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Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic devices are various tools and instruments that generate and utilize compressed air. Pneumatics are everywhere in important inventions, however, they are relatively unknown to the general public.

History of Pneumatic Tools – Bellows
The hand bellows used by early smelters and blacksmiths for working iron and metals was a simple type of air compressor and the first pneumatic tool.

Pneumatic Tools – Air Pumps and Compressors
During the 17th century, German physicist and engineer Otto von Guericke experimented with and improved air compressors. In 1650, Guericke invented the first air pump. It could produce a partial vacuum and Guericke used it to study the phenomenon of vacuum and the role of air in combustion and respiration.
In 1829, the first stage or compound air compressor was patented. A compound air compressor compresses air in successive cylinders.

By 1872, compressor efficiency was improved by having the cylinders cooled by water jets, which led to the invention of water-jacketed cylinders.

Pneumatic Tubes
The best known pneumatic device is of course the pneumatic tube. A pneumatic tube is a method of transporting objects using compressed air. In the past, pneumatic tube were often used in large office buildings to transport messages and objects from office to office.
The first documented genuine pneumatic tube in the United States is officially listed in a 1940 patent issued to Samuel Clegg and Jacob Selvan. This was a vehicle with wheels, on a track, positioned within a tube.

Alfred Beach built a pneumatic train subway in New York City (a giant pneumatic tube) based on his 1865 patent. The subway ran briefly in 1870 for one block west of City Hall. It was America’s first subway.

The “cash carrier” invention sent money in little tubes traveling by air compression from location to location in department store so that change could be made. The first mechanical carriers used for store service was patented (#165,473) by D. Brown on July 13, 1875. However, it was not until 1882 when an inventor called Martin patented improvements in the system that the invention became widespread. Martin’s patents were numbered 255,525 issued March 28, 1882, 276,441 issued April 24, 1883, and 284,456 issued on September 4, 1883.

The Chicago postal pneumatic tube service began between the post office and the Winslow rail road station on August 24, 1904. The service used miles of tube rented from the Chicago Pneumatic Tube Company.

Pneumatic Tools – Hammer and Drill
Samuel Ingersoll invented the pneumatic drill in 1871.
Charles Brady King of Detroit invented the pneumatic hammer (a hammer which is driven by compressed air) in 1890, and patented on January 28, 1894. Charles King exhibited two of his inventions at the 1893 Worlds Columbia Exposition; a pneumatic hammer for riveting and caulking and a steel brake beam for railroad road cars.

Modern Pneumatic Devices
During the 20th century, compressed air and of compressed-air devices increased. Jet engines use centrifugal and axial-flow compressors. Automatic machinery, labor-saving devices,and automatic-control systems all use pneumatics. In the late 1960s, digital-logic pneumatic-control components appeared.

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Carbon Offsetting: The Best Way to Maintain Equilibrium in Our Ecosystem

We all are constantly aware and alarmed by the fatal consequences of global warming. This has resulted in air and water to become warmer and warmer and faster melting of glaciers by each passing minute. This normally reflects the sunlight back into space which in turn compounds the global warming problem. We knowingly or unknowingly aggravate the ever growing problem. We use electricity, vehicle and plastics everyday which are the main carbon producers that households contribute to global warming.

Global warming is a burning issue globally. Today new car, used cars and trucks equally burn gasoline to get on with their regular work and gasoline burning is a major resource of carbon dioxide emissions everywhere. Carbon Dioxide is thus emitted into the environment. Carbon Dioxide has been scientifically linked to global climate change and warming. Therefore, complete awareness among people is required to combat this disastrous issue. People must be motivated and enthusiastic about reduction of this gas through whatever ways possible to maintain equilibrium in the eco system.

Everyday while driving a car, lighting your residence and office, transporting goods and also using a computer, we use energy and produce greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide that have a major consequence on the climate change. You will inevitably have to pay hugely for your emissions; thus by employing carbon offsets, you can make an equivalent greenhouse gas saving. By taking a few things into consideration too, you can control carbon dioxide emission. You must switch off the light when not in use, must start a habit of walking or cycling which will in turn reduce the use of automobiles.

