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Show Your Existing Customers That You Value Them By Giving Them Promotional Watches

If you want to entertain your elite customers by giving out a precious gift, choose promotional watches imprinted with the name of your brand. Any customer, who receives such a gift on behalf of your business, will appreciate the generosity and the affection it showers upon the customers. These customers will surely build the reputation for your brand. They will make your brand’s name known in the entire community- amongst their friends, colleagues, neighbours and even the strangers whom they meet at different occasions. If you offer the best quality branded watch, you can expect the brand promotion campaign to stay longer.

Promotional watches are great corporate gifts for your special clients. If given on special occasions, such as birthdays or Christmas, they will prove to be worthier and more practical. A watch is a common personal accessory; it is useful to men and women equally. Therefore, there is no other promotional gift that is better than a corporate watch for your clients. The beautiful wristwatch can bring a lot of happiness to your customers. They will keep that valuable gift with them and remember your brand whenever they wear it on their hand.

There is no better gift than promotional watches to your corporate clients. Be it your business associates, shareholders, or board members, or any client of yours whom you want to associate for a long period of time. By choosing a good quality promotional gift like a wristwatch, you show them how important they are for your brand. In turn, they will respond to your regards by showing more affection and confidence on your brand and business. This will raise the goodwill of your brand amongst them.

The only criterion to be considered while choosing corporate watches as promotional products for your customers is their quality. If you are choosing the watches for your premium clients or customers, better you consult an expert in this field. Many promotional gift suppliers will offer you the assistance in choosing the gift items for your special customers. They know the latest trend amongst the category of people whom you want to gift this special item. It is better to follow their advice and get the best-quality gift that falls within your budget limits. If the promotional items that you offer to your clients does not meet the quality criteria, the whole effort will be futile.

The articles on this web site may be reproduced in whole or in part, provided that the reproduction includes a notation of ownership to “Promotion Products Pty Ltd”, plus a crawlable link to or to the original article on this site.

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Douglas is a promotional items expert and has been associated for many years with, the leading industry supplying superior quality promotional products, corporate gifts and promotional watches at value prices.

Replica Vertu Signature Diamonds From Myluxphone

Vertu is a company which manufactures the most exclusive mobile phones of the world, including royal Vertu Signature Diamonds cellphones.

Vertu Signature Diamonds Phones are made of 18 carat yellow or white gold set with pave diamonds, as well as a platinum handset set with a.25 carat solitaire diamond. Eevery handset takes craftsmen a total of seven days to complete because they set over 700 diamonds by hand. They’re only producing 200 phones, which will be sold exclusively in select jewelry stores.Unfortunedly, it doesn’t have a camera or take video, but it has the ability to send text messages, record voice memos, has enough memory for 1,000 contacts, alarm clock and PC synchronization.

Vertu’s Signature Diamond Collection consists of Vertu Signature Cobra, Vertu Signature Python, Vertu Signature Gold Half Pavé Diamonds, Vertu Signature Full Pavé Diamond Yellow Gold, Vertu Signature Full Pavé Diamond II Yellow Gold, Vertu Signature Full Pavé Diamond White Gold, Vertu Signature Full Pavé Diamond III White Gold, Vertu Signature Solitaire Diamond Yellow Gold, Vertu Signature Solitaire Diamond Platinum, Vertu Signature Rose Gold Pink Sapphires, Vertu Signature Full Pavé Diamond III Yellow Gold, Vertu Signature Half Pavé Diamond Yellow Gold, Vertu Signature Half Pavé Diamond White Gold, Vertu Signature Gold or Platinum Pavé Diamonds.

Every Vertu’s Signature Diamond handset is unique.

Vertu Signature Diamonds, another Vertu Luxury Phone. Vertu Signature Diamonds Phone is really cool, but not all the people can afford a real one. The replica Vertu Signature Diamonds Mobile Phone looks, functions and weighs the same as the original phone. Therefore, more and more people prefer to buy replica Vertu Signature Diamonds from

Furthermore, every Vertu Mobile Phone from http://www.myluxphone.comwill be delivered in a very high-quality giftbox, including 2 batterys, stereo headset, USB cable, charging unit and user manual. The phone is guaranteed to work with most operators in the the world, and are fully unlocked.

