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Reviewing the Swingline 42101 Personal Electric Stapler

When it comes to staplers, Swingline is the go-to name. This company makes some of the best staplers around that are ideal for both personal and professional use including the 42101, an electric device. Here are that product’s strengths and weaknesses so you can learn all about it and determine if it’s the stapler that’s right for your document fastening needs.


  • The 42101 has a decent stapling capacity especially for a personal device. It can fasten up to 15 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper, so it will be good for stapling correspondence, professional documents, and school assignments.
  • This device was designed to be portable. As such, it can be powered by 4 AA batteries so you can use it wherever you need to. If you’re working with it at home or in the office, you can plug it into an electrical outlet with the included AC adapter and not use up all your batteries.
  • The 42101 only weighs 2 pounds, so when you do tote it around, it won’t be difficult at all.
  • When the batteries start to run out of juice, you’ll be able to tell thanks to the unit’s low-battery indicator. They way, you’ll know to have extra batteries on-hand.
  • Although this is an electric stapler, it operates quietly. You’ll be able to use it in a shared work environment and your colleagues won’t be bothered by it.
  • This is a front-loading device that’s compatible with Swingline S.F. 4 premium staples. When you need to reload the device, all you need to do is press a button and you can put the new staples in.
  • The 42101 is affordably priced so it’s perfect for anyone who needs a portable electric stapler and yet still wants to save some money. It’s backed by a 2-year warranty and is incredibly reliable. (You probably won’t even need to use the warranty.)


  • As you already know, the 42101 has a 15-sheet stapling capacity. This will be fine for personal documents but it’s not enough for heavy-duty stapling.
  • The 42101 doesn’t open up like a standard stapler so you won’t be able to use it for tacking (i.e. posting things on bulletin boards). You should have another device handy if you need to fasten your documents to a surface.

It’s true that the Swingline 42101 has a couple of flaws, but they really don’t detract from what’s great about this stapler. Finding a good, affordable electric stapler that’s also portable can be difficult, so it’s great that this device is available. The stapling capacity is good for personal use and it could even be used in a professional office as well. It’s good that this device can be operated by either an AC adapter or batteries, and that it’s equipped with a low-battery indicator. The affordable price and generous warranty make this product even more appealing. So if you’re looking for the right electric stapler, be sure to check out the 42101.

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Synthesis and Properties of Mesoporous Materials

