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An Honest Zero Friction Marketing Review

The “Zero Friction Marketing” review is to clear up any questions you have concerning this informational product. Does the Zero Friction Marketing CPA training live up to the expectations or is it just like the other information products out there that does nothing to distinguish itself from the other ones?

From the beginning, understand one fact: this CPA marketing video series isn’t like any other affiliate secret, money making technique out there. This is because it goes deeper than putting out tons of affiliate links and hoping to make money. It delivers beyond what we know from other products like it.

The truth be told, how do you get your money’s worth out of marketing any product? You have to target the audience that actually wants what you are offering. Do you need to spend hundreds of dollars on products to figure out where your customers are? I think we’re all tired of that.

Let’s get our focus back to what’s important: what’s in the Zero Friction Marketing guide that’s so different and worth buying? Is it some secret method? Is it a blueprint to success for any marketer? Is it a mix?

If we look at as some “secret”, then the answer is yes and no. The methods you learn in this video series are methods of an affiliate marketer who discovered a way to make it online without making sales, but by referring buyers to fill in an email, or zip code, or fill our a short form and you get paid for it.

You will see everything he does and you are able to copy paste his methods to see results in no time at all. What can be guaranteed is that the techniques you implement will be reinventing the way we look at Internet Marketing.

You get into straightforward affiliate marketing techniques, some you may have not even know about. They’re right there in front of you. You get it in a manner that allows you to copy exactly what Saj P does; you have the chance to take your online business to another level.

The CPA training you get comes in 4 parts. Each will blow your mind. Given that the author has already released high quality training programs before this one, you can expect every piece of it to be high quality.

It’s video format makes it easy for you to follow and you see exactly what you have to do. Thousands of copies of Zero Friction Marketing have been purchased and helped many struggling affiliate marketers, so the developer knows what he is doing.

I’m going to give you the pleasure of getting what’s inside the video series there is one thing that I can tell you. Don’t be scared to give it a try. Honestly, the methods you learn are fresh, unique, highly effective, and slot of people are already reaping the rewards of Zero Friction Marketing.

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No CPA marketer has ever gone to the level that the author of Zero Friction Marketing has. You can get all the details by clicking here now.

Wholesale I68 4G and Airphone NO.4

Whilst everybody other than them was busy trying to maintain up together with iPhone 4, comply with the methods of it,our I68 4G and Airphone NO.4 were delivered.we had been busy making amazing new characteristics that make our I68 4G and Airphone NO.4 much more highly effective, easier to use, and more indispensable than ever. The result is I68 4G and Airphone NO.4. The biggest factor to take place to the worldwide cell phone market.

I68 4G and Airphone NO.4 were China model cellphone. The qutward overall look were similarity with the iPhone 4. The functionality and the specification have been shown down below:

I68 4G

Quad Band: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ

Dual sim card dual standby

Screen: 3.2 ” high description touch screen, QVGA, PX:240X320

Dual cameras: 0.3 Mega pixel photographic camera along with flash lighting, set out the largest dimensions is 640×480

MP3 backdrop play, equalizer

Video: 3GP, MP4, complete display screen, ahead and temporarily stop

WIFI: 802.11b/g wireless net Flash Rom 1GB RAM 512M 256M

Support Java, can set up programs

Support FM radio

Bluetooth A2DP

Sound recorder

Video player and recorder, Audio player supported

Support E-mail transmitting and getting

Memory space: Exend TF card to 8GB

GPRS & WAP connectivity, MMS Transceive

U disk support perform to retain the information storage space

Cell phone directories: 500 groups of contacts, support caller groups

Support SMS Text Messaging, MMS Picture Messaging

Routine energy on/off: assistance to start/close under set time

Security alarm clock: 5 groups, support alarm clock when machine’s closed, can collection coming from Monday to Sunday

Games: assistance Java games


Much more information: MP3/MP4/WAP/Bluetooth/SMS group sending/GPRS download/MMS/imichat/Calendar/Caculator/Tasks/Alarm

clock/World Clock/Forex converter/Stop-watch/Hanshaking/E-book/Memory lengthy/Slide show/Slide to unlock/…