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Mannequins -the magic behind fashion industry success

Fashion shows are a big hit everywhere you go around the world. From Universities and colleges to top fashion show organisers and fashion designers, Successful retail stores know that mannequins can greatly increase their sales.Mannequins add life to your store displays. They give your customer a tangible object that they can relate to.

A mannequins is an often articulated doll used by artists, tailors, dressmakers, and others especially to display or fit clothing.They’re dressed to impress and free for all to see on the on the display but each reflects the designer’s personality and philosophy.

Mannequins have fascinated mankind for centuries. Indeed, these glorified coat hangers have a genealogy that goes back to ancient times. However, today’s mannequins are neither as harshly angular as those of feminist era nor as bony as Twiggy.

Mannequins are, as always, a reflection of the ideal, not how we are but how we’d like to be – and it seems we’re not entirely ready for that. The creation of a mannequin is much like the creation of any fine sculpture, and then dresses it nicely to entice the shoppers.

What the buyers are looking for as they eat and drink their way from one showroom to another are mannequins with the right “attitude”.

It’s a word frequently used in the business, and it sums up a mannequin’s look: her pose, her mood, the message she sends to the public about the clothes she’s wearing and the store she’s in.

It’s the mannequin expert’s term for gestalt, and a buyer wants to make sure that gestalt is just right. In the most recent times, there are more ethnic mannequins than in the past – Blacks, Orientals, Hispanics. And, like the population around them, some models are more mature.

The baby boomers are heading into their forties and fifties and mannequins have to reflect that. The days of thinking a woman is grandmotherly or matronly just because she’s fifty are gone.”

All told, there are about 200 mannequin manufacturers, worldwide. The leaders come out with a new line of mannequins – from six to twelve new poses – twice a year.

mannequins are easily accessible online to Individuals- private customers, wholesalers and shop fitters, students studying fashion and textile degrees, fashion show organisers, Ethnic / Asian Clothing Boutiques and more.

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Mannequins Online is a leading supplier of Bust Form / Dress Form Mannequins. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products at truly unbeatable prices!We are a professional shop fitting supply company that specialises in supplying major high street retailers, fashion houses, Asian fashion houses and Universities.We are able to supply any quantity of female and male mannequins.

