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So Do You Like the Rich Jerk?

So who likes the rich jerk?

Awkward question to pose but I’m going to throw it out there anyways.

My experience has been minimal compared to others so my true opinion of the guy may be skewed a little.

Anways his capture page seems like any other. Send my your email and address so I can load you up with how to make money.

I will admit that the sexy girl and the lambo in his introductory video is quite the eye catcher, especially when he’s just sporting a bath robe lol. I can definately say he caught my attention with that.

So he’s got the big house, the pool, etc. Very nice. When I’ve been involved in his newsletter he’s made quite sure that anyone who messes with trying to steal his material is going to pay. How much? That’s the question I guess.

This also leads me to how legit is he really? We see all this unique hype. I call it unique because it is or at least for his capture page. His banners, web promotional tools, etc are unique and quite a way to sell his point.

It’s the same mantra, shades, pimped out suit with no shirt, and a little bling here and there. That must be a great pick up at the bar I could imagine.

Go a little further and then he really gets into content to help you build a business like anyother let-me-help-you program we come across today.

He keeps up with you in quite a provocative way however with his newsletter. Calling you a loser if you haven’t got on board with what he’s got to show you etc. Then still insulting your intelect if you have got on board with what ever he’s asked you to sign up with.

Look at the testimonials section and that may change your point-of-view a bit. There actually are people who are doing well with what he has to offer! Oh my god. Maybe he just isn’t a jerk after all.

This leads to the ultimate question, who is this guy really by name I mean? Plus is this truely the lifestyle he lives day in and day out? You know kinda like Hugh Heffner style. Or is this just the show he puts on the whole time to promote his teaching tools while just sort of being a normal successful American?

Just makes me wonder. I don’t know what your experience has been with the Rich Jerk viewers, but I would love to know how he has or hasn’t changed/impacted your life in the internet marketing world.

Thanks for reading and checking me out. Just wanted to get this one off my chest for this morning and see what the audience has to say.

Take care and have a blessed one.

Chad Buist is an expert reviewer of easy methods to make money online. Currently, viewing the privately EXPOSED videos of how a newbie made $35,867 in his first 14 days:

About the Author

Chad Buist is an expert reviewer of easy methods to make money online. Currently, viewing the privately EXPOSED videos of how a newbie made $35,867 in his first 14 days:

The Internet Marketing Trio Honest Review – is this the best make money online e-book pack EVER?

The Internet Marketing Trio is a set of three e-books on what Samantha Milner’s business is based on. It is how she would make money online if she started from scratch. That means no mailing list and no website, just her past experience.


Samantha Milner is one of the UK’s most well known Internet Marketers. Co-owner of DSM Publishing with marketing guru and husband Dominic Milner, Samantha has written several books and made her living from the Internet for a number of years. Samantha usually writes under different names and keeps her private life away from work, making sure the latter is kept to a minimum.


The Internet Marketing Trio shows you how Samantha Milner given a computer and an Internet connection went from earning nothing to thousands of dollars in a few short weeks. She did not use a website or her mailing list. The e-book set tells in great detail, with screenshots and links, how Samantha did this. She divulges all the tools she used and exactly how she did it. In her own word “I follow this method every time I’m setting up a new business.”

In the e-books Samantha discusses:

• How most Internet users willingly tell you what they’re prepared to pay money for, without you even realising!!

• How experience is NOT Important!!

• The method she uses to launch all his new businesses!!

• Why she will never work for an Employer again!!

• How she did it EXACTLY including the EXACT amount of money earned, and the EXACT way she implemented the blueprint, with screenshots to illustrate this!!

• How to become an Expert in your chosen field!!

• How to use free gifts to make Money!!

• How experts can help you make money for Free!!

• What she would have done the following month to increase her Profits!!

Upon reading these e-books I was very impressed especially with the assistance in writing articles. Firstly, I loved the ideas behind writing review articles and without reading this e-book you wouldn’t be reading this review from me right now!

This e-book is aimed at readers who have a reasonable knowledge of Internet Marketing. You will need to know how to use forums, how to create the product you decide upon, and how to accept payments online. If you do not yet know how to do this then some research is required. You can easily do this by searching on Google. Once you have done the above, I would heartily recommend this e-book as it provides one of the most in-depth looks I have come across on researching, promoting, and selling a product on the Internet, in such a short period. Obviously, if you had longer you would be able to market your product in much greater depth and perhaps use more methods to do so, but given the short-time period, this is a seriously impressive e-book.


• Gives readers a step by step system with screenshots that can easily be applied to almost any product.

