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Pouch making machine

Plastic Pouch Bag Making Machines are a part of Plastic Bag Making Machines. However, the technologies employed for the two bag making types are different and so also are the properties. Pouch bag are generally three-side sealed while the bags produced by bag making machines are either sealed at the bottom or are side sealed.

Types of Plastic Pouch manufactured

* Zipper pouches

* Stand up pouches

* Three side seal pouch

* Bottom seal pouch

Application of Pouch Making Machine

* Agriculture

* Pet Foods

* Food Industry

* Beverage industry

* Medical Applications

Further, pouch bags are known to have higher barrier properties vis-à-vis the regular bags. That’s the reason why pouch bags are being used for food and medical packaging for these bags are known for their high level liquid, light, oxygen, and heat barrier properties.

The inner level of the pouch bag making machines are of two layers of printed, slit, and winded plastic film. The major technical difference between a regular poly bag machine and pouch bag machine lies in its welding. While the pouch bag machines have two separate sealing (welding) steps, which are immediately followed by cooling steps, which further helps generate high barrier quality, a regular plastic bag machine has only one welding step, which is not followed by a cooling step, generating lower level of barrier property in the process.

Pouch bag making machines are more expensive than conventional poly bag machines as pouch bag machines have an additional layer of technological complexity that helps in high level barrier property sealing.

Demand of Pouch Making Machines in the international markets

China (Mainland), India, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Turkey

Prominent Places to source Pouch Making Machines in India

Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Noida, Rajkot, Ghaziabad, New Delhi, Vadodara, Chennai, Delhi, Thane, Howrah, Amritsar, Dehradun, Hyderabad, Indore, Jalandhar, Kanpur, Ludhiana, Nakodar, Pondicherry, Sahibabad, Secunderabad, Aligarh, Ambala, Anand, Asansol, Dindigul, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Jammu Tawi, Kolkata, Pune, Rakanpur, Silchar, Surat, Tuticorin, Ulhasnagar, Vasai


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Solar Hot Water Heating and the European Union

The European Union and its Member States have committed themselves to achieving a 20% share of renewable energy in Europe’s final energy consumption by 2020.
To reach this target, the renewable heating sector will have to make a significant contribution since the demand for solar hot water heating and cooling represents 49% of the total energy demand in Europe. The SolarBeam Concentrator can be used for solar hot water heating and for general space heating. The SolarBeam is a thermal system, this means that it uses the sun to heat water.

Solar thermal systems are excellent to provide thermal heat at low temperatures,below 95 C. The applications for this type of thermal heat are endless, and include the following industries: beverage companies, breweries, wineries, dairy and farm, hotels, government, schools, hospitals, residential etc.

A study was done by European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) In order to provide the European Union and its Member States with substantiated information on the solar thermal contribution to the 20% renewable energy target and its long-term potential. Detailed surveys were conducted using a representative sample of five European countries
- Austria, Denmark, Germany, Poland and Spain.
The information gathered was then extrapolated to the 27 EU countries.
To determine the potential contribution solar heating would make to the overall heat demand in the selected reference countries, a model was developed for the
future demand – taking into account also energy efficiency measures. Based on this model, the future heating and cooling demand was calculated for the years 2020, 2030 and 2050.
The model includes three scenarios and focuses on the
following segments:

• space heating of residential buildings
• solar hot water preparation in the residential sector
• space heating in the service sector
• industrial low temperature heat (up to 250°C)
• air conditioning and cooling in the residential
and service sectors

The three scenarios are a “Business As Usual scenario” (BAU), an “Advanced Market Deployment scenario” (AMD), including financial and political support mechanisms such as subsidies and obligations, moderate energy efficiency measures and improved research activities, and a “Full R&D and Policy scenario” (RDP), which includes substantial financial and political support mechanisms,
energy efficiency measures and research activities.

Related to the required 11.5 percentage points increase in renewable energies (the share of renewables in 2005 was 8.5%) in the EU-27 countries by 2020, the contribution of solar thermal would be 12% according to the RDP scenario, 4.5% according to the AMD scenario and 2.9% in the BAU scenario.
To reach the goals of the RDP scenario, a 26% average annual growth rate of the European solar thermal market is needed up to 20201.
By comparison: The average annual market growth in Europe between 2000 and 2007 was 12,4%
A 15% average annual growth rate is required to reach the goals of the AMD scenario and a 7% growth rate for the BAU
scenario. The resulting total collector area by 2020 would be between 97 million m2 (BAU) and 388 million square meters
(RDP). These collector areas correspond to total installed capacities of 67.9 GWth and 271.6 GWth.