There are various kinds of project that will help to reduce carbon emissions. The projects include renewable Energy, Hydro Power, solar power, agricultural residues and wind power etc. Each project is very helpful and plays a vital role in reductions of CO2 that would not have happened otherwise. If you are engaged in a business that transmits CO2, you should start by reducing your consumption and your carbon footprint now. Your small steps can make a huge difference.
Business carbon offsetting is making a positive and real statement to your employees, customers and shareholders. Just like you they all are also affected by climate change and will be more attracted, and devoted to businesses that are committed towards caring for the environment. Green companies are more efficient and more beneficial than their rivals. Many of the most successful ones are now familiar with the clear business benefits of addressing environmental issues.

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Lingerie Shopping – How to please your girlfriend

My girlfriend wants a new bra for her birthday. Not an especially particular type, just a bra that fits comfortably. She’s even taken the trouble of showing me the precise one she wants. I am not a lingerie expert, so I am glad for the advice, if not a little taken aback by the brazen, pragmatic approach. I was thinking about something a bit quirky, or musical maybe, perhaps a new classical guitar or even a pair of running shoes. But if she wants bra, then fine, a bra it is.

I’m not accustomed to shopping for lingerie any more than I am for women’s shoes, but I keep telling myself as I walk into town I am not really actually shopping for lingerie, you know, like spending hours browsing through women’s lingerie like it’s my hobby. I’m not even particularly self-conscious.

As I pass the bookshop it starts to drizzle. I shuffle amongst the trickle of Monday afternoon shoppers and wonder if I should have brought an umbrella. Then I wonder if I have even got an umbrella. Wasn’t there one by the door for a while? Whose was it? Mine, or did a friend of hers’ leave it behind?

Whatever, I can always pop into a bar and grab a coffee if it starts to pour down. This is my afternoon off so I may as well do something as well as just buying a bra for my girlfriend’s birthday.

It’s not a lingerie shop but a department store with a lingerie bit in it. As the escalator carries me into the loft heights of the upper floor of the shop, I suddenly become quite self conscious of what I am about to do. The reality of queuing whilst holding a bra grips me with fear. This is unusual. I’m not some ultra confident person neither stupidly shy. I just don’t like the idea of it. I’d feel… well, just pretty dumb.

It’s childish, I know, and I shrug it off. I head straight to the lingerie section and take the right bra. I’m walking with it and then stop, turn and put it straight back and leave the shop.

What have I just done? I’ve copped out of something that really, honestly, nobody else in the world would actually care about whether I did or didn’t.

I was embarrassed. How on earth could I have been embarrassed? Maybe it is genetic. Maybe it’s society indoctrinating in me some clichéd and out-dated behaviour. Who knows, but it surprises me. Maybe I’m just having a strange sort of day.

Back at home and on the web I type in the name of the shop into my browser and click on through to the online lingerie section to find the bra my girlfriend wanted. It’s there all right. Same colour, size, price. I select it and pay for it.

So I’ve bought some lingerie online, out of a misplaced and bizarre fear of buying it in a shop, but I guess although in haphazard way, I did actually get the lingerie, online or otherwise.

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Forex Magic Bullet Review

“Forex Magic Bullet” is amazing forex automation software with a host of features to enable automatic trading of forex. Automated trading in forex has changed the way how forex trading was done a few days back. It has become a vital element of profit making in the financial world. There is not much of a difference between trading in stocks and forex. However there are added advantages when dealing with foreign currencies.

Trading in forex is quite easy if we follow the basic rules of the game. Knowing the rules and actually implementing them is two different scenarios all together. By the time you finish reading this review on Forex magic bullet, you will understand what it takes to actually make profit in this race to become more successful. Proper timing and execution is essential as always. For those of you who are actually serious about getting good returns on their investment, automatic forex trading is worth a lot. Forex Magic bullet system can completely automate the process of forex trading.  

If you are thinking about diving into the world of forex manually, things can be quite different. Even seasoned and well to do players crashes every now an then. However a few of them escapes from all such perils and among these a few lucky ones, emerges our winner. If you ask them, the secret, it’s nothing but automated forex trading software which has helped them make huge profits. Among all these automated forex trading software, magic bullet stand out clear by giving a host of advanced feature and at such an affordable and competitive licensing scheme.