In Recent years, Nanosceience has been the most popular science in the research and industrial communities. The term “Nano” refers to one billionth (10-9) of a meter. As an example of nanoscale: The width of a human hair is 10.000 times higher than the width of a nano dot. Nanoparticles offer unique properties such as mechanical, good wetting, chemical, thermal and optical properties.
Generally, Nanoparticles can be synthesized either by Top-down approach or Bottom-up approach. Top-down methods include ball milling and attrition, while the bottom-up methods include colloidal dispersion or precipitation process. Though top-down approach is simple and easy to operate even for large scale production, but it suffers with imperfection of surface structure and inhomoginity in particle size distributions. However, the bottom-up methods offer to build nanoparticles atom-by-atom, molecule-by-molecule or cluster-by-cluster, which excludes the surface roughness and offer various physicochemical properties with a desired particle size distribution.
Nanoporous materials are considered to be special category of nanoparticles because of their unique synthesis routes and properties. A good cup of coffee cannot be prepared without the use of a filter paper, and hence the filter paper which possesses a specific pore size is an important aspect of brewing good coffee. The pores in the filter paper are on a micrometer (μm) scale. The science of making porous materials of molecular size is industrially important, as these are essential for gas separation, drug delivery, catalysis and other applications of great value to modern society.
Mesoporous materials are an important category of nanoporous materials due to their large pore size (2.0 – 50.0 nm). The synthesis of mesoporous materials is based on the use of surfactants as templates. The surfactant molecules self assemble to form micelle structures. The synthesis involves the replication of a surfactant liquid crystal structure by the polymerization of a metal oxide precursor (e.g. silica, alumina, titanium oxide, other metal oxides) around these structures. This is followed by removal of the organic surfactant through calcination. The procedure leads to a porous structure supported by a hard metal oxide framework.
Silica based nanoporous materials have shown to have potential for many applications, these include their use as catalyst supports, adsorbents and membrane separation as a result of their high specific surface areas, internal pore volumes, tailorable surfaces, and high chemical and thermal stabilities. In life science, nanoporous silica materials play an important role as drug delivery systems. Recent advances in technology have made it possible to tailor the porosity and other properties of silica nanoparticles, which make it particularly interesting as a drug delivery system.
Properties of nanoporous silica materials:
Uniform pore size distribution
High surface area and pore volume
Controlled particle shape and size
1D, 2D and 3D porous structures
High density of hydroxyl ( ESi-OH) groups
Anchoring various functional groups on the framework
In addition to the nanoporous silica materials, Nanoporous Alumina is an interesting and attractive material because of its applications as absorber or catalyst support in heterogeneous catalytic reactions. Classically, apart from zeolites, materials most commonly used for catalysis and catalyst supports have been those based on high surface nanoporous aluminas, owing to their thermal, chemical, and mechanical stability and their low cost. Synthesis of nanoporous alumina is rather difficult due to aluminum metal coordination and hence vapor phase deposition or sol gel methods are most commonly used. Initially the synthesis of aluminum nanoparticles employed simple top down approaches, most common being ball milling, but were shortly abandoned due to lack of control of the resulting particles. However, by using surfactant templates and structure directing agents and polymerization of aluminum oxide precursor, one can prepare high quality nanoporous aluminum nanoparticles. The precipitated nanoporous alumina powder can be filter and calcined at 500 oc for removal of organic templating agents.
Aluminum nanoparticles possess high surface areas and controlled pore size. The particle size and shape can be controlled by tuning the synthesis parameters such as temperature, pH, additives, solvents and drying methods. Nanoporous alumina particles are expected to play important roles in various applications such as in electronics, optoelectronics, catalysis, hydrogen storage and thin film coatings.

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Make $300/Day With Google Adsense

Sick of making pennies each day with Google’s Adsense program? There are people out there making hundreds of dollars every day with Adsense. How? There are various methods but they aren’t as complicated as you may thing. Sure, you could spend a year creating a 10,000 page authority site and updating it with fresh content every day. That is one method and is known to work. However, it is definitely a long term method. It won’t make you money today. It may not make any money for 6 months.

Another method is Micro Niche Sites. What are micro niche sites? These are sites that target a niche within a niche. For instance, instead of a site on barbeques, you would create a site about the Webber X10GT barbeque.

Why? There are a few reasons.

The term will be easy to rank for in the search engines (which is an absolute must for Adsense income)

The term is extremely targetted. People looking up a specific model of barbeque are in buying mode.

People will click on your adsense links. Your adsense links will be highly targetted to that specific barbeque and people who land on your site will be more inclinded to look at those links.

Sounds easy, right? Not so fast.

There is a method to this madness. John “XFactor” has created a Micro Niche Adsense Course that spells out every step to creating these sites.

From keyword research, to domain purchasing, hosting, and the layout of the site. Adsense has been John’s main source of income for several years now. He has tested every possible combination of colors/layout to get the maximum return possible. The best part is, the traffic to his sites is all free! He pays nothing. Everything he makes is profit!

John’s course is extremely comprehensive, from screenshots of his sites, to explanations on how to get your sites ranked #1 on the search engines.

The best part is he provides a week-long plan to get 2 sites up and running. If you follow his daily plan, you’ll have a ton of sites up in no time making you adsense income almost instantly.

John has been making $300/day consistently for a long time using the exact method described in detail in his e-book.

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quinoa salads

This is just one example of a gluten free Quinoa Salads. What you can do is make it up with your own choice of gluten free salad vegetables. You can also use seeds and legumes such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, chick peas, haricot beans and freshly shucked garden peas. I also use walnuts and almonds but for people on a gluten free diet these can sometimes be a trigger for other allergies. You will know what you can eat and sort out your salad ingredients accordingly.

You can serve your salad with meat slices or simply eat it on its own. As it is a complete protein it makes a completely nutritious meal on its own. I nearly always place the <ahref=””>quinoa salads on a bed of salad leaves or raw spinach. You can also top it with a sprinkling of raw quinoa sprouts making it doubly nutritious.

