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Snap Summaries: Ghostwriting

The ghostwriter and their trade

Have you ever wondered how to write that idea of yours into readable prose? Writing the first sentence in the book my sometimes be as scary as a scarecrow.

People give their work to a ghostwriter to write for them for many reasons.

It might be that they are not experienced writers. Or that they are too busy to write. Or perhaps that poor health limits their writing ability.

Whatever the reason, the ghostwriter is available to do it for you for a fee. But what questions should you ask yourself before you hire a ghostwriter?

What is their qualification?

Don’t be deceived by the Ph.D’s and testimonials populating their website. Rather, check their online presence and credibility from external sources with a search engine.

Have they written a book?

Someone cannot promise to write you a book when they have not written one themselves. Where did they say charity should start from? You guessed right. At home! So search their name in the major bookstores to see what they have written.

What is their fee?

Some charge per page, while others charge per word or per hour. Can you afford to pay?

It should be said that some clients don’t mind the fee–they want excellence. That is why Dan Brown pays an editor $5 per word to polish his prose. No wonder he writes bestsellers!

Note that the ghostwriter that asks you to pay bulk sum upfront is probably not genuine. Look for one that asks for 50% before commencement and the balance when your job is done.

What is their turn-around time?

There are different completion dates for editing, writing a short article or an essay, and writing a full-length story. Find out their turn-around time. Is it favorable by you? Or would you rather they work on your deadline?

Do they have a contract?

A ghostwriter should have a contract for both of you to sign for major works. The contract should make it clear that you have 100% copyright and that confidentiality should be maintained.

How do they communicate?

Do they reply your queries promptly? Are their mails well-written? Do they sound real and convincing? If “yes,” chances are that they will deliver a professional work in good time.

This blogger can ghostwrite the following:

student writing assignments,
drama/movie scripts,
short stories, and
fiction (any genre).

Why not contact him for your writing jobs?

Click below:

About the Author

Arthur Zulu is a publisher and editor and is the author of the fast-selling e-book on the search for an elixir of life by America and China entitled, THE HUNT FOR THE TREE OF LIFE, available on Amazon (US and UK).

MBM Destroyit 4005 Micro Cut Paper Shredder – DSH0502 Review

MBM Destroyit’s 4005 Micro Cut shredder is one of MBM’s largest centralized office shredders. With lifetime guaranteed steel blades and a continuous run motor, the 4005 can easily handle the high volume, heavy duty needs of any medium to large office. The rest of the device carries a one year warranty and offers easy, uncomplicated use with its many automatic features. Let’s take a closer look.


  • To keep fingers and other objects out of the blades, a transparent safety shield covers the opening. Shredding starts as soon as paper is fed into the blades, due to a photo cell sensor. Use is controlled by a single switch with modes for stand-by, stop, and reverse. Stop is triggered by a full shred bag, an open cabinet door, or a paper jam. Auto reverse helps clear any jams that occur by feeding the paper out of the blades. An hour of inactivity activates a sleep mode in which the machine powers down to save electricity.
  • Rated for constant use, the powerful single phase motor is double protected from overheating in order to prolong the life of your shredder. It utilizes a sturdy chain drive system that stays running smoothly thanks to the automatic oil injection system. A dustproof gearbox chamber prevents corrosion from minute particles. All together, these ensure optimal performance.
  • A wide 16 inch opening easily accepts documents of all sizes with staples and paperclips as well as taking in credit cards and CDs. During use the machine lets you know the exact sheet capacity level and can handle as many as 20 sheets at once. The hardened steel cutting shafts pulverize your items as fast as 30 feet per minute. The tiny confetti that results gives a level 4 security rating, ensuring classified information stays safe.
  • The shred bits fall into a huge 59 gallon plastic bag that hangs on a pull-out frame for convenient removal and replacement. The waste bag sits in a high quality wooden cabinet which acts as a noise reducer by absorbing sound from the motor to give you a quieter office.