El Pasoan fills spots on 2 Texas boards

Since he immigrated to El Paso as a teenager from Juárez, Carlos Chacón has been building on his talents, with undeniable drive and much success in life and business.
In the mid-’90s, he founded and owned World Gym franchise, which led him into bodybuilding and promoting fitness competitions in El Paso. In 2001, he received the Promoter of the Decade award from the Amateur Bodybuilding Association, for promoting more than 100 shows in one year.
These days, he still travels to Las Vegas to judge fitness competitions. But he is also becoming a familiar face in Austin and working with Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Chacón, who campaigned for Perry, was recently named to the Texas Board of Examiners of Psychology.
He is the only El Pasoan to hold two gubernatorial appointments from the current governor. He is also on the Texas Skill Standards Board, which determines the minimum requirements for most Texas licensed professions and technical jobs.
“I believe what drives me, in addition to my faith, is the belief that we are here to evolve into somebody and better ourselves. Assets and money won’t go with you to the burial place — but your actions and who you touched define you,” he said.
“I am defined by my children. So my family and children are my driving force in wanting to excel,” he said. “And by teaching by example, I can teach them you can be anything you want.”
El Paso attorney Jeff Minor, who has known Chacón for 10 years, is not surprised by his friend’s accomplishments.
“He’s driven as a father, as a businessman and just everything he does. I think it’s wonderful for El Paso, and he will be a wonderful representative for El Paso,” Minor said.
Though Chacón is not a psychologist, he said he believes he will be able to maintain a balance between the general population and the licensed professionals serving on the board.
“I’ve always been fascinated by the psychology of people. I was an anthropology major in Mexico, so I have some background on human behavior and tendencies,” he said.
The board’s role is to grant and revoke licenses and oversee the process for out-of-state psychologists seeking licenses to practice in Texas.
Chacón said he is impressed by what has been accomplished in the field of psychology.
“They are diagnosing children with chemical dependency at a younger age and better able to control behaviors that before were just dealt with in as society as outcasts or unfit,” he said.
And his interest in health endeavors goes hand in hand with being a father. The divorcé has always sought opportunities that allow him to spend time with his two sons, now 15 and 21.
His new roles in Austin allow him to commute there and visit his older son, who is a student at the University of Texas at Austin.
Before, being around a gym and fitness was a way to do something with his boys when they were younger.
“It brought me closer to my children and was a way of keeping healthy,” he said.
Once he started operating health gyms, he also began to work with personal trainers and became interested in bodybuilding.
“It was one of those things where you have the time and resources and you learn your own capabilities and you just apply yourself,” he said.
He took part in competitions in Southern New Mexico and is proud of placing in the top three in six different competitions within six weeks in the late ’90s.
By nature, he is competitive.
“When you do things for a very long time, there’s a time when it comes very easily and you want another challenge,” he said.
He also is a consultant in computer technology and works for Grainger, which supplies the military with equipment and other items.
He credits his mother, an active volunteer in Juárez, with instilling civic duty into him.
“My mom has been a president of a Lions Club in Juárez and is always doing a lot of charity work with battered women and doing things for children in the colonias,” he said.

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The Best Method for Spot Cleaning Carpets

Carpets are widely used to enhance the decor of homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, theaters, and shops. They add beauty and warmth to a place, but can be difficult to maintain, especially in high traffic areas. They have to be periodically cleaned in order to remove dirt, oil, grease, and stains. Such regular maintenance will prolong the life of the carpet, and leave the facility looking clean and fresh.

Spot Clean Your Carpet

Though regular cleaning of carpets to remove dirt is not necessarily cumbersome with the right carpet cleaner equipment, removing stains is quite a challenging task. Often, carpets get stained when people track mud or grease over them or spill drinks and food on them. You may also get stains on the carpet during home or shop maintenance, as some material, like paint, might spill on them. The easiest way to remove stains from carpets is to use steam cleaners.

Steam cleaners use high temperature, “dry” vapor steam to dissolve even the most stubborn stains. You have to simply direct the steam on to the stain. Slight scrubbing with the brush attached to the machine helps in removing the stain completely. The best cleaning results are accomplished by steam cleaners with vacuum extraction, as they extract the stain completely.

The sooner a stain is removed from the carpet, the better it is. Otherwise, with time, the stain becomes rigid and difficult to remove. So as soon as something spills on your carpet, you should blot it with a cloth or tissue. Avoid rubbing the area, as that will only worsen the stain. Steam cleaners use very little for cleaning. Therefore, the carpet drying time after steam cleaning is also less.

It is important to note that steam cleaners are only effective for spot cleaning carpets. Designed primarily for hard surfaces, these machines do not feature the power or the productivity necessary to clean an entire carpeted area. Instead, for full carpet cleaning consider a low-flow, low-moisture carpet cleaner available from top suppliers.

Configurations to Choose From

Steam cleaners for carpets come in different styles and configurations. For residential purposes, where there is less attack of grease and oil on the carpets, lower power steam cleaners are used. They attain lower pressure and temperature levels as compared to the commercial industrial steam cleaners that can attain temperature levels of up to 360°F and pressure levels of up to 120 psi. The vapor steam cleaners used in industrial and commercial applications produce steam at high temperatures and pressure levels, as it is essential to dissolve remove stubborn stains and grease.

Another differentiating factor is vacuum extraction. Steam cleaning equipment for commercial and industrial purposes often feature vacuum extraction to allow for simultaneous extraction of residues while dissolving them with high temperature steam.