• The section on how to become an expert with no prior knowledge of the field is particularly useful. With this information, the products you could release are virtually limitless.

• All the methods of promotion outlined are very effective yet require no financial expenditure.

• The style of writing is to the point and easy to follow.

• The text is broken up by images making it easier to read.


• Although it touches on a lot of key Internet Marketing methods, it does not go into great detail on them. It only goes into detail with eBay, Article writing and Affiliates.

• It leaves you wondering what other e-books Samantha Milner has written (under his other aliases) with no way to find out.


At the moment I have not implemented the ideas from The Internet Marketing Trio focusing at the moment on creating an e-book on a field in which I am quite knowledgeable. However, these e-books are definitely going to be useful for future reference. I can definitely see myself creating some successful products by following Samantha Milner’s blueprint.

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You can find out more about Samantha Milner’s Internet Marketing Trio Method at her website:

Head over to to reserve your COPY now!

Find Top-Quality Children’s Furniture at Royal Bambino Children’s Furniture and Accessories Showroom

Royal Bambino Children’s Furniture and Accessories Showroom is a family owned and operated baby and children’s specialty boutique that has been in business for over 5 years. Royal Bambino offers unique, distinctive, and high-quality baby and children’s products at reasonable and competitive prices! With a retail showroom located in Murrieta, CA, Royal Bambino is the premier outlet for designer children’s furniture and accessories in the Inland Empire and surrounding areas!

In-store baby and children’s furniture selections are available from the nation’s top manufacturers, including Ragazzi Fine Furniture, Munire, Bonavita, Baby Appleseed, Million Dollar Baby, Status, and Young America by Stanley. Find top-quality kids’ furniture in many styles and finishes, from traditional to modern. We carry convertible lifetime cribs, bassinets, cradles, armoires, dressers, and other coordinating case pieces to fully furnish your child’s bedroom! Royal Bambino also carries nursery gliders from Little Castle, Best Chairs, and Angel Song to provide you with a wide selection of children’s bedroom furniture to choose from!

Royal Bambino also has an online store for 24-hour convenience! At you will find the full line of baby and children’s products available, including many more items than can fit into the retail location! Designer children’s furniture available online includes Bratt Décor, DaVinci Furniture, All Things Creative, Treehouse Trading Co. and Green Frog Art. Girls’ and boys’ twin beds, bunk beds, desks, and other fine furniture pieces are also available! Shop over 1000 options in baby crib bedding from trusted names like Glenn Jean and CoCaLo, and hundreds of choices for children’s lighting, wall art, rugs, and other kids’ room décor and accessories! Browse the full selection of Diaper Bags from names such as Petunia Pickle Bottom and Caden Lane; select a leading Baby Stroller from retailers such as UPPAbaby and Baby Jogger; find Car Seats, High Chairs, Nursing Covers, Baby Slings and Pouches and so much more online now at!

Royal Bambino also offers custom design services. If you live in the Inland Empire or surrounding areas, come in to the retail store in Murrieta, CA to view over 3000 fabric choices for Custom Baby and Children’s Bedding from crib through king size, Custom and Hand-painted Kids Furniture, and custom hand-painted wall mural services! Even provide your own fabric for custom bedding and room décor made to your specifications!

Sign up for our Baby Gift Registry online or in-store to add coordinating items for your nursery! Easily notify your friends and family where to obtain the best baby products! Royal Bambino specialty baby boutique has all the products you can imagine to decorate your baby’s nursery top to bottom and wall to wall! Our wide selection of fine baby furniture, designer children’s bedding, and whimsical nursery décor and accessories is certain to hold designer products destined to be a part of your child’s bedroom! Come in to Royal Bambino, or visit 24 hours a day for complete access to our top-of-the-line baby and children’s furniture and accessories!

About the Author

This article was written by Candace Scimeca, an employee of Royal Bambino Children’s Furniture and Accessories Showroom. Royal Bambino offers unique, distinctive, and high-quality baby and children’s furniture, bedding, and room decor.

HDTV Mistakes you must Avoid While Buying

Buying and owning an HDTV can be challenging. There are many things to consider and problems to avoid. Here’s a list of some common mistakes for buyers and owners of HDTV sets.

1.Keep chemicals away from TV, ammonia in Windex can damage coatings.
Liquids sprayed on the screen can seep in between the bezel and panel and cause all kinds of problems. Best to use a damp cloth preferably not wood-based paper products like newspaper or paper towels which can create tiny scratches.