  • This device only takes in 20 sheets at once. This is an excellent rate for a level 4 security shredder and for moderate use purposes won’t present a problem. However, consumers tend to underestimate their shredding needs. If your business has a higher volume of shredding, MBM offers lower security machines with higher capacity as well as one higher capacity model also rated a level 4.
  • At 378 pounds, this shredder would be a pain to move around. Casters on the cabinet solve this problem and make rearrangement easier by allowing it to be rolled around. For most offices, the weight is not a significant issue.

The MBM Destroyit 4005 is well-suited to handle the all-purpose shredding needs of any office. Automated features make the device simple to use. A warranty lets you know you’re getting a quality product. And a level 4 security rating ensures all your confidential information stays safe. We would highly recommend this excellent machine for your next central office shredder.

About the Author

If you are looking to purchase the Destroyit 4005 Micro Cut Shredder, you should really check out They have a great price on this shredder and they carry the entire line of MBM Destroyit Paper Shredders. Plus, they offer free shipping on all orders over $75.

Greatest Traffic Booster – Google Sneak

Are you currently searching for some methods to improve traffic in your websites so quickly and so straightforward? Have you been tired of hiring people today to perform campaigns that takes months but nevertheless no very good final results observed? Google Sneak is right here to reply all of your requires and query about creating traffic for your sites. Google Sneak is a brand new software out within the market place. Should you do a little bit of analysis, there’s previously so numerous other sorts of computer software offered to generate web sites and so forth and will do the exact same job so there’s practically nothing genuinely new here but here is a big distinction in that those application packages will only ever produce you a web site with a couple of pages. Following all it contains automobile blog site software package. Blogging platforms have considerably additional likely to turn into AUTOMATED and convey in cash on autopilot.

With Google Sneak, they may be providing not merely vehicle blog page software package which will develop you a weblog in Four basic methods, but lots of other top rated worth software which will support Strengthen your campaigns past the frontiers from the world-wide-web and have you RAKING within the dollars on autopilot! Google Sneak may be the consequence of 100′s of hrs of intensive labour driven investigation into making the ultimate ‘point and click’ software package that drives MASSES of TARGETED targeted visitors on your websites.But I am not promising that you simply will develop into rich overnight utilizing this software program. But if you employ the application effectively, you are able to truly start off producing constant earnings on the net.

Envision a completely automated on the web business enterprise that requires much less than 10 minutes to setup and becoming provided each of the appropriate instruments to enable you to Kill all competition and earn All of the tops spots on All the search engines’ final results. I really don’t know a single individual who makes money on the web that doesn’t wish they could have something like this to create obtaining nearer towards the dollars, Not as much time consuming and so a lot Quicker!

I’ve below are some items you can get from Google Sneak:

-In only 20 mins you’ll be able to create a extensive functional weblog and with this you’ll be able to save a lot of cost.

-Google Sneaks operate at any nitch. With this particular, you’ll be able to very easily promote websites.

-Total Video Instruction can also be available.

-Customer assistance representatives are always on the web for any concerns.

-If your not pleased together with the software, you will get your cash back.

As I mentioned prior to, there’s application available to produce sites. My opinion is that they are no way fifty percent as Effective as the Google Sneak software nor do they’ve the possible to generate dollars on autopilot AND drive massive amounts of Site visitors. So why don’t you try and see to your self? This can be a fantastic chance for your site. Google Sneak will allow you to from the quite starting to the finish of your respective instruction.

For additional info and never happy with this write-up, pay a visit to some associated subjects we’ve. Google Sneak could be the software package appropriate for you. Begin earning cash now!

About the Author

Jack Stewarth – 28 years old and been using Google Sneak for 2 years.

Integration of High-end Technology in Discount Glasses

The demand of eyeglasses kids has increased recently, since eye problems are common among people, irrespective of age and sex. To protect the eyes from harmful elements and improve any type of visual disorder,, eyeglasses play a very important role. Most of the people wear eyeglasses till the end of their lives. Therefore purchasing expensive eyeglasses is not a good idea if discount eyeglasses are available in the market. In fact, people need to change their eyeglasses every one or two years, either due to increase in the power or impaired lenses. To get discount glasses, people need to search a reputed and leading online eyeglass store.