This is just one example of a gluten free Quinoa Salads. What you can do is make it up with your own choice of gluten free salad vegetables. You can also use seeds and legumes such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, chick peas, haricot beans and freshly shucked garden peas. I also use walnuts and almonds but for people on a gluten free diet these can sometimes be a trigger for other allergies. You will know what you can eat and sort out your salad ingredients accordingly.

The nurse I was speaking to told me that we can expect to see lots of publicity and news following this new find.The problem is how do you make them palatable as they are not the tastiest things in the world. Linseed Oil is quite unpleasant to my palette. The seeds are much more tolerable although I would never call them delicious.One thing you can do is add a spoonful to your porridge at breakfast.
Firstly rinse the quinoa salads under a tap to ensure the saponin coating is completely removed. Some times this will not be needed as it comes pre rinsed. If it foams under a tap then you need to rinse the foam off. If you do not then the salad will taste slightly bitter. Then boil it in the water for 10 minutes or until all the water is absorbed.

Now mix in all the ingredients with the cooled quinoa and add your preferred dressing. If you are serving your Quinoa Salads immediately then the dressing is optional. You will find that it keeps better in the fridge if you use a salad dressing of some kind. So you can make double and use it over 2 days.

I also devised this easy linseed and quinoa recipe this week. The linseeds used were straight from the packet and were prewashed. Because this recipe does not involve cooking the linseeds you get the most benefit from just eating them raw.

About the Author

I am jackjill read mathematics at Stanford and remained there for his MS. From 1998-1999 on researched in Evolution and in Animal Behavior in Camrbidge, UK. I was was then a professor in the departments of Anthropology and Biology, New Jersy College, USA. Now teaches at the department of Zoology. Carried out research in several areas of evolutionary biology, particularly in sexual selection and the comparative method.

Reviewing the Akiles iWire 31 Wire Binding Machine

Twin-loop wire binding is a great way to make all of your documents look as professional as possible. One machine that’s perfect for putting together smaller documents is the new Akiles iWire 31. Here’s a look at its strengths (and weaknesses). Check them out so you can decide if this device is what your workplace needs.


  • The iWire 31 is compatible with 3:1 pitch twin-loop wire spines. It can bind documents that range in thickness from 3/16″ to 9/16″, so you’ll be able to produce books that contain up to 110 pages.

  • This machine can punch up to 15 pages of paper at a time, which is a terrific given that your documents can be just over 100 pages long. You’ll be able to get your books punched and bound in no time.

  • The iWire 31 has a vertical punching mechanism as well as a side margin guide. These features ensure that your document will be punched properly and that the holes will be centered. Also, the punching dies are made from harden steel so they’re very durable and will consistently produce clean holes even when you’re working with heavy materials such as PVC.

  • Choosing the right wire spine will be easy because this machine has a wire selector. When you’re ready to bind your document, you can use the built-in wire closer to finish things up.

  • It’s easy to keep this machine clean because it comes with an anti-dust cover. The chip tray is easy to empty and disposing of your paper chips shouldn’t be too much of an ordeal.

  • The iWire 31 is available at a reasonable price, so it’s perfect if you’re just getting started with wire binding. It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • This machine is really only good for producing letter-sized documents. It lacks disengageable dies and an open throat, so you won’t be able to process half-letter and legal-sized documents.

  • The punching and binding capacities make this machine unsuitable for high-output environments. It’s better suited for smaller offices and schools.

  • Left-handed operators might have some trouble using the iWire 31 because the ergonomic handle is on the right side of the device.

The Akiles iWire 31 is a good little wire binding machine and it would be a good choice if your workplace needs something with which to produce shorter documents. This machine may only have a 110-page binding capacity, but its punching ability is excellent. It’s also equipped with enough features to make punching your paper as easy and accurate as possible such as the side margin guide. The wire selector is really helpful and it’s great that there’s a wire closer built right into the machine. Just keep in mind that this device isn’t meant for heavy-duty use nor can it help your produce documents that aren’t letter-sized. If that’s okay with you, you’ll find that the iWire 31 is a great device, so take a look at it today.