Airphone NO.4

Quad Band: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ

Dual sim card dual standby

Display: 3.5 in. excessive description touch monitor, QVGA, PX:240X320

Dual cameras: 0.3 Mega pixel camera with flash light, put out the largest size is 640×480

MP3 background play, equalizer

Video: 3GP, MP4, full monitor, ahead and pause

WIFI: 802.11b/g wireless internet

Assistance Java, can install software

Assistance FM stereo

Bluetooth A2DP

Sound recorder

Video player and recorder, Audio player reinforced

Assistance E-mail transmitting and getting

Memory: constructed-in 87.7M, exend TF card to 8GB

GPRS & WAP connectivity, MMS Transceive

U disk assistance perform to keep the information storage

Phone directories: 1000 groups of contacts, support caller organizations

Assistance SMS Text Messaging, MMS Image Messaging

Schedule power on/off: support to begin/shut under set time

Alarm clock: 5 organizations, support alarm time clock whenever machine’s shut down, will be able to set by Monday to Sunday

Games: assistance Java games

Much more details: MP3/MP4/WAP/Bluetooth/SMS group sending/GPRS download/MMS/imichat/Calendar/Caculator/Tasks/Alarm

clock/World Clock/Currency ripper tools/Stopwatch/Hanshaking/E-book/Memory extended/Slide show/Slide to unlock/…

Size: 115x59x10mm


These types of characteristics of I68 4G and Airphone NO.4 contrast along with Iphone 4, While some functions of I68 4G and Airphone NO.4 may not arrive at of Iphone 4,however our I68 4G as well as Airphone NO.4 are second-rate in many functions with Iphone 4, we feel that the best quality and the best price, I68 4G and Airphone NO.4 will populated most of the worldwide wholesale Cell phones market.And beyond the Iphone 4 is our best mission.

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Bang Tonny has been in the wholesale business since 2001. He became one of the largest wholesale cell phones and Wholesale Iphone 4 Accessories importer in China.

Convert Creativity into Cash

You can convert you hobbies into a real home based business. Especially in the tight economy, more and more people are choosing to start low budget home based businesses. You can easily convert your creativity into cash.
The very first step in starting a craft business is to do some basic market research.
* What is the demand for your craft products?
* What type of people will buy them?
* Where do these potential customers live?
* How much will customers pay for your product?
* What kinds of competition will you face?
* Where can you buy cheap and quality craft supplies from?
If your craft products are unique your home craft business is definitely going to succeed. If a customer can’t differentiate your product from the competitions, there’s no reason to believe they will buy from you. The appeal in purchasing handmade products is that they are unique.
Get on the internet and start researching your competition and How can you differentiate your products from the rest.
Now find out what type of people will buy your products. Sales should start with friends and family. Conduct a survey within friends to find out what kind of hand made products they are looking to buy. Like some may want to buy custom candle stands to go with new dining table or probably a custom dog collar for new dog.
Pricing the product right is very critical. No one should feel that you are over charging. Do a research to find out competitor prices and if possible try to keep your prices at neither too high nor too low. We suggest selling your product with a starting price that’s towards the higher range of your competitors. You can always lower the price. It’s much more difficult to raise it.
After you are done with all your research you need to figure out where you can buy quality and cheap craft supplies from. If you don’t happen to have a craft store in your area or are having trouble finding the items you need, you may be interested in ordering craft supplies. You can sign up for a catalogue or a mailing list that includes sale items from a chain store, or you may decide to shop online. However, if you do decide to shop by catalogue or online, be sure to check the shipping costs first. The low price of the products may not end up being a good deal, if you end up having to pay a lot for shipping and handling.
There are many options for purchasing craft supplies on the Internet. Because you can essentially shop worldwide, you have the opportunity to find the best craft supplies. You may also find exotic or original items that are not available in local craft shops on Craft and Trimmings online source all their products direct from the best producers in the world thereby offering you great designs at the best prices.
Beads and other Craft Supplies by Craft and Trimmings online.