Prescription glasses from online stores

To get prescription glasses from online stores, customers need to get an eye test done at leading optical centers. The objective of conducting eye examination is to generate a legal copy of your prescription by an ophthalmologist. The prescription gives you the license to buy eyeglasses from the store. Now, prescription glasses are available at cost effective rates if you make an extensive search through the internet. These glasses contain trendy frames suited with best quality of single, bifocal, progressive light and thin prescription lenses, and so on.

Choosing discount glasses

Customers need to keep certain points in mind prior to buying discount glasses. It is recommended to choose glasses in sync with your facial and contour and age, since online stores are flooded with eyeglasses of different shapes, sizes and designs to fit in men, women and kids’ faces. In fact, discount eyeglasses available in online stores are featured at par with standard eyeglasses and do increase the beauty of wearers, along with the integration of anti-glare technology.

Reputed and leading online stores offer discount glasses

This is a fact that only online stores offer heavy discounts on eyeglasses. Therefore, it is advised to search a reputed and leading online store to buy discount eyeglasses. Apart from cost effectiveness, all its products are unique and exclusive.

About the Author is one of the largest global online opticians, offers Discount glasses, Eyeglasses Lens and Eyeglass frame online with the best quality. Find different types of Prescription Glasses in attractive design and shape at affordable prices.

Operating principles & fundamentals behind rotary mechanical seals

Centrifugal and rotary positive displacement pumps require controlling of the pumped fluids desire to exit through the stuffing box, the area where the pump shaft enters the pump fluid end. When operating the pumped fluid within the stuffing box sees a pressure higher than the surrounding atmospheric pressure, and on static lift applications; during the priming cycle, the stuffing box will see a pressure below atmospheric pressure i.e., a vacuum. In either operating condition a mechanical seal will virtually eliminate the release of the pumpage to atmosphere and the entrance of air into a stuffing box when under vacuum.

A basic mechanical seal is not a complex device. It consists primarily of a rotary seal face with a driving mechanism which rotates at the same speed as the pump shaft, a stationary seal face which mates with the rotary and is retained using a gland or in some pump models an integral stuffing box cover, a tension assembly which keeps the rotary face firmly positioned against the stationary face to avoid leakage when the pump is not in operation, and static sealing gasket(s) and elastomers strategically located to complete the seal assembly.

The rotating and stationary sealing faces commonly referred to as primary seal members, are materials selected for their low coefficient of heat and are compatible with the fluid being pumped. Their extremely flat; lapped mating surfaces, make it extremely difficult for the fluid to escape between them. The fluid does however, form a thin layer or film between the faces and migrates toward the low pressure side of the faces. It is this boundary layer of fluid which is used and required to cool and lubricate the seal faces.

To prohibit leakage along the pump shaft through the inside diameter of the rotary and stationary seal faces the mechanical seal assembly uses o-rings, v-rings, wedges and packing. Commonly referred to as secondary sealing members these components of the seal are selected based on fluid compatibility, temperature, elastomeric qualities, and depending on the type and design of the seal they may perform in either a dynamic or static state.

Mechanical seal hardware represents the components required to apply mechanical tension to the rotating and stationary seal faces. This hardware; depending on seal design, can include springs, bellows, retaining rings, and pins. Not to be overlooked, hardware materials must be constructed of suitable metallurgy compatible with the fluid. An appreciation of seal driving hardware is also extremely important when sealing viscous products as ample torque to rotate the seal must be made available when the fluid is at its standing viscosity when starting a pump, and effective viscosity at operating conditions.