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Coping with Rejection on an Empty Money Clip

The Big Rs

Rejection is a scary word, second to Recession. When you are hit with the two simultaneously, you get a double dose of the bad times. Understandably, you want to mope but your empty money clip and wallet will scuttle your butt to work; you still have to eat and pay the rent.

Rejection is deadly and you make it deadlier by allowing it to dull your senses. But work you must! You need to load that money clip and wallet. So get on with the business of living. Eat your fill and mope, isn’t it nice to cope with rejection on a full stomach? But to eat you have to work. Your money clips should see some green bucks fast.

Would it make you also feel better to know that people who are sensitive to rejection are good to have around? By being sensitive to rejection, you are sensitive to the needs of others hence, you are a people person. Those who are insensitive to rejection are likely to disregard the feelings of others so their personal and business relationships don’t prosper.

Homegrown Strategies to overcome Rejection

But who loves rejection? Nobody. Even the most callous of God’s creation flees from rejection. But rejection is part of relationships, business and otherwise; the best antidote for rejection is exerting a conscious effort to overcome it and that means aiming your guns elsewhere and fattening your bank account or your money clip. True, you’ll be facing more rejections, but think of these as challenges not the last of your trump cards.

Here’s how you can cope when a girlfriend dumps you for your best friend:
* For the time being, avoid your common friends and the places you used to hang out with her. You’re still grieving so don’t put on a heroic act and admit to yourself that you’d love to strangle her obese cat in retaliation.
* Get physical and get enough sleep. A relaxed mind helps you to see the rejection from another point of view.

Coping with Rejection at Work

Another endless reservoir of rejection is the workplace. Your application for leave is rejected, your request for overtime pay is rejected, and the security people reject your pleas to get into the building on a Saturday! But these rejections are nothing compared to the rejection of haughty customers. Here’s how to cope:

* Think about the customer at the other end of the line. Is he coping with rejection himself and passing off to you his sense of frustration? Although this rejection spells loss of commissions and a lean money clip, you should not take this as a personal attack on your sales skills.
* Expect rejection. Great salespersons get rejections all the time. Famous writers had their countless share of rejection slips, but they plodded on and succeeded.

Rejection will be always part of your personal life and work. It’s as important as your money clip and your credit cards. You win some and lose some so fight back to win the next round and the next.

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How To Wire Volenoid Valve To The Timer

It can seem like a difficult task, but it is actually pretty easy if someone tells you how to do it. You will need a pair of wire strippers and a small screwdriver.

Where to Buy the Right Wire

The first step is to buy the right wire. Sprinkler wire is sold at hardware stores and sprinkler supply stores. If you need a lot of wire, it is better to shop at the sprinkler supply store. Sprinkler wire is an 18 gauge wire.

Number of Strands

A strand is the same thing as one wire. You should get one more strand than the number of valves being used. For example, a seven valve system would use an eight stranded wire (eight wires).


There is one solenoid per valve. Each solenoid has two wires already connected to it. Pick one wire from each solenoid and twist them tightly together. It doesn’t matter which solenoid wire you pick.

White Wire or Common Wire

It’s an unwritten rule that the white wire will be the common wire. Stick by this rule to prevent confusion by others working on your system. It’s called common because it is used on all valves. The white wire will be hooked up to the large bundle of solenoid wires. For example, if you have four valves there will be four solenoid wires and one white common wire all hooked together with a wire connector.

Pick your Colors

Once the white wire is connected to one wire from each solenoid, pick any color you wish and connect it with a wire nut to the other solenoid wire. On a four valve system you might pick blue, black, green, and red for each valve and run the white wire to each valve as well. In total, for four valves, you will need five strands of 18 gauge sprinkler wire. Keeping track of colors will help you know which timer station will turn on which valve.

Run the Wire Back to the Clock

Take the wire to the timer. To get wire into the garage, it is helpful to use a hammer drill and some foam sealant around the wire hole.