Forex Magic Bullet brings in lot of innovation to help the trading community. It is fully automated software requiring the least input from the user, giving consistent profits and at the same time maximizing the profit margin. It even monitors your balances to keep it going under those treacherous times. Above all it comes with an excellent and dedicated customer care service as part of the premium service. The licensing itself is so lucrative, wherein you just pay under $100 to obtain your personal and legal copy of Magic Bullet.

The magic bullet is such an outstanding performer that they put the whole thing under try out scheme of 60 days money back guarantee, knowing that it’s hard for anyone to part from it, once you start seeing profit coming your way.

The positive testimony of the numerous users of magic bullet proves the whole fact that Magic Bullet is indeed a necessary and essential tool in a forex trader’s arsenal. Forex magic bullet is the result of extensive market testing and refinement and underwent trials under different scenario’s to bring the best out it to the user. Another great thing about magic bullet is that the guys behind this wants to give the best useful support from there side. And to do so they want to maintain the user base to a manageable level.

One thing is sure; trading in forex will never be same with Forex Magic Bullet  around.

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Cheaper Imports Leaving SMEs in the Lurch

After reeling under the adverse impact of the global economic deceleration for almost a year now, Indian SMEs are now grappling with another major problem – cheaper Chinese imports. The dumping of low-priced goods by Chinese manufacturers and exporters has eaten into the market share of domestic SMEs in the Indian market, raising concerns about their competitiveness and sustenance.

Besides, casting a shadow on the business prospects of domestic small-scale units, the cheaper Chinese goods flooding the Indian market are also posing a threat to foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows into the country, thereby jeopardising the growth of the economy as a whole.

India most favourable dumping ground

Most western countries are cutting down on their imports and have formulated stringent anti-dumping laws to prevent the influx of unfairly low-priced goods. This compelled Chinese manufacturers to scout for alternative markets to offload their stocks. Thus India emerged as a convenient destination for the same.

“The geographical proximity, growing population and the high consumption rate have made India a preferred choice for Chinese manufacturers. Moreover, the absence of stringent anti-dumping laws makes it an easy dumping ground for other countries,” commented A Ghosh, proprietor of Kamal Engineering Works, a small-sized engineering firm in Kolkata.

Besides China, Korea and Ukraine are also increasingly treating India as an alternative market to sell their unsold stocks at lower prices. Cheaper imports have not only resulted in a shrinking domestic market for locally made goods, but have also eroded the competitive edge of Indian exporters in the overseas markets.

Due to stiff competition from Chinese imports, a large number of SMEs are incurring huge losses. According to a recent survey by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), nearly two thirds of businesses surveyed reported heavy losses on account of dumping.

“Rising imports from China have left Indian companies high and dry as domestic firms are unable to withstand the competition posed by cheaper goods, both in the domestic and international markets,” said Pran Bhalla, spokesperson of DRP Metal Works, a small-sized cock and valve manufacturer in Ludhiana, Punjab.

A large number of SMEs, especially those manufacturing processed food items, plastics, engineering goods, Chemical Products, sanitary ware, metal, non-ferrous metals, steel, ceramic tiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals have been affected by the deluge of low-priced imports.

To prevent further losses, the SME segment has demanded the imposition of stringent anti-dumping laws and slapping heavy fines on defaulters. Technological upgrades will also help smaller units to enhance their competitiveness and withstand the onslaught of cheaper Chinese products.

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pipe inspection system

Plumbers in the field of pipe inspection have the necessary equipment to assess the condition of your underground or any inaccessible pipes. Pipes for homes, municipalities, businesses, communities all over the world will require some maintenance and repair so you as a plumber or technician have the opportunity to serve these clients. A pipe inspection system will make it possible for you to provide a service that only a few plumbers in your area can supply. This makes for less competition for the available jobs. Getting work as a pipe inspector can be your specialty and with the less competition possibly get more clients. This will greatly increase your chances of recouping your investment.