Mechanical seal selection should never be addressed as simple, easy or standard, as it is this approach which results in inadequate performance. A mechanical seal will only perform as well as all the sealing components combined and any options and auxiliary systems which may be required. Failure to properly address any portion of the mechanical seal chain could result in catastrophic failure, down time, considerable damage and expense, and most importantly personal injury and possible damage to the environment.

Specific pumping application requirements will determine the complexity of the seal design to achieve optimum performance. Mechanical seal configurations and options are as vast as pump models and designs. Addressing all the application parameters and fluid behavior characteristics will result in long trouble free mechanical seal service and enhanced pump and process performance.

About the Author

Ningbo Yinzhou Guowei, mechanical seal Component Factory is a professional engaged in the design, development, manufacture, sale of various cartridge seal and flygt seals business. Production and testing are well-equipped with a high-quality staff.

Residential Elevator Companies in New York

Residential elevators are not merely articles of luxury, but equipment by means of which the lives of the elderly and physically challenged members in the family can be made simpler. These home elevators will enable them to access multi-level homes and not be restricted to one floor only. These elevators also go a long way in enhancing the property value. For New York residents planning to purchase a suitable elevator, the first thing would be to find residential elevator companies in New York to get the best models.

High Quality Models and Installation Assured

The elevator contractors come to your house when you request for their services to evaluate your requirements and the structure of your home. This is pertinent in finding the right model for your home. Then they provide you with the best model of your choice and install it in your home. They check the proper functioning of the model and provide the required safety measures. The standard features integrated in home elevators are-

* Smooth and easy operation without jerks

* Emergency stop button

* Emergency alarm

* Power back up

* Slack cable safety

Installation of Popular Elevator Models

The residential elevator companies in New York install the popular models as per your requirement and budget. They usually rely on home elevators manufactured by Savaria Concord, ThyssenKrupp Access, Federal Elevators and some others. The popular residential elevator models today are Lev Home Elevator, Windsor Residential Elevator, Infinity Luxury Elevator, Telecab Elevator and Renaissance Elevator. The elevator contractors provide smooth and quick installation customized according to the customer’s need.

Hire the Services of Reliable Contractors

Find out more about the residential elevator companies in New York who provide customized installation of popular elevator models. They should also be available for maintenance and after sales servicing.

About the Author

Residential Elevator – DAY an authorized dealer, provides a complete range of mobility products in the categories of elevators, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts.

Fellowes Intellishred C-220i Strip Cut Paper Shredder Review

There is so much to think about when buying a shredder that it easy to get a little lost in the process. There are so many factors to consider such as capacity, anticipated frequency of use (and users), and type of cut. Add to that the vast number of manufacturers and models available, and it’s easy to see how your head could be spinning right about now. If you have narrowed it down to a medium use machine that you suspect will be used by between one to five users on a daily basis, you may have been taking a look at the Fellowes C220i. Here we are going to delve into this machine a little bit, and give you a list of what we considered to be its pros and cons when we gave it a going over recently.


  1. Every shredder manufacturer worth its salt includes some sort of method for either preventing or correcting the dreaded and inevitable paper jam. The C 220i comes equipped with Fellowes’ Jam Proof System that electronically measures the amount of paper that the user is attempting to feed it and will give you the red light if it is too much. You then just remove the excess paper and resume shredding.
  2. Shredders that are in frequent use can be a little distracting to fellow office mates, due to the inherent noise of most machines. The C 220i, however was remarkably quiet when in use – nearly silent, in fact,when compared to a lot of the shredders out there.
  3. Most people don’t know that most shredders are meant to be used in an on/off cycle, meaning that they need periodic rest to prevent overheating. The C- 220i, however is able to stand up to continuous use, and should be able to shred as many as ten thousand sheets in a single day.
  4. The C 220i comes with Fellowes’ patented (and quite ingenious) safety measure which senses body heat (like hands and fingers) near the paper feed and immediately stops the machine from functioning.
  5. The three year warranty is impressive, especially when you consider that the cutters themselves are warranted for the life of the machine.