Hooking Up the Timer

You will need a small screwdriver for most timers. Connect the white wire to the terminal that says C. Connect the colored wires to the additional terminals. It doesn’t matter what order the colored wires are installed. You may want to have the wires in a certain order for your convenience, but it’s not required. For example you may want station 1-3 to be the front yard only.

You will also need to hook up the power. Connect the power pack to the ac terminals. If you are using an outdoor timer, make sure you have a pigtail instead of an ac adapter.

Final Tip

Most contractors use silicone filled wire nuts. The theory is that they keep out water and make the connection last longer. However, many landscapers disagree. The silicone keeps out water but interferes with making a good tight connection. For this reason, we recommend using regular wire nuts. The ultimate wire connection is a regular orange wire nut in a grease filled cap. They are made for direct bury and somewhat over kill for sprinkler boxes, but if you want quality they will do an awesome job.

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Push Button Money

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A WEBSITE — yup, you don’t even need your own website to make Push Button Money right now…


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New Gadgets To Watch Out For In 2009

One thing can be said for sure about gadget lovers, they’re always looking towards what new gadgets and technologies lie ahead. They’re always in search of what’s newer, thinner, sleeker, faster… and more bizarre. And, now that we’re about ready to bring 2008 to a close, manufacturers are beginning to unveil some of the cool gadgetry we can look forward to seeing in 2009.

T-Mobile, Motorola, Using Android OS On Mobile Phones

More advanced gadget lovers who thrive on virtual social interaction will appreciate the new Android Operating System that has been adopted by T-Mobile earlier this year. And, now it looks as though Motorola may incorporate it into their mobile phones in the upcoming year, as well.

According to an excerpt from <EM>BusinessWeek</EM>, the idea behind Motorola evolving to the new google-backed operating system, is to make their phones part of a new class of smartphones, which enable users to access social networks like Facebook and MySpace.

Napkin PC

It is said that many a great idea was born on a napkin. So Industrial Designer, Avery Holleman, developed the Napkin PC. The Napkin PC is a cool concept that uses a base station disguised as a napkin holder with seven different stylus pens that allows multiple users to scribble their ideas down on individual “napkins” that ultimately interface with the base station.

It’s definitely an idea that has got creative types and businessmen thinking “outside the box”. The concept allows users to not have to limit their creativity to in front of a PC screen. The “napkins” employ full color e-paper and multi-touch technology.

The napkins can hold the image drawn on it indefinitely, or until it’s cleared off by the user. Which means you can hang it up, or share it with your coworkers at your next meeting.

The Napkin PC took first place Judge’s Award and Chairman’s Award in NextGen’s PC Design Competition.

Nokia Aeon

The Nokia Aeon cell phone is still in the research and development phase of its life, but gadget junkies the world over are already “wowing” over the full touch screen. Nokia is keeping all other details under wraps due to competitive pressure.

B-Membrane Computer

We may not see the B-Membrane concept computer for some time, but it’s certainly worth mentioning just in case. The B-Membrane computer is a unique take on a laptop/desktop computer.

Korean designer Won-Seok Lee created his B-Membrane computer to look like no other. Indeed, it is about the size of a large round platter, and boasts an omni-directional projector, rather than a monitor. A keyboard appears on the membrane of the computer’s surface when needed.

When not being used as a computer, Lee’s design can be used to create a relaxing ambience using a variety of light effects through its projector.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

The Microsoft Arc Mouse is a handy little device that serves as both a desktop mouse and a laptop mouse, depending upon if you have it extended to its full length or folded.

The mouse uses Microsoft’s BlueTrack Laser Technology, and has a wireless range of up to 30 feet. It offers four customizable buttons, Tilt Wheel Technology, and comes in red or black.

This is a neat, money-saving concept. You can purchase this from Microsoft for $59.95.

Asus EEE Notebook With Touch Screen

The Asus EEE notebook computer is truly an awesome gadget for the college student, or business traveler who just needs to access basic computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. You know, it’s rather like an electronic notebook of sorts.

Its small profile is not much bigger than a regular book, and can easily slip inside your purse or briefcase.

But what’s really cool about this gadget, is the manufacturer offers a touch screen option with this computer. While it does come with a stylus, many users find that they’re perfectly comfortable simply using their fingers to move pages and open programs.