2.Don’t buy a Plasma TV if you’re going to be watching TV in a brightly lit room with a lot of windows. Unlike LCD TVs plasma TVs have thick glass panels which can createa lot of glare.

3.Don’t pay too much attention to those formulas that use room size to determine screen size. Buy the biggest TV that fits with your furnishing. Also keep in mind if you don’t have an upconverting receiver or upconverting DVD player, a lot of programming that comes from DVDs and standard def programming that shows up on your screen with big black borders around it.

4.Don’t pay extra for big brands. Many of the smaller LCD brands like Olevia, Vizio, and Westinghouse use the same LCD panels and even the same electronics that the big brands use.

5.Don’t leave the brightness up too high. Many TVs ship with the brightness setting 21 in “showroom” mode. In a normally lit living room a lower brightness level is perfectly adequate and saves energy too. Some new TV sets have light sensors built in that automatically adjust the brightness according to ambient lighting conditions.

6.Don’t get fooled into buying expensive add-ons from the saleperson at your local big box retailer. Most HDMI cables work just fine for most programming. You may want to consider a higher bit rate HDMI cable for 1080p programming or high end HD audio.

About the Author

Retrevo is the first matchmaking service for people and electronics that makes finding, buying and using electronics products simple and fun. Our AI based service aggregates, classifies and summarizes relevant information on electronics products from experts, users, user manuals and web pages, and supplies consumers with instant answers in an easily digestible and actionable form. For more information, visit

Organic Baby Clothes – Your Baby and Environment Will Thank You

A baby’s skin is very sensitive to outside materials and therefore, synthetic clothes, toys and cleansing items do not suit babies well. Babies should be provided with organic toys as far as possible. Care should also be taken that babies wear only organic clothes because nylon and other synthetic material can lead to skin infection for your baby. There is a wide range of baby girl/boy clothes that are made out of soft, natural and organic textiles and fabrics such as cotton.

Cotton by far is the most commonly used organic material. Silk is also a good option, but the clothes can be too vibrant and expensive for a toddler. Cotton is easy to use, take care of and is suitable for tender baby skin as well. Organic baby clothes are suitable to be given as gifts for someone’s baby shower, or just be brought for your own child. The most common types of clothing in cotton include long-sleeve tees, half-sleeve tees and sleeveless knickers. Bibs, full-bodysuits for the newborn and clothes for special occasions such as Halloween and thanksgiving are also common. With cotton clothes for your child, you can be rest assured that your child is comfortable, and always smiling.

Apart from clothes items like blankets, beds, organic baby toys and shawls are also being accepted world wide by parents, and children alike.

One of the most common reasons for irritation among babies is the use of diapers. Some synthetic materials used with diapers may leave rashes on your baby’s skin, and therefore, ultra-organic diapers or home-made nappies consisting of pure-cotton cloth are suggested. It is also recommended that mothers should use diapers as less as possible, and rather insist on usage of cotton cloth.

Kids have a very inquisitive frame of mind, and they want to check out everything that comes their way, from footwear to pieces of cloth, the first place here they put these things is into their mouths. Kids also hover around their toys a lot, and therefore, it becomes all the more important to get them toys that are organic in nature. This would prevent the danger arising due to intake of harmful plastic and other materials which are normally used in toys. Most organic baby toys are made up of wood and jute. Jute bags also prevent your child from the hazard of choking, because even if your child blocks his face with the bag, the large pores that are their intrinsically within jute, will prevent him from choking.

Teething babies are probably the most vulnerable to putting alien stuff into their mouths. Such babies also love to play with their teethers. Did you know that most of the teethers that are available in the market are either made out of plastic or similar stuff? These might be ‘food grade’ for us, but for children these are very dangerous and carry the risk of infections and choking. Therefore, teethers made out of wood are being adopted and the old-plastic teethers are being fast replaced all around the world. A similar trend is being seen in dolls and rattles, where the standard plastic is being replaced by cotton cloth and pure wool stuffing.

About the Author

Sarah Miller is a stay at home mom and content contributer for numerous stores and content sites.
Get more information regarding baby gifts.

Cross Cut Shredder: The Best Paper Destroyer

Shredders are important machineries that make life simple and easy. Instead of tearing the paper in half or cutting your credit cards with scissors, with one press of a button you can make all those strenuous activities vanish. With this convenience in mind, the next thing to ask is which type of shredder would suit you the best?

Cutting your documents and personal credit card applications with scissors gets the job done. However, the protection of your identity is still highly at risk. You wouldn’t think that criminals would put together torn up sheets of paper, but some actually go through the hassle of doing this task.