  1. The main weakness of the C 220i is the fact that it is a strip cut (rather than cross cut) shredder. While this may be acceptable for general use, if you are looking for a machine to use for destroying your more confidential documents, the C 220i may not be the right shredder for your needs. You will probably want to look into purchasing the C 220i’s cross cutting big brother, the C 220Ci.
  2. As far as maintenance, you will need to make sure that you oil the C 220i periodically. This is normal for many shredders on the market, but again, C 220i’s big brother, the C 220Ci comes with its own auto oiling system.
  3. The C 220i doesn’t come with a jam release, but this may just be a sign of the faith Fellowes has in its Jam Proof System.

About the Author

If you are looking for more information on this paper shredder or would like to purchase the Fellowes C-220i Strip-Cut Paper shredder you might want to visit They offer great prices and free shipping on the entire line of Fellowes Paper Shredders.

Politically Incorrect

Politics has been around ever since man created the first government; it had been the root of many events that cause progressions and downfalls of early government systems. At present, the meaning of politics has been altered in many countries; it has become a trend to some while to others it has become a business.

What is politics?

For many people, politics is something left for the rich and the educated. They are the ones wearing tuxedo dresses and driving luxurious cars whenever they assemble “to make laws.” The word politics came from the Greek word “Politika”, which means the science of government.

Politics is the second oldest profession in the world. Before Jesus Christ was born there was already politics and politicians. It all started in the ideology of Aristotle’s book “Affairs of State”, which tackles the ways on governing the government. Fast forward to today, politics is now a basic necessity in order for the government to be stronger by means of proper rules and regulations.

The bad side:

People always perceived politics as dirty, and can never be changed even if the second coming of the God comes to earth. But people must have a clear understanding about politics. So, what makes politics bad? It can only be bad if those who are in power use it to enrich themselves and if corruption is present.

Common connotation on politics is that when there is politics, there is corruption. People can never be blamed for having this wrong perception because corrupt politicians wearing elegant dresses, eating tasty food all the time have always been lurking around manipulating inexperienced good leaders to be part of their scheme. In the Philippines, politics is already perceived to be a business because you can be an instant millionaire by secretly plundering the national budget of the country. To these politicians, politics was never a mission to serve the country, but the easiest way out of poverty. Other third world countries have the same perception as in the Philippines because of graft and corruption.

Essence of politics:

Politics have been misinterpreted by society; the true essence of politics is broad that even the brilliant minds of our ancestors have struggled to find the exact essence of politics. The true meaning of politics can be jotted down in simple words “the process by which a group of people decides.” It doesn’t need to be in the government only, but in private companies, non-profit organizations, groups and others as well.

The wrong misinterpretation of politics will be hard to change, especially now that people use it for their own good. But nonetheless, we must never blame politics; we must look into the ones who are handling politics because they are the reason why politics have been perceived as corrupt and injustice. We must look through our politicians and high ranking officials who make it their job to look good in their arrogant suits and dresses instead of serving the masses.

Somehow we must learn to separate corruption from politics because it is politically incorrect to say “when there is politics, there is corruption.” It may seem a hard thing to achieve, but it’s possible. After all, change is possible, but it must begin in us.

About the Author

Gary is a part time author who writes on a variety of topics of personal interest. He writes informative articles with an interesting pitch that makes readers know more about the things. Respected author and nationally recognized relationship expert, has been a tireless advocate for fashion dresses and entertainment.