Steam cleaners are gentle on carpets as compared to pressure washers, as they do not adversely impact their fibers. This is because the steam cleaners use steam at pressure levels around 75 psi whereas pressure washers use water at around pressure levels of 1000 psi. Such high pressure washers should not be used on carpets as it may damage the carpet and would leave carpets too wet, requiring extensive drying times. However, you should always read the carpet manufacturer’s instructions carefully before cleaning, as some materials like wool are negatively affected by high heat produced by the steam cleaners.

If you intend to use cleaning agent for removing stains, make sure to use green cleaning supplies that are gentle on the fabric of the carpet and the environment.

While operating steam cleaners, you should take appropriate precautions. Always keep the wand in the right direction. Also wear protective gear, as steam can be dangerous.

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Daimer Industries, a leading provider of high-quality, durable carpet cleaning machines. Daimer offers 20 models of the most powerful commercial carpet cleaners, carpet shampooers and industrial carpet extractors with highly advanced cleaning technologies.

My Traffic Business Review – Full review of Brett Ingram’s My Traffic Business

My Traffic Business is created by a very successful Internet Entrepreneur called: Brett Ingram.

My Traffic Business – a complete, done-for-you traffic getting membership site that adds subscribers to your mailing list, and makes you money from their monthly sign-ups.

Traffic come to your website and have a chance to sign-up for a free item. This can add members to your opt in. They can also join your web-site as part of a monthly subscription program. This will create a flowing paycheck for you.

According to Brett Ingram, this is the system he uses to add over 57,000 subscribers to his opt-in list and earn over $300,000, PLUS a monthly passive income stream of over $8,000 that rolls in month after month with almost zero effort.

My Traffic Business will provide you the professional-looking theme, graphics, videos, profitable niche market and set them up for you.

But the BEST part is, you need NO marketing knowledge and NO technical skills to use it for yourself, because all you do is choose a few options and THEY set the full system up for you!

The main objective of ‘My Traffic Business’ is to save your TIME and MONEY by giving you with a ‘ready-to-go’ website with all the important components in place. But this is not a 100% autopilot system…. meaning that you do need to put in some effort to make the system works for you.

My Traffic Business will only be available for a very limited time and a very limited number of people. Brett Ingram’s last product sold for $1,297 and sold out in 2 weeks, and because this is completely done for you I think this may sell out even faster…. His customers have achieved 10,000s of new opt-in and earned $10,000s using it…

If you don’t have the technical skills to configure and set up a complete and ‘ready-to-go’ Internet business, My Traffic Business is a great system to get you started on the right track. However, this is not a 100% ‘hands-free’ or autopilot system, you do need to learn some Internet Marketing basics to promote and run your business. If you’re a total newbie, you should check out the My Traffic Business bonus package we have created to go with this system.

You can check out the bonuses at –

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How to Make Money Online Using Product Promotion

If you really want to work from home you have probably spent some time searching money making opportunities online. One of the easiest ways you can rake in the dollars without hassling with customers and orders is to get into product promotion. Product promotion is just as it sounds, you promote someone else’s product and you get a commission for every sale.

There are a variety of ways to make money online with product promotion. You can create a niche market affiliate store that will focus on selling a few specific products. You will be most successful if you can create a website that offers interesting news, information and product reviews. People will come to your site for information and then they will click on your link to buy the product. The link will take them to the retailer’s website where they will buy the product and you will be given a commission.

An affiliate website is a great way to make money. You just have to be sure to choose a niche market that you are really interested in. You will have the most luck if you base your store around you hobby. If you love fishing make an affiliate store all about fishing and fishing products. If you love pets, make a pet store. Your affiliate store should be a fun project and you should have more than one if you expect to make it your full time job. The most successful affiliate store owners have up to ten stores.

If you enjoy the business side of making and promoting websites you can make great money by selling virtual products. You can do this by buying a virtual product like an e-book or downloadable program with resale rights. Basically what the resale rights do is give you 100% commission for promoting someone else’s product. The best way to make money with virtual products is to find crazy deals on the newest most in demand products.