If you wish to not have any person reading up on any of your personal information, then go to your nearest appliance store and purchase a cross cut shredder, also known as the confetti cut or particle cut. This will reassure you of proper destruction of your documents. The great thing about this machinery is that compared to a strip cut machine, they make the fragments of the paper too small to put back together. The tendency of the strip cut is to slice it in strips, which can still be easily repaired.

Where else would you find any type of machinery that can cut paper in vertical and horizontal directions? Not unless you are into doing stressful manual labor, this piece of equipment will do wonders for your home and/or your business. Depending on how big or small you want your particles to be, you can fix that with security level of the machine.

Buying a cross cut shredder is a smart move to protect your personal information and at the same time make your life much simpler. This will be one buy that will benefit you and your lifestyle.

For more information check out or


Look for great deals at

About the Author

Wredan Sudtin – is freelance author who writes on a variety of topics

The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier. How it all began

In 1973 the BabyBjorn baby carrier was launched. At first it was called “Hjartenara” which meant (close to the heart).

In the early 1970s, almost every doctor out there was expounding on the importance of mother and daddy having close contact with their babies. There was only one baby carrier at that time and it was made in Japan. Bjorn Jakobson founded the BabyBjorn company. He couldn’t afford an industrial designer so he designed, developed and tested the first model with the help of the family.

Then in 1987 the company began work on a brand new model and this really launched the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier line of products.

Over the years many changes have taken place with new colors and designs entering the picture. At first the carriers came in patterned fabrics but now they only come in solid colors so they can better blend with the mothers clothes.

Over time they have also focused on marketing baby carriers for both mommy and daddy. When the company began to market all black baby carriers it was met with some skepticism, but it didn’t take long for it to catch on with men all over Europe and America. Now the black is one of their leading colors.

Actually, Harpers Bazaar magazine featured a write up on the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier and the photo was in black and white. (The model actually wore a navy blue Baby Carrier but the photo was in black and white.) The magazine was flooded with calls from people all over asking where they could buy a black one.

Over 30 years the company has produced many models of carriers with the four models: BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original, Baby Carrier Active, Baby Carrier Air and the Baby Carrier Synergy.

The BabyBjorn Carrier Original is very attractive and allows the child to be carried securely while being close to the body, leaving the hands free. It was developed with the help of friends, medical experts and parents thus bringing it celebrity status and the Design of the Decade prize in 1999.

The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Active is a very comfortable carrier and was designed for parents who want to carry heavier children. It offers great support for the back and the well fitted straps distribute the weight evenly. The company is very proud of it’s 2004 Red Dot Design Award.

The company then developed the BabyBjorn Baby Air Carrier to meet the demand for a lightweight design. It’s main feature is that it is made from an advanced 3D mesh which was made exclusively for BabyBjorn allowing the baby and parent to remain cool while being carried.

The final and latest model, the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Synergy is an all encompassing model with all of the features of the other models rolled into one. It has already been awarded the IF Product Design Award for 2008.

About the Author

Joe MacMillan is the owner of a website dedicated to assisting parents to find top quality products by searching out manufacturers who make fine quality their number one purpose in life.

Magnetic Sponsoring Course – Is It As Good As It Sounds Or Just Hype?

Let’s face it we’re all sceptical with new products, especially in the network marketing field. When I first noticed Magnetic Sponsoring, I instantly thought it was a marketing stunt run by some guru trying to sell yet another e-course. Constantly I receive several emails a day from someone wanting me to buy something on internet marketing or how to earn a million dollars over night. The network-marketing niche has been more overworked than most. So, who did this guy think he was?

Thanks to the persuading of some very estimable people, I chose to look into it further. It turned out that my immediate thoughts regarding Magnetic Sponsoring were very wrong. It is a very inclusive book that can help anyone in a network marketing company learn to do well. I now very much have a high opinion of what Mike Dillard has to say especially when it comes to Magnetic Sponsoring.

Magnetic Sponsoring certainly delivers the goods outlined in its sales pitch. The wonderful thing about this book is that it assures that prospects will be searching for you to join your team. It is an amazing thing to think that you would never have to cold call leads any longer. Instead, they will come looking for you in a great fervor knocking on your door, and calling you off the hook!

What precisely did this product teach me?

  1. Don’t force round pegs into square holes. Only work with people who want to work with you.

  2. Do not try to sell the wheel. But show them how it easily roles. Show people what benefits they can receive with your product.