Individuals Get More Benefits By Utilizing Storage Ottoman

When people hear of the identify ottoman they do get all the product ranges and its different purposes. Ottoman is the esteemed storage field with an excellent padded top. As there a number of product varieties found and one is for storage purpose. Each of the merchandise has its personal distinctive amenities and high quality that satisfies people in all means. This ottoman acts as a fine decor in residing rooms. Individuals get simply attracted by seeing this piece. The sizes are supplied in all ranges from small too big. People can get the one matching to their length and breadth of the room of their house. The colours give huge enchantment to the visitors and so they admire the ottomans introduced in the house. Typically, ottomans are lined with leather-based and it offers nice comfort in utilizing the pure leather-based product. The commonest one is storage benches and footstools. The storage ottoman does not appear to be the field for the storing things, It’s looks as if cushion seating in the living room. The designer cloth makes good glow and remains because the tool that is decorating the house. The storage ottoman serves folks in home with quite totally different purposes. Brown leather storage ottoman is usually found in many of the hoses. This acts nearly as good device to retailer magazines, CDs, footwear and so forth which can saved within the hall. There’s also dog storage ottoman which is more snug for the well-known breeds like collie, poodle and another with identical physic. When a home doesn’t comprise much attic could make use of the storage ottoman benches. This has several wooden trays which assist in storing many of the wanted issues in a comfortable way. The storage ottoman serves in a a number of way and stays as a very good piece of house furnishings. People feel extra contented and fulfilled by utilizing the diverse units of ottoman in their house.

About the Author

I am Ashok Article Writer

Is Modern Japanese Clothing More Western?

The Kimono with an Obi or the sash around the waist and the Geta were originated in Japan more than a thousand years ago. The material used to fabricate these varied form the most expensive of silks to the cheapest of linens. The kimono was also an heirloom often passed down from mother to daughter sometimes for several generations. Since the Kimono had one basic pattern, it could fit people with different body types by adjusting the neck and waistline. Modern Japanese clothing brings together the influences of the traditional Kimono with the modern western clothing.

The traditional Kimono however is relegated as a ceremonial dress in modern Japan. The kimono is now worn mostly only during the New Year or a wedding. Fashion shows in Japan bring together both these worlds by showcasing suits, which are draped like kimonos. Geta, which was the traditional footwear in Japan, shows its traces in modern day platform shoes. Fashion streets of Tokyo display brightly colored socks, which are a combination of the traditional tabi with western colors. Tabi is the traditional padded socks worn at home since the Japanese remain bare foot in their houses. Traces of the Sashiko, the traditional quilted coat can also be seen in modern coats. So, if you are in Tokyo, you may see a fine blend of the ancient Japanese and the western in the youth of modern Japan. Kimonos and platform shoes under them with a western hair style – this is what many young Japanese people can be seen attired in. however, modern Japanese clothing can be best described as largely western with elements from Japanese clothing incorporated.

The change probably came around after the Second World War. By 1946, a number of fashion magazines began gaining popularity in Japan, like Soen, New style that showed Japanese women how to dress. Not merely a magazine showcasing ready-made dresses and attires, these magazines served the purpose of fashion guides. The magazines showed Japanese women how to sew their Kimonos into dresses and their husband’s old coats into suits. This was a complete sewing guide and soon silk Kimonos began transforming into silk dresses at par with New York and Paris designs and Japanese men began adorning suits.

Another reason for the ancient Kimono fading out to modern Japanese clothing is the ever-growing popularity of man-made fabrics. From 1975 to 1988, silk production fell by 39percent and since kimonos are made of silk, the kimono is losing popularity as an everyday wear. A number of stereotypes have also stopped the Kimono from making a comeback. Younger women lack assistance in buying a Kimono; what colors should they buy and even where to buy them is an unanswered question for a large percentage. It is also a common thought that they are hard to wear alone and that a Kimono is only meant for special occasions. The thought that they are expensive also discourages many young potential buyers.

A total westernization will never happen owing to Japan’s rich culture but a healthy mix of western and traditional can be seen everyday on the streets of Tokyo and many other cities and towns. A Nike t-shirt over a skirt and a Geta is not an uncommon sight; the only saddening part may perhaps be the downhill journey of the traditional Kimono in the modern Japanese clothing.

About the Author

Christopher Schwebius is an entrepreneur who seeks out sharply defined, specifically focused topics to research. Upon finishing his research he provides relevant, un-biased information to his readers based on his discoveries and/or personal experiences.
One of his latest ongoing projects can be viewed at