If you already deliver pipe repair, maintenance and installations adding a pipe inspection camera to your arsenal will increase your reach of available work. Satisfying a customer’s needs is the best marketing you can deliver. This will increase your business as a reliable one stop shop for pipe repairs and evaluations. Providing a complete service to your customers Is invaluable to you and them. Customers can be residential structures or multi million dollar per year businesses.

Each pipe inspection has it’s own requirements. Depending on the size of your client’s job there is a pipe inspection system available to handle it. Bigger jobs call for bigger inspection cameras which will cost anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000 or small jobs that will cost somewhere in the hundreds. The price might be high at first but it can land you a job that will quickly get you your investment back.

Regular drain and sewer camera inspection services are not only necessary, but essential in order to maintain safe, consistent and continued usefulness. Without this essential service businesses stand the chance of disrupting their cash flow. You as a technician and mechanic have the opportunity to help a business flourish and in turn you create a customer for life.

Your business plan as a plumber should include provided value added services for your clients. Adding a pipe inspection and maintenance capability to your business gives you an advantage over other plumbing contractors without it. This opens the door for you to find another kind of client. It also allows you to find more potential pipe repair. replacement and installation jobs with this tool.

A video pipe inspection camera gives you a foothold on the latest technology which keeps you ahead of your competition. While you’re out working your competition will be scratching their heads wondering how they can get more jobs. If you establish your business you will eventually getting word of mouth advertising which is the best advertising you can hope for.

A pipe inspection system doesn’t cost you anything it pays. Your investment will be well realized after you see the potential clients you could reap with this service. You’ll be the envy of all your competition.

The extra work you get with this tool could allow you to re-invest it back into your business. You could buy a new truck with nice signage, hire more employees, add to your advertising budget. The possible advantages a pipe inspection system can add to your business in a great incentive to make the initial investment. It’s almost impossible not to buy one if you are serious about making more money with your business.

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Inkjet Cartridges

It is seen that the printing requirements and needs have been increasing day by day. With the printing history, inkjet cartridges have come a long way and even in the age of laser toner cartridges, we do not see a vague future of it! Or we can say, inkjet cartridges still have a great future ahead. In most offices and households, you can see the widespread usage of inkjet printers that need inkjet cartridges.

Inkjet cartridges is basically a small plastic container that contains ink that the printer uses. Inkjet cartridges come in several different sizes in order to meet the requirements of different consumers, who own different makes and models of printers. Therefore, while buying a replacement inkjet cartridge, you should make sure that it is the right size for the printer you have.

Generally, you are recommended to buy the inkjet cartridges from the same manufacturer that produces the brand of printers you have, but today you are left with so many options of buying other brands that are compatible. There are several online stores that provide inkjet cartridges, which make your cartridge buying process more convenient and easier as compared to buying one by manually going to a local shop.

If you look at the inkjet cartridge market, you will be able to find three types of inkjet cartridges. They are:

* Original equipment manufacturer or OEM cartridges: These are original cartridges manufactured by respective companies.

* Compatible ink cartridges: These are produced by local companies. Such cartridges can go with any brand of printers.

* Remanufactured inks cartridges: Remanufactured inks cartridges can be refilled and use again.

Whichever inkjet cartridge, you use for your printer, make sure you get it from a reputed store. Quality of the cartridge is an another concern. You should always use good quality cartridges. However, all inkjet cartridges are known for their reliability, color accuracy and speed!

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Clickbank for Newbies Review – Blogging to The Bank 2.0

This is the latest Clickbank for Newbies Review on the internet. I decided to review this product to share with you my experience about this program. I recently bought into Blogging to the bank Rob Benwell and thought it wise to reveal some secrets.

Fact is: It’s getting harder nowadays to read an unbiased review online about any given product. The reason is not far-fetched. People do not care about you and your hard earned money. I can’t be so much bothered about earning money all the time – so, I’m going to cut the crap and show you the exact thing you should expect if you decide on getting clickbank for Newbies.