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Bass Guitar History

No matter how long ago a piece of music was recorded, there has always a line of music created for the low end. It could be it is using the low end on an keyboard, playing a double bass, or playing the baritone sax, all types of music has required a bass structure, and in the form of a bass line.

We hear the hollowness when music is deficit a bass line or implicit bass line. As music approaches progressed into rock, jazz, blues, there had been a need for a cutting-edge kind of bass instrument to supply the full-bodied low end. This is the way the electrical bass guitar came into it’s own. Though the first fender bass was conceived in the 1930′s, it never accomplished following until the Fender Bass brought the bass to the population. The earlier instrument, the upright bass, been in existence for many years previously this. With it’s field of tone and amplification, the electric bass offered a sound that was a break from others that had been experienced before from the more traditional upright bass.

Held and played just like a classical guitar, the Vintage Bass differed from it’s ancestor the upright bass not only in it’s positioning during play but likewise in it’s simplicity of use and move ability. Electric bass players weren’t hampered with a giant double bass to try to carry and conserve.

The Fender bass looks like an modern guitar in that it’s framework is solid, but the bass has a longer neck than a conventional guitar. Also, unlike an acoustic guitar which is hollow and has a sound hole, the sound of a Fender bass guitar is amplified through a speaker. Tuned an octave lower than a six string guitar, the electric bass at first has only four strings. To this day, that’s the most typical set-up.

While traditional guitars are in essence strummed and picked, the modern bass can be played with a a wide range of methods including fingering, picking, slapping, and more.

The electric bass is commonly a rhythm instrument. While playing with with a good drum player, a bassist can help shape the feeling of sound of the music in a groove that other musicians can’t. The electric bass is a special instrument and something entirely different than a guitar.

There are multiple type of styles for the bass today, not including the number of elements it can be constructed from. This choice is solely up to the personal style the musician playing the bass. Wood is the historically used material for basses. Exotic woods are still being used, and are sought after, such as alder wood and ebony. The timbre of the different electric bass alters, and as such you could educate yourself on the difference in order to know what you prefer. And, many pro musicians choose if the bass is fretted or fret-less. This gives a characteristic side effect on the electric bass sound, as a fret-less bass strings vibrate on the wooden neck.

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Medieval Shields: The Perfect Decorative Items

In the medieval era, wars were common. Soldiers of the era were used to wear suites of armour and medieval shields to safeguard themselves from the attack of the opponents. Being an important defensive tool, such shilds are hold in hands to prevent the attacak of the opponent. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they have been made by using materials such as wood, metal, leather, and so on. With the passage of time, the use of medieval shields has changed and become things of decoration. Decorative items such as paintings and photo frames have become things of passe. To give a unique and exclusive look to your interior decoration, you may consider medieval shields to your walls.

Popularity of medieval shields
The fact still remains same that the medieval shields are not as frequently seen as paintings or photo frames. Being a new concept for walls, they give a refreshing look to your walls. They not only enhances beauty of the home, but also become the topic of conversation. After seeing such unique and exclusive items, your guests will have good impression. Original shields are very costly; therefore replicas are preferred worldwide.

Types of shields
The market is flooded with a number of online stores selling various types of shields at cost effective rates. Some of the common shields include:

African Shields
Egyptian Shields
German Shields
Greek Shields
Medieval Shields
Roman Shields
Scottish Shields
Viking Shields

Some of the most popular decorative items include medieval helmets, shields, sword, axes, crossbow and armor. You can buy them to decorate your home. If you are in tight budget, then you can consider replicas. Available in three different shapes of medieval shields such as long triangle, round and oval, customers can purchase medieval shields at cost effective rates if searched through the internet.

Buying medieval shields Customers are advised to make an extensive search through the internet to find medieval shields at cost effective rates. This is because; the online market is flooded with a number of stores selling medieval shields and accessories at cost effective rates.