The virtual products that are the most easy to sell are about internet marketing. Like you other web entrepreneurs need to know about building their business and they are willing to pay for the information. They deed to know about speed listbuilding and targeted traffic in order to keep their own businesses alive. You can find special deals and discount rates on the newest items every week at websites like

The best part of starting out with a store that sells virtual marketing materials is that you get to use what you sell. You will learn how to build your business and then sell that leaning material to your customers. Now that is a crazy good deal.

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Dirk Wagner is the CEO of and an entrepreneur in Internet since 2001 and helped several of his subscribers to find their own way of success in internet by his advice by means of product promotion at highly discounted rates.

Lighting Up The House

Once a Pike, always a Pike

Thant’s how members of the Pi Kappa Alpha describe their loyalty to this fraternity. The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity is the biggest fraternity in the whole world. It was founded in 1868 and continues to be one of the most active organizations in the land. It is so famous that you can actually buy light diffusers with Pi Kappa Alpha insignia.

Pi Kappa Alpha decorative lights are effective in taming down glaring lights as well as allowing it to blend with the surrounding. It has the ability to exude a cool and calm ambience whether it be in your room, the office or bathroom. They are easy to install that you can do it your self. You’ll find yourself through with the installation in a matter of minutes.

Before you go and grab the first Pi Kappa Alpha diffuser that comes your way, you have to take into consideration first the following:

1. Decide on what effect you would like to achieve. Check if you would really need a light diffuser or you would just have to adjust your furniture.

2. Decide on the color of the lights as well as the number of light panels that you would need.

3. Play with the lights to ensure that it is able to highlight choice furniture. This would create a sophisticated look. Keep in mind where you plan your decorative panels with Pi Kappa Alpha gear.

4. Make sure that the light diffuser panel you have in mind would fit in the mood that you would like to set. Putting a light diffuser featuring Pi Kappa Alpha gear might not blend well in the living room but might fit in your bedroom.

If you would like to highlight the use of Pi Kappa Alpha gear in order to brighten up your room, you can head to the nearest Pi Kappa Alpha store and buy what you need. Another option would be to look for light diffusers and decorative panels that feature Pi Kappa Alpha gear. You can find readily find these items in major stores. It comes in various shapes and sizes and can readily fit normal fluorescent fixtures.

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Kenwood SB307 Pro smoothie maker

Have you always thought of getting hold of a smoothie maker that can save you from the hassles of making smoothies and cleaning the mess afterwards? Then the new Kenwood SB307 Pro smoothie maker is just for you. Its graduated funnel shaped bowl ensures an optimal material flow towards the blades. The best thing about this smoothie maker is that it comes with detachable stainless steel blades that make it easy to clean. With Kenwood SB307 Pro smoothie maker, you need not to worry for serving, as it incorporates a pouring tab that can pour the smoothie directly in a serving glass. So, get ready to impress your guests with chilled and delicious fruit smoothies, using the amazing Kenwood SB307 Pro smoothie maker.

Making fresh fruit smoothies will now be a child’s play using the new Kenwood SB307 Pro smoothie maker. A product highly acclaimed not only for its performance but also for its stylish look, this smoothie maker brought out by Kenwood is like a worthy product for your kitchen. Kenwood SB307 Pro smoothie maker comes with a 2-litre glass goblet with handle and spout. Its brushed finish metal body is really attractive and rest assures you will get bundle of compliments for placing it in your kitchen.

Kenwood SB307 Pro smoothie maker features a unique dispenser tap that allows you to take out the mixture placed in the jar conveniently. This amazing product also incorporates a Safety Interlock to ensure that your child doesn’t get hurt playing with it when you are not around. With Kenwood SB307 Pro smoothie maker, you also get a Stir stick to check whether your smoothie is ready or not. Its ice crushing blades are of exceptional quality and can crush ice within seconds. Feel free to use any of the 3 speeds and pulses while operating this cool kitchen appliance that comes fitted with a 700-Watts motor. The SB307 Pro smoothie maker can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.