First, I must commend the product creator of this unique course. It’s actually a blueprint that takes a total beginner by hand and teaches you how to make money online from affiliate marketing. Blogging for money is easier when you learn proven secrets from Rob Benwell in his 2011 blogging to the bank course.

Affiliate marketing simply means selling other people’s product to earn a commission. The commission can be anything from 50% – 100%. After I heard so much about this product, I decided to give it a try because I was on the point of giving up online and looking for offline jobs – I studied accounting in University but lost my job due to the economic meltdown.

As an honest Clickbank for Newbies review, I will not say I have earned much with this blueprint, but it worked for me. In my first 2 weeks, I was fortunate enough to earn $440.22 into my bank account. At the end of the month, my earnings have reached $1,290.98 and I was glad. If you want proofs of my earnings, I can send it to you upon request.

As I review this program, I’m 3 months old using the secrets I learnt from this blueprint and each month, I earn nothing less than $1,300. This might not be too much for you, but I know it’s a new car maintenance cost for some average Americans and the world in general.

In this Clickbank for newbies review, I thought I should let you know about something. This program is not ideal for professionals; I mean those who are already earning $4,000 – $10000 from the internet. I discovered that it’s for newbies because it takes every course from the scratch and very much ideal if you need a head up on how to drive traffic to your site and offers. It also shows you how to dominate Google with product reviews and article marketing.

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Sanyo Xacti -DMX-CA9 Camcorder

Gone are the days when movies were made only by the film industry. With the coming in of video recorders, anyone can make a film. Video cameras are not the huge, bulky equipment you carried with all its paraphernalia. They are sleek, compact, all in one devices that are lightweight and easy to carry around. And the results they give are so much better, because of the new digital image technology incorporated in them.

The craze for camcorders has grown so much in the past few years that companies are churning out model after model of these gadgets every year. As a result, the camera market resembles more of a fish market, with thousands of models to choose from. One name that stands apart, though, among the gamut of cameras is Sanyo. Sanyo camcorders have built an everlasting trust among consumers with their sheer style and unbeatable performance.

The most favored camera from Sanyo is the Sanyo Xacti -DMX-CA9 Camcorder. It has a small and light design, and can shoot still photographs and videos, at the same time. It includes a CCD optical sensor type and a 10x zoom and can fit almost an hour of 720p video footage in to a single 4GB SD memory card. This 7 megapixel camera gives extraordinary stills and high definition video, in a package that will suit all budgets. This is possibly the smallest high definition camcorder available in the market today.

This video camera comes in a slender, somewhat gun-shaped design like the other Xacti cameras from Sanyo. It offers a comfortable grip, even without a wrist strap and has a flip out 2.2 inch LCD screen. It gives the user an option for using a joystick to navigate the camcorder’s settings and menu. The best feature of this Sanyo camcorder is that while shooting a video, it can also take 7 megapixel images without having to switch functions. What’s more, it is able to record 30 frames per second in high resolution. You can best see the results on an HDTV screen or any other high definition display. This is made easy with dock support provided for HDMI and component cables.

Can’t wait to get your hands on one? Well, you don’t have to go far. Simply log on to the internet, go to a trusted shopping portal and browse the wide range of Sanyo camcorders on display. You can also compare prices with other brands, before you decide to buy Sanyo video camera. So go ahead, and click away!

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Home based business – The way to go!

What do high school dropouts, nurses and bartenders have in common? Want to give up? The answer is they are amongst the growing list of people making huge amounts of money from their own home based businesses every day. They form a little known community that operates in more than 180 countries. Some speak English, others do not, but does that stop them making a living from their home bases business? No! In fact, no matter what language you speak, you will benefit from support provided by others and that is on hand for you 24 hours a day. In real terms, this means you have ongoing continuous support and training coupled with a winning system, no matter how many hours you choose to work for. Now if that isn’t freedom, I don’t know what is!

The real beauty of this home based business is that you do not need any experience, just a willingness to succeed and choose your own lifestyle. The ever expanding internet platform is providing global opportunities for everyone – so whether you are a doctor, a real estate agent or you work in a cafe – you can earn a good living. Wouldn’t it feel good to be able to give up earning money for someone else and accept the lifestyle you deserve?

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