Asus has also released a more powerful desktop version of their EEE computer with touch screen capabilities.

Check out the Asus EEE PC now.

Schwinn Electric Tailwind Bicycle

In these tough economic times, when everyone is searching for cheaper ways to commute, comes the Schwinn Electric Tailwind Bicycle expected to hit the market in early 2009.

While it certainly resembles a traditional bicycle, the Schwinn Electric Tailwind, dubbed e-bike, packs a lot more punch. Essentially, Schwinn joined forces with Toshiba to create a hybrid bicycle.

Schwinn uses a Toshiba Super Charge lithium-ion phosphate battery to help propel this bike down the road, giving you the option of pedaling yourself, or offering you adjustable pedal assistance if needed.

Toshiba’s battery charges in just 30 minutes, and can be recharged about 3000 times before it needs to be replaced. The battery slips discretely in the luggage rack, and off you go.

Visit Schwinn Tailwind to take a look at this really cool set of wheels. You’ll be able to get yours for about $3,200.

Test Tube Hamburger

And, while this next item is not actually a gadget you can put your hands on, it seems that it may be something you’ll be able to sink your teeth into in the upcoming year.

Back in 2006, stories were circulating about test tube hamburger. Yep scientists believed that they could make enough fake meat from one stem cell to feed a million people for one year. Their goal was to have it on people’s tables by 2009.

People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and fellow vegetarians, of course, are thrilled with the prospect of the lives of thousands of cows being spared by this <EM>in vitro</EM> beef. In fact, PETA is said to have offered a $1 million reward to the first scientist to produce and market <EM>in vitro</EM> meat.

While it may sound questionable to some, the <EM>in vitro</EM> beef expected in 2009 is said to look, smell, and taste just like the real thing. Real, on the hoof, beefeaters may be skeptical, but meat created like this might give vegetarians a reason to say “where’s the beef?”

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Choosing the Best Brand in Freezer Appliances

Why Do You Need Freezer Appliances at Home?
Freezer appliances are very useful for households. Freezers can be used for storing vast amount of food items over a long period in order to keep them from perishing. There are several different types of freezer appliances available today designed for different types of needs. Until quite recently, freezers were used exclusively only for commercial use.
Freezer Appliances for Home
However, over the years as people realized all the benefits of freezer appliances, more and more homeowners invested in these appliances for home use. These appliances keep the temperature of the unit at an optimum temperature level in order to prevent the food items from getting spoiled. While the traditional refrigerators do have a separate compartment for freezer, these compartments are quite small and cant really be used to store a large amount of food. This is especially quite difficult for large families since they have a large requirement for food items on a daily basis.
Also, in normal refrigerators, there is just one small compartment for freezing food items. It is not really possible to store different types of food items as well as beverages without worrying about the odors mixing and food items getting spoiled. For this reason, most homeowners prefer to have separate freezer appliances for home.
Choosing the Right Brand
Due to this increase in demand, today there are dozens of brands which offer freezer appliances of different kinds to homeowners. These manufacturers understand the need and the requirements of households and design the appliances with these needs in mind. However, when it comes to choosing one the task would be a little difficult. Given below are a few tips which would help you choose the right brand of freezers:
* First of all, you would need to understand that freezer appliances are a major investment. For this reason you would have to be careful while selecting the appliances. Give yourself some time to review and compare all types of brands which are available.
* Select a brand which offers you a good warranty coverage. Check to see if there is an authorized service center in the city where you reside and if the services and maintenance provided are of good quality. Check the terms and conditions of the warranty.
* You would have to narrow down your search based on the type of freezer appliances that you are looking for. There are traditional chest freezers, upright freezers, under the counter freezers and several other styles. Once you select one of these types the brands would automatically be narrowed down for you.
* Compare all the brands available which offer the type of freezer you are looking for. Compare their prices.
* Check the different models and designs in which different brands offer their appliances. It is important to go with a brand which blends in with the overall look of your kitchen.
* Also, select a brand which offers freezers with frost free technology. With frost free you would not have manually defrost the freezer.
These were the basic things which you should keep in mind while selecting a brand for freezer appliances.

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