is that after 60 days of him being an affiliate, he was able to accrue 7,000 dollars by using the basic tactics that he explains in the course at

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Review of Dewitt Blackstream Triple Complication GMT3

Swiss high-end luxury watches maker DeWitt watches recently enriched its well-received Academia collection with Dewitt Blackstream Triple Complication GMT3 watch. According to the official saying, this watch, inspired by sports world, is meant to attract those young rich men.

Compared with precious Academia GMT3 model, this new Dewitt watch has noticeable changes in style, shape and colors. As the news suggest, the replica De Witt watches features black and streamlined design which is said to be inspired by aviation world

The dial, in black velvet color, features sun ray pattern. The time display dial is located at the lower part of the dial as there is night & day display with a yellow sun and a blue starring night sky at the upper. The time display dial may reminds you of the cockpit, while the design of the night & day display presents a fuselage of a plane with its elongated and rounded bridge. What is more, there is two aerodynamic “radiator-grilles” located at 3 and 9 o’clock. And the symbol of Dewitt is found at 6 o”clock.

The watch case, sized at 44mm, is mainly made from grade 5 titanium and black pvd and has some rubber inserts. The case comes with the brand’s signature imperial columns and an external bezel. Beating inside the case is a automatic mechanical movement which has a frequency ot 28,800vph and 42-hour power reserve. Size at 26.20mm, this movement has been fixed with 21 jewels. It provides the following functions: hours, minutes, GMT, Day & Night and date. Through the sapphire case back, you can enjoy the refined details of this movement.

The Dewitt Blackstream Triple Complication GMT3 watch comes with two strap options: mat black rubber strap that features the brand’s imperial column motif, and a a mat black alligator leather strap. Both straps are fitted with titanium triple triple-blade folding clasp.

This elegant men’s timepiece by Dewitt watches is limited to 250 pieces.

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Rapid Cash Tactics Review

Is Rapid Cash Tactics a scam? This course is meant to reveal the strategies that a young Internet marketer has been able to achieve consistent revenue streams online through the combination of several marketing systems. These systems can be set up very quickly and can be repeated over and over again to make money from as many niches as its user wants to target. The objective of starting to use this guide is to start earning your first dollar as quickly as possible.

How is Rapid Cash Tactics Different from Other Online Money Making Courses

This is unlike other online make money guides that might require you to spend a lot of time setting up a huge website and a backend system before you can even start expecting to earn your first dollar which could only comes several days or even weeks later.

All the user needs is to have a PC/laptop and a stable Internet connection to be able to apply the strategies taught within this guide. Besides teaching you to generate instant sales, you are also recommended to build lists of hungry subscribers with the traffic that you generate to your websites.

Do You Really Need to Learn To Build Your Own Lists, and What Other Skills Can You Expect to Learn from Rapid Cash Tactics?

These tricks to build your own lists only take a couple of extra minutes and should not be left out of your marketing campaigns. Finally, the most important skill that you will learn from this course is that of driving hungry traffic to your websites. This is the main factor that will determine how many sales and ultimately how much income you can earn every month.

Who is the Owner of Rapid Cash Tactics?

She is UK based Ashley Gough, a young marketer who learned all the tricks about Internet marketing before designing her own, more time saving and effective, blueprints for niche marketing.

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Pirates: The Sea Robbers and The Real Story

Simply speaking, pirates were robbers who used to loot mostly at sea or sometimes in cities near the shore, without authority from any nation, and without a uniform style of dress. Most of us have a very romantic notion of pirates as – rich, rebellious and interesting, operating outside the rules of a rigid society.

Actually, most of the pirates were poor and unhealthy, and died young. Their work was hard and dangerous – they had to fight, loot and maintain a ship that was usually old. Their riches were largely spent in taverns, sometimes even in a single night. Some pirates buried their treasure, but unfortunately died before they could come back for it. The vision of the appearance of pirates we all generally have is that of a villain with an eye patch, a steel hook for a hand or wooden leg, drunk and shouting – ‘Shiver me timbers’ or the like.

Surprisingly, the pirates had certain laws, which were more democratic than the societies they lived in. They elected and even replaced leaders. The captain was usually the fittest and the most vicious fighter. They even shared the booty and had a fair system of sharing in place. Those injured in battle got compensation or were given simpler jobs. These laws were written down and sometimes even used to declare them outlaws in a court of law. But the pirates’ own justice system was very harsh. For simple acts of disobedience, they could be whipped, marooned, burnt or even drowned and killed.

The pirate look has more of than not caught the fancy of the people for theme parties etc. For a great look, eye patches are mostly made with black construction paper, felt or foam. These are cut in a ‘diamond’ shape, with two holes poked on the side. Yarn or string is tied onto the holes, and then the ‘patch’ is tied around the head and over the eye. Pirate swords can be cut out of silver paper or cardboard. Exceptionally good hats can be made of felt, or a bandana can be used instead!

For the real ‘head pirate’ look, buy a stuffed bird, especially a parrot, and keep him on your shoulder. Use aluminum foil to curve a hook and hold onto to become Captain Hook. Wigs, long coats, beards and being really dirty are also authentic duds for pirates, but you probably want to leave the smelly part off!

Some special pirate games can also be played at a Pirate theme party. These can include ‘plank walking’. Use a piece of board or simply put a runner of tape on the floor to follow along and balance on. If someone falls, into the croc pit, he/she goes! You could also play ‘pin the hook’ on the pirate or pin the crossbones on the flag.

You can watch a pirate movie for more genuine pirate costumes and even some entertainment ideas. And in case you did not know, pirates are not just for the boys – they always had pirate girls in particular costumes too!

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Christopher Schwebius is an entrepreneur who seeks out sharply defined, specifically focused topics to research. Upon finishing his research he provides relevant, un-biased information to his readers based on his discoveries and/or personal experiences.
One of his latest ongoing projects can be viewed at