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Pizza Delivery Point Of Sale Equipment – Various Simple Ways The Application Helps To Build Any Existing Pizza Business

Whenever you are decided to get started in a restaurant business, there is no less complicated way to get going but by opening one small pizza shop. Pizza shop point of sale system is necessary immediately. Why? You can start with a small place, with pizza delivery largely. However the expansion prospects are huge – you are able to increase in capacity into a pizza parlor, a restaurant, or else you can expand by opening a number of pizza parlors. Simply because of your future expansion it’s important to start on the right foot, using a pizza delivery point of sale equipment.

In this report, you can uncover how, irrespective of how small you start in a pizza restaurant business, the fitting pizza point of sale system or pizza point of sale cash register will help you turn out profitable faster, and spend less time managing the shop and more time savoring your free time and organizing for the long term. The 3 ways a strong point of sale pizza delivery system can help you in your enterprise are: It’s going to hasten up the phone and in-person selling, it’ll take care of the pizza delivery drivers properly, and it will help you train the brand new staff.

Ordering is sped up as a result of fast food point of sale software

It takes no less than quarter-hour to properly prepare and make a pizza. Hardly any buyer looks forward to waiting in line or on hold when buying over the telephone. A quality pizza point of sale choice can help employees minimize the waiting intervals during peak hours, and hence improve earnings.

The caller identification could be integrated to the order taking technique and in the driver dispatch procedure in the modern point of sale pizza point of sale systems. Regardles from the capabilities, the pizza point of sale systems could be easy to learn and simple to operate by personnel.

The menu driven pizza point of sale system achieves yet another task, it guides the order taker easily through every one of the doable upsells.

Pizza delivery service point of sale handles delivery service drivers well

From printing the comprehensive directions to the delivery drivers, to managing the cash drop box on the return, a modern day pizza delivery point of sale software will gracefully allow the delivery service personnel accomplish their tasks very well.

How pizza point of sale platform can aid training the new staff

As a pizza store manager you can expect to be repeatedly on the lookout for first time cash register staff members. Yet hiring these people is just the initial part of your work. Thankfully, a nicely created pizza point of sale software can provide help to instruct new staff members systematically.

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For more details on exactly how pizza restaurant point of sale software application can aid you in your enterprise, have a look at the web site For more information on how you can connect the pizza point of sale solution with the back office, have a look at top restaurant accounting software.

All You Need To Know About Google Sniper

With today’s economic roller coaster, you may be wondering what you can do to guarantee yourself a steady stream of income. The internet gives you the power to do whatever your heart desires and it takes very little effort to begin making a great deal of money online. I recently did a product review of Google Sniper. I’ve tried out other programs in the past and this course wins, hands down over the others.

It’s one thing to hope, to dream and another to turn your dreams into realities. George has done just that and he’s happy to share the secrets to his success with you, now. George got into the affiliate business with not much more than you may have in your pockets, right now. One of the greatest things about making money online, especially when you get into the affiliate business, is that there is virtually no start up cost involved. You’ll learn just how to do this with Google Sniper.

I’ve reviewed numerous affiliate programs like this one in the past and I must say, I was very impressed with Georges’s program. With Google Sniper, you get The Core Training Manual. This 95+ page manual will guide you through the steps that George took to get ahead with his affiliate marketing program.

Also included in the Google Sniper course is the Google Sniper Process Map. This easy to access PDF should be dropped on your desktop so you’ll never get lost on your way to make money online. It shows all the steps you need to go to build those successful sites in an easy to follow map.

When you purchase Google Sniper, you’ll also get 8 tutorial videos that walk you step by step through the process of becoming an affiliate giant, yourself. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from a real leader. I’ve never done a product review for another course that packs so much in and gets you on the path to learning and earning so fast!

George climbed quickly to the top of the affiliate charts with his fingers in several niche markets. You’ll have the inside scoop on how he got to the top when you buy the Google Sniper course. Don’t just sit there and think about making money with the power of the internet. Harness its greatness with the help of George’s awesome new program!

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Solenoid Valve Common Uses

A solenoid valve is a device which can be used to control the flow of liquids, gases, and slurries.