Like the previous Kenwood products, the new Kenwood SB307 Pro smoothie maker too has succeeded in collecting some great reviews from the users around the world. Almost all the users find this product amazing to make delicious fruit smoothies. Users can’t resist saying that Kenwood SB307 Pro smoothie maker is just perfect for making fruit smoothies and soup drinks. Many users find it simple to use and easy to clean. Some users find its glass jar heavy but the way it crushes even frozen fruits, they don’t actually complain for its heaviness. Users appreciated the way its powerful motor crushes even the hardest of fruits in seconds. Needless to say, Kenwood SB307 Pro smoothie maker has been highly recommended by users all over for its exceptional performance.

Established in 1947 by Kenneth Wood, Kenwood is now a global leader in the electronic world. Initially called as Woodlau Industries, this company was later rechristened as Kenwood. Ever Since its inception, Kenwood has strived to provide innovative, great and quality design to users worldwide. With products like Kenwood SB307 Pro, Kenwood continues to expand its comprehensive range of home and kitchen appliances. It is one of those companies that have marked a standard for themselves by producing efficient products in very reasonable price. Working on its motto ‘Listen to the Future’, Kenwood aims to discover latest technologies to enhance the quality of life. You can check it for yourself with its newly launched product called Kenwood SB307 Pro smoothie maker.

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I’m a full time mum so time is limited. I love cooking and my husband loves all things technical. So I thought why not write and post some product reviews.

Review: The Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Programme

In his eCourse, The Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Programme, Rintu Basu, has created a practical guide to learning persuasion skills that you can use every day in the real world.

Although the Programme doesn’t come with any physical products it does contain a wealth of materials, including several audio and video files, that teach you perusasion skills for practical use in daily life.

Rintu Basu has been an NLP Trainer for over nine years and specialises in training people in how to use practical persuasive language patterns in daily life.

In The Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Programme I found the most value in the fact that Rintu actually demonstrates the patterns as you read and watch, then describes several examples and finally reveals, step-by-step, how to create your own ‘short, snappy and usable’ language patterns that get you the persuasive results you want.

I have read and listened to other ‘Persuasion Language’ products and have to admit that this eCourse really does live up to the promises Rintu makes: It shows you practical tools you can use in every day life, lots of useful examples, and hints and tips on how to learn the skills consciously and unconsciously.

At first it took me a little effort to get into constructing my own patterns, but after re-reading a few examples in the book, as the author suggests, I did find myself coming up with my own little persuasion nuggets for use in my day-to-day interactions.

The Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Programme states that, “as interest in NLP, Covert Persuasion, Conversational Hypnosis and Persuasive Language Patterns grows there seems to be more confusion and less quality information available both in books and on the internet.”

I agree and through studying this eCourse I was pleased to discover that he delivers on his promise of giving the reader practical lessons in Persuasion that can be used in everyday living; Business and Social.

The only thing I felt this eCourse could use to make it even better was perhaps a special section for Seduction skills. But to be fair there are quite a few ‘seduction’ examples sprinkled through the text.

As stated in the eCourse it doesn’t claim to be a complete body of work on NLP Language Patterns, but I feel 100% comfortable that Rintu’s, eCourse does deliver on his stated promises.

If you are interested in learning Persuasive Language skills that will get you results in the real-world, then I give the, “The Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Programme”, my highest recommendation and a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.

For more information on Rintu Basu’s eCourse, please visit ==> The Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Programme

Hopefully Rintu will produce a follow-on product that teaches other important and useful aspects of NLP, Hypnosis and Persuasion Skills in the same thorough and complete manner.

(c) Colin G Smith – All rights reserved

Colin G Smith is a licensed Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and author of “The NLP ToolBox” and “The Half Second Rule.” For a free NLP Course visit =>

About the Author

Colin G Smith is a licensed Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and author of “The NLP ToolBox” and “The Half Second Rule.” For a free NLP Course visit ==>