  3. Generosity is powerful. When you are generous with your prospects, they will be generous with you in return.

  4. Be a leader. This book will enlighten you on how to drive yourself and position yourself to do well.

  5. Invest in your development. People that continue to develop their skills will lead in their chosen field.

The most important thing I learned from Magnetic Sponsoring was how to sell an inexpensive information product to gain prospects. These prospects will be more trusting and believe that you are an expert in the field. They will also willingly provide you cashflow to run your business.

Several products out there are made for particular niches; this is a good product for anyone in the network-marketing field. Last time I inquired, there were several million people participating. It does not matter what mlm company you work for, as the methods can be applied anywhere.

The great thing about Magnetic Sponsoring is that it doesn’t provide results two years from now. It will get results for you quickly and easily. Within the first week or two, you can expect to see some results. It keeps growing and growing as you progress as well. If you have some basic internet knowledge, the learning curve will be shorter. However, if you’re starting from scratch, it might take a little longer.

Make no mistake about it, having reaped the rewards from Magnetic Sponsoring, I would definately recommend this book and its bonuses to any individual that wants to do well in network marketing. It can assist those who want to have more impact in internet marketing in general. It is common information that can work for anyone in any scenario. While many people are using this product already, there is still ample room for more people to get involved.

About the Author

Finding the most up-to-date information on Magnetic Sponsoring can be a daunting task. One of the few places I have found online that gives great unbiased facts about this course, by gathering real time online customer feedback from people who have bought it, is at

My Push Button Profits Review

Does My Push Button Profits software really provide you with the best work at home opportunities online like what its owners claim it can do for its clients? Making money online traditionally takes a lot of effort and time, especially since there were no software tools that could help marketers before.

What is My Push Button Profits All About?

Today, with the advancement of technology, there are now many more opportunities than before to use software programs to automate much of the marketing and content creation work that needed to be generated manually before.

Also, members can expect to be making their profits through the highly networked website Clickbank, which contains thousands of digital products that are in high demand all over the world. It uses 100% legal strategies for creating content and driving traffic.

How Much Work Do You Need to Do In Order to Profit From Using My Push Button Profits?

However, despite this automation, one still needs to expect to commit some time every day in order to be successful with this program. There is no need for complicated and time consuming initial setup processes. A guide is provided to explain to you how this software works and why it is able to make money automatically once it starts getting traffic to your sites. At the end of the day, you can expect to have a stable online business after you start using this software for a few weeks.

What Are the Advantages of Using My Push Button Profits?

By using this tool, I have been able to market many more products than if I were to do everything manually, thus allowing me to unearth profitable products much more quickly that I can focus my efforts onto. This has translated into much faster profits in my account. Besides starting new income streams, members also learn how to automate these income streams through a series of steps executed using the software.

About the Author

Is My Push Button Profits a scam? Visit to read a FREE report about this Work at Home Opportunity to find out the truth and get a complimentary FREE My Push Button Profits Bonus Download!

Fashion tips 101

Wondering what’s hot out there in the designer world? We have a few fashion tips that can help you decide what and what not to wear!

First of all, dress for your shape. Determine your body shape and find the outfit that suits that shape. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, then you can emphasize your thin waist with a fitted top. If the bottom half of your body is wider than the top half, try wearing darker pants and lighter tops.

If you have love handles around the waist or a protruding belly, you might want to take steps to hide that extra calorie storage! Of course, you should stay away from short shirts or anything that is tight-fitting. Wear something that is loose around the tummy but curves upward near the hips.

Women with large chests that need extra support should wear long jackets like fitted suit jackets. A blooming skirt can also help balance the look created by a large chest.

A trendy fashion statement these days among young people are silicone wristbands. These wristbands not only say something about your fashion, but increasingly they are used to say something about the wearer. Silicone wristbands are used to relay messages about what causes one supports, the groups you belong to, the people you like, etc.

Although you always want to keep up with the trends, it’s good to have a good basic wardrobe at all times. You want those items that are always cool like jeans, khaki shorts, denim jackets, sandals, an assortment of belts, etc. Make sure your basic wardrobe covers all seasons — summer, fall, winter and spring.

Once you have your core wardrobe ready, you can supplement it with whatever novelty items are in fashion at the time. Of course, check the fashion mags and stores to figure just what’s hot at the moment because it might not stay that way for long!

While you certainly want to keep up with the trends, never forget the golden rule of being yourself. Always follow trends in moderation only choosing what works for you.

About the Author

Peter Jensen is a Danish creator, journalist and stylist.