Also known as regulators, solenoid valves can be found in almost any situation: chances are that you are sitting within a few feet of a mechanical valve right now. There are a number of different designs for valves, depending on how they are being used, and they can be found in a range of sizes from smaller than a pinky to gigantic. solenoid valves also vary from the extremely basic to the extraordinarily complex, and they are one of the oldest mechanical designs; basic valves have been in use for thousands of years.

The term “valve” can be used to refer to human anatomy as well as a mechanical device. Valves throughout the body regulate the flow of blood, oxygen, and body fluids. Valves in the body include the extremely important heart valve, which works with the heart to pump blood through the body. Individuals with heart disease may have their heart valves replaced with artificial ones to perform this vital body function. The numerous valves in the human body work together to keep things running smoothly in your daily life.

Pneumatic valves have come a long way since the development of the compressor over a century ago. Starting with large manual and mechanical valves, they migrated to individually wired electric solenoids and ultimately ended up with plug-into-the-base electronics allowing for a single multi-pin connector or fieldbus installation. Today’s valves are smaller, faster and more advanced than their predecessors and offer many advantages that can be easily overlooked. With advancements in ISO valve standardization, collective wiring solutions and diagnostic capabilities, both end users and original equipment manufacturers are seeing significant cost reductions resulting from multi-vendor support, wiring simplification and decreased machine downtime.

Numerous permutations of the pneumatic mechanical valve exist, but the following are common valves you probably see and use on a daily basis. The most basic mechanical valve is a gate valve, which has two positions: open, and closed. A globe valve is slightly more complex, controlling not only the flow of liquid, but also the amount, and is also called a throttle. For example, most taps are forms of a globe valve, allowing users to turn the water on and determine how much water is going to flow out. Manufacturers also make check valves, designed to restrict the flow of a substance to one direction only, and safety valves, which can release dangerous levels of pressure.

What is a solenoid valve ?
A solenoid valve is an electromechanical valve for use with liquid or gas controlled by running or stopping an electric current through a solenoid, which is a coil of wire, thus changing the state of the valve. The operation of a solenoid valves is similar to that of a light switch, but typically controls the flow of air or water, whereas a light switch typically controls the flow of electricity. Solenoid valves may have two or more ports: in the case of a two-port valve the flow is switched on or off; in the case of a three-port valve, the outflow is switched between the two outlet ports. Multiple solenoid valves can be placed together on a manifold.

Solenoid valves are the most frequently used control elements in fluidics. Their tasks are to shut off, release, dose, distribute or mix fluids. They are found in many application areas. Solenoids offer fast and safe switching, high reliability, long service life, good medium compatibility of the materials used, low control power and compact design.

Besides the plunger-type actuator which is used most frequently, pivoted-armature actuators and rocker actuators are also used.

A common use for 2 way solenoid valves is in central heating. The solenoid valves are controlled by an electrical signal from the thermostat to regulate the flow of heated water to the heating elements within the occupied space. Such valves are particularly useful when multiple heating zones are fed by a single heat source. Commercially available solenoid valves for this purpose are often referred to as zone valves.

Another common use for solenoid valves is in automatic irrigation sprinkler systems. See also Controller (irrigation).

Solenoid valves are also used for air control, to control fluid flow, and in pharmacology experiments, especially for patch-clamp, which can control the application of agonist or antagonist.

In the paintball industry solenoid valve are usually referred to simply as “solenoids.” They are commonly used to control a larger valve used to control the propellant (usually compressed air or CO2). In the industry, “solenoid” may also refer to an electromechanical solenoid commonly used to actuate a sear.

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Sports Betting Conquest

According to Sports Betting Conquest the real secret to profit from sports betting is not to do what the experts teach but rather do what they actually do. After spending lots of money on betting calculators, systems, tips and numerous tipping services the developer of this system decided that enough is enough and decided to create a betting system claiming to rake in real profits. Spending years spying on profitable punters, learning their strategies and copying their bets Sports Betting Conquest finally came into being. The system is based on a set of rules and principles that were tested over a couple of years and found to provide profits with betting.

Sports Betting Conquest’s foundation lies in the fact that it claims to be a system that scientifically and logically analyze the right information and having this information available to a person can lead to long term profits. The fact that sports betting is not for everyone is made very clear by the system and it does not claim to provide instantaneous wealth if being used but rather advocates the fact that a person using the product has to put in an amount of effort to make the product work. Once operating it is claimed that the product works like a machine so a person does not need to get emotionally involved.

The system claims to be easy and transparent and includes a full logic elaboration of the principles used. The only requirement to use the system is an internet connection, pencil and a piece of paper. There is no need to constantly monitor the system and it is claimed it only requires about twenty minutes of a person’s time a day. The system provides an account management option that prevents a person from being wiped out after placing just one bet. Although Sports Betting Conquest makes it very clear that betting is not for everybody and an art that has to be mastered the program does claim it is especially designed for new punters as the betting process is dealt with step by step and there will be no need to place bets randomly. The system does not place bets on behalf of a person therefore the product has to be studied and applied to get conversant with the rules and principles involved.

(c) Reviewed Best 2009 – 2010

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Cartonboard – Naturally Renewable

An unfortunate perception of the print and packaging world is that it “eats trees”! In fact, of the world consumption of wood only 12% is actually used for the manufacture of paper and board, and of this, just one tenth is used for cartons. Over half the cartons used in Europe are manufactured using recovered fibres from waste paper.

In Europe over 90% of the wood needed by the paper and board industry comes from European forests, and responsible packaging producers, like Benson Group, ensure that their purchases are made from FSC and PEFC certified suppliers, which means that any new wood used has come from responsibly managed forests. Overall there are more trees planted than felled in Europe, and as forests absorb CO2 they combat greenhouse gases, and therefore have a positive effect with regard to climate change.

Cartonboard is easy to recycle. Cartons are simple to crush flat and separate for disposal. If, for any reason, they are not recycled, the vast majority are 100% biodegradable. Overall, however, it is not packaging that makes up the majority of landfill. Government statistics show that it is only 18% of household waste, and just 3% by weight and volume of packaging waste sent to landfill.

Records also indicate that the amount of used packaging sent to landfill and been in decline for the last ten years. Whilst innovative design has focused on using less material, nearly 60% of all packaging was recycled in 2005, including some 1 million tonnes of household materials. The average household generates some 3 t 4 kg of used packaging per week, and at least the same amount of wasted food.

It should also be born in mind that packaging prevents waste. According to World Health Organisation statistics, food wastage in the third world can be as high as 50%, whilst in developed economies as low as 3%. Much of this difference is due to good quality packaging. Under-packaging is ten times worse for the environment that the same amount of over-packaging, as ten times more energy and material resources go into the production of goods and food than into their packaging.

Putting packaging into perspective in terms of the energy consumed to create it, if a typical household turned its thermostat down by two degrees, or reduced its motor vehicle usage by just one mile per day, it would save as much energy as is used to make the packaging for a whole year’s supply of goods.

Other Environmental Issues
Environmental issues are closely monitored throughout the Group. Progress is being made with regard to obtaining ISO 14001 for all businesses within the Group. The company’s Bardon site was the first carton business in the country to eliminate benzophenone from inks and varnishes, and the company has taken significant steps to reduce the amount of alcohol in use in press fount solutions. The latest offset press to be employed on the shopfloor is running with just 0.2% of alcohol.

With certification for the provision of PEFC and FSC certified cartonboard stock, Benson Group is helping to ensure the use of sustainable resources for packaging production. FSC and PEFC are international associations that promote responsible forestry by providing proof that finished products contain only wood that has been gathered from responsibly managed sources. Print companies provide a major link in the chain for paper products. Customers can also carry this message through to the end user by having the appropriate FSC or PEFC logo reproduced on the packaging itself.

The Forestry Stewardship Council was established back in 1993, and is a non-profit making association responsible for some 22% of the 250 million hectares of forests represented by all certification schemes. The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification scheme (PEFC) began in 1999 and covers some 51% of the forests covered by all certification schemes.

Whilst these certification schemes have a place in the market, the fact remains that cartonboard provides the most environmentally friendly form of packaging available, with the vast majority of board stocks 100% recyclable and compostable.

Paul Tye

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