According to the RDP scenario the impact on employment would be considerable. In total, the solar thermal sector would encompass 470.000 full-time jobs in 2020, in the European Union domestic market alone. An investment of the order of EUR 214 billion would be required in the solar thermal sector to reach the 2020 goals of the RDP scenario. This includes production, engineering, trade and installation of solar thermal systems from 2006 to 2020.

If solar thermal is to contribute significantly to the long-term heating and cooling demand in the EU-27 countries then the primary focus in central and northern
Europe must be on systems for space heating (solar combisystems) and in the Mediterranean area on systems providing space heating, hot water and
air conditioning (solar combi+ systems).

SolarBeam Concentrator by SolarTron Energy Systems is one of the few companies that can provide solar combi-systems which include solar hot water, space heating and solar air conditioning. The future of the EU and for solar thermal systems is being shaped by companies like these.

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I am interested in issues related to the use of renewable energy sources and alternative technologies related to the production of solar thermal and photovoltaic.

Various Usages of Display Cube

Acrylic display cubes are a very popular item. It’s in an assortment of shapes and sizes, and colors as well. It can use either opaque or transparent displays, or a combination of the two. Transparent cubes are the more popular choice as products can be seen from all four sides and from the top. This type of display is often used to showcase cosmetics, jewelry, model ships and airplanes, and other objects that you do not necessarily want people to handle.

Donation Box

Display Cube also great to use as a donation box. It is fairly common to see transparent displays set up in shops or at other locations, with a sign asking for donations for charities. The neat thing about using a transparent cube for this purpose is that it is easy to see at a glance how many donations have been given, which then often serves as a catalyst to encourage others to drop their change in as well.

Rod mounted display systems

Display cubes are available in acrylic or glass and are very versatile allowing you to create your own display shape in the window. Acrylic display cubes are popular as cable mounted or rod mounted display systems as they are lightweight and flexible. They can also be used as freestanding systems stand alone display systems.

Hair Dresser Cube Displays

Cube Display can add a magical sparkle to salon that will make you stand out from the crowd. Floating acrylic cubes, is an excellent way to present merchandise of small products, this gives the salon the opportunity to sell product and costume jewellery in a secure attractive fashion. Suspended cubes can be positioned in the window or in the interior of the hair and beauty salon.

Display Products in Economical way

A quick and economical way to order shelving displays for presenting all types of products. Suspended glass shelves look great installed in traditional or modern retail environments. Available suspended on cable or rod, standard glass shelves have been designed to fit together with standard poster sizes, so you can display goods and integrate that all important message which will increase sales.

Used for Displaying Objects

Display Cubes are used for displaying objects. It can serve as protection for objects on display. Display Cubes are very easy to construct. They can also be altered at any time to create a larger display cube. It can assemble and disassemble them easily with a single screwdriver. This is why Display Cubes are easily transferred from one location to another. Metal conductors are utilized for constructing these cubes, and they are used for joining the acrylic panels together.

The acrylic display cube forms part of a suspended cable display designed to draw attention to a new product range. The inclusion of an integrated lighting system adds emphasis to the product display, and the use of clear acrylic makes the display system itself very unobtrusive.

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Wake Up With Zoom Energy Beans: The Power Candy

Have you ever thought of a way to get a gourmet serving of chocolate and an energy boost at the same time, all in a convenient candy? You can find it with Zoom Energy Beans: The Power Candy. It’s like having a cup of espresso at your fingertips, and a chocolate bar, in a delicious energy candy.

The powerfully delicious Zoom Energy Beans are a great “wake me up” energy candy. This full-on caffeine candy, with an intense chocolate coating will amaze the sleepy masses. And as you eat your way to the center, the Zoom Energy Bean will give you a surprising espresso bean gift in the middle.

Caffeine consumers everywhere will be delighted to know that Zoom Energy Beans are a great way to get started in the morning. These delicious energy candies are packed with a rich chocolate candy shell, and are readily available for “on the go” consumers. It packs the flavor of coffee, and the richness of chocolate into a delightful, and convenient energy candy.

No matter your energy product of choice, whether it be energy drinks, coffee, or a caffeinated soda, Zoom Energy Beans are “The Power Candy,” with just the right amount of caffeine, and a certain uniqueness, this candy will be sure to please consumers with originality, and flavor.

Made with natural chocolate, and with espresso beans, the aroma and flavor of the Zoom Energy Beans will be comparable to no other energy candy. The scent and flavor of espresso bean in the center of the candy will permeate your taste buds, as the rick dark chocolate will allure your senses, and keep you coming back for more.

Try out Zoom Energy Beans as a convenient way to get a powerful caffeine energy boost. You won’t be disappointed with this chocolate energy candy!

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Tamerica VersaLam 1300 13 Inch One Side Two Side Roll Laminator Review

The Tamerica VersaLam 1300 is a great laminating system for a small to medium office. It offers heavy duty design in a medium size machine. You can choose from either one or two sided lamination with a wide variety of other options as well. Here is a closer look at the details.


  • Once switched on, a “Ready” light will come on along with an audible alert. The variable speed and temperature controls allow you to complete multiple projects with a single machine. A temperature memory function lets you use the same temperature with multiple jobs without having to reset the device every time.
  • This device comes with a manual emergency shut off for immediate cessation. It also has a reverse function to help with the clearing of any jams that may occur. This feature also works well if you have a misfeed; simply reverse the item back out to you and start again.
  • The heated rollers are made of top grade silicon rubber to prevent bubbles or scratches occurring during lamination. The bottom rollers can have the heat turned off for one sided lamination if needed.
  • A mountable laminator stand is included with this product. This gives you the option of storing the machine on a table if you’d prefer or on the stand. The stand is convenient because it has wheels for added mobility. And it leaves your surfaces free.
  • Both tension knobs are spring loaded on the upper and lower rollers to apply the exact pressure needed. Middle and rear de-curling bars help to keep hot items from curling up and hardening in that position. They also help to keep items moving through smoothly instead of curling back into itself.
  • With a maximum 13 inch width, this device is perfect for smaller to medium document lamination. It uses one or three inch core sizes, provides both one and two sided laminating, and has a maximum mounting capacity of 3/16″. The adjustable feed guide aids in keeping items from entering the machine crooked and coming out wrinkled.
  • The VersaLam can handle a 500 foot roll of 1.5mil film and accepts up to 10mil film. Items are processed as fast as 4 feet per minute, allowing a standard size paper to slide through in less than 15 seconds on the fastest speed.
  • Tamerica guarantees this laminator with a one year warranty.


  • The width is limited to 13 inches. For most smaller offices needing to protect standard size signs or photos, this won’t be an issue. But offices dealing with larger amounts of posters or other oversize documents will want a wider machine. We recommend the MyBinding MY2700L, which offers a 27 inch width capacity.
  • One thing that would be nice is a foot pedal for hands free operation. However, this is more of a luxury than a necessity for most and we don’t think it detracts too much from the machine’s value.

Overall, the Tamerica VersaLam is well suited for the laminating needs of a small to medium office. It would be great in a school, small print shop, or restaurant. With a variety of options and many automated features, this device is both efficient and convenient. If you’re looking for a smaller laminator, be sure the check out the VersaLam 1300 today!

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Dahle 30104 Personal Shredder Review

Designed to be placed beside your desk and used on an as-needed basis, the Dahle 30104 is a strip cut shredder that may be a good choice for customers who need a quick and easy way to destroy a few documents in a typical day. In the following report, we take a look at the 30104, and present you with a list of what we consider to be the machines strengths and weaknesses.


  1. For a shredder that is designed to be used by one person intermittently throughout the day, the 30104 has a pretty nice capacity. This small shredder can handle up to 12 sheets at a time, and operates at a speed of 15 feet per minute. This is not bad for such a small machine.
  2. The 30104 is well designed, and for such a small machine, we were really impressed with the 8 gallon bin size. That means that you will have to empty it less often, and that is a major plus.
  3. The 30104 features an electronic sensor that turns the machine on when you position the paper at the feed opening, and then off again when the job is done. We thought that was a nice feature in a shredder that is meant to be placed conveniently at arm’s length. This machine also features Bag Full Auto Off function that turns the shredding mechanism of automatically when the shred bag is full and needs to be emptied.
  4. The cutting blades of the 30104 are made of solid steel, and allow thus machine to easily handle paper clips, staples, and even credit cards with ease, and the blades carry with them a lifetime warranty.
  5. The dimensions of the 30104 are such that it will not take up much room in your office, and you could probably even place it under your desk if you wish. This is also a very nice looking machine, featuring rounded lines and “euro” styling. It is not very often that you can say that an office machine is attractive, but this one is.


  1. The 30104 runs at a pretty good clip, but you need to be aware that this is only a Level 2 security, strip-cut shredder. This means that it may not be the best fit for you if the documents that you will be need to destroy are of a highly confidential nature. If you want more security, you will have to step up to a personal shredder such as Dahle’s 30114, which offers a FACTA-compliant, Level 3 cross-cut.
  2. The 30104′s throat width of 8-3/4 inches is enough to handle letter and legal sized sheets, but if you need to shred larger documents on a regular basis, you will either need to fold or cut them first to get them into the opening.
  3. One thing that you will need to be aware of with the 30104, as with any shredder, is the possibility of the machine overheating if you exceed its intended capacity. The 30104 does feature thermal protection, but all that means is that the shredder will turn itself off when it gets too hot. If this happens, you will need to wait for the machine to cool down before you can use it again.

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Lifetime Tables – Country of Origin

Lifetime Tables General Information

Lifetime tables represent one of the largest lines of products from Lifetime Products. These tables are generally very affordable and easily maintained. The Lifetime table features a polyethylene plastic table top, steel frame, and a manufacturer’s warranty. The plastic top is made using polyethylene plastic. This top makes the overall table very lightweight when comparing similarly-sized tables with different materials of construction. The steel frame is always foldable and, on some models, can also allow the table top to fold in half. Finally, all Lifetime tables feature anywhere from a 2-year to a 10-year warranty.

Lifetime tables have many useful features to fit many different uses. Lifetime makes folding tables, fixed-height tables, adjustable-height tables, fold-in-half tables, rectangular picnic tables, circular picnic tables, and bistro tables. For the folding tables in the fixed-height and adjustable height, the typical customer is a church, school, or home user. For the fold-in-half tables, picnic tables and bistro tables, the typical customer is a business. These last types of tables do very well as display tables, cafe tables, and campground tables.

Lifetime Folding Tables Country of Origin

Most every Lifetime table is made in the United States at Lifetime’s factory in Clearfield, Utah. Generally, any Lifetime table that is made in the white granite color option is made at the Clearfield plant. Lifetime Products also maintains a plant in China for construction of the some of their products. If you are looking at any other table than the white granite color, the table may be made out of the country. As a rule of thumb, all Lifetime round tables are made in the United States and most fold-in-half tables are made in China. Some products, like the rectangular tables, are made in the United States sometimes and China other times. This is also true of Lifetime Picnic Tables. If you are getting these products in the store, the “Made in U.S.A” sign will be prominently shown to help you determine the product’s country of origin. If you are ordering these folding tables online, you can typically request the company you are ordering from provide you with the country of origin and they should be able to get that information from Lifetime Products directly.

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Weld Steel Pipe To Stainless Steel Pipe

The standard welding processes TIG, MIG, and stick are all capable of welding carbon steel pipe to stainless steel pipe. Standard carbon E-class welding electrodes like E70 for MIG or 7018 for stick will hold the pipe together, but the weld will be compromised by the lack of chromium and nickel in the alloy.

Therefore a high-carbon stainless steel electrode must be used to seal the weld joint. 309 welding electrodes offer the correct composition to ensure that the weld has proper penetration and structural integrity.

Cut the end off of the welding wire protruding from the welding tip of the MIG welder with the wire cutters. Back spool the welding wire to remove the wire from the MIG gun and lead. Remove the spool of wire. Spool the MIG welder with the 309 welding wire.

Exchange the gas with the three part shielding gas mixture. Before attaching the three part shielding gas, lay the gas bottle on its side and roll the tank back and forth for two minutes to ensure a thorough mixing of the gas. Attach the gas gauges to the three-part gas bottle.

Turn on the MIG welder and set the heat and wire speed. Due to the higher amount of heat required to weld stainless steel, your standard heat settings for carbon steel will be inadequate. Look in your welding guide to determine an initial test setting for your heat and wire speed. Run a test pass with the welder to ensure that the settings are correct.

Cut two pieces of stainless steel pipe and two pieces of carbon steel pipe 4 inches long to use as test pieces. Mark the pipe with the permanent marker and the pipe wrap. Cut the pipe with the band saw. When cutting the stainless steel, reduce the speed and use cutting fluid to keep the band saw blade cool.

Attach the hard grinding wheel to the grinder. Place a 20-degree bevel on end of the cut test pieces of pipe with the grinder. Hold the grinder at a consistent 20 degrees to give you an even fill line. Take care when grinding the pipe. Heat builds quickly especially on stainless steel pipe. The pipe will get hot enough to produce burns in a matter of seconds.

Place one beveled end of the steel pipe against a beveled end of the stainless steel pipe. Allow a 1/16th weld gap between the two pieces of pipe. Place a tack in the weld joint to hold the pipe together. Roll the pipe and place a tack every inch around the entire circumference of the pipe. Ensure that at each tack you hold the 1/16th inch weld gap.

Weld the pipe together. Start the weld on the stainless steel pipe and pull the puddle onto the carbon steel pipe. Roll your MIG gun in a circle to flow the puddle, dropping 1/8th of an inch at each down stroke to create a nice “roll of dimes” weld. Watch the bottom of the weld to ensure proper penetration. If you find that the carbon pipe is under-cutting, reduce the heat on your MIG welder and try again. When reducing the amount of heat fails to reduce the undercut, quicken the up stroke of your circle to pull the heat away from the steel